Social Media Platforms for Different Businesses ─ How Did It All Get Started & Where It Could Go Further?


Developing social media apps aims to build a platform for connecting people and improving communication. Due to the advancement of digital technology, many new applications are developed and launched in the market. These apps are can be beneficial for marketing certain businesses.

But you must be interested to know how it all begins and where it will go. It is exciting to know how social media platforms are effective for businesses. You must give new apps a go to see if they can help you fulfill your digital marketing needs.

Due to the rapid growth of social media, the marketing world is experiencing massive positive changes. In the upcoming future, no one can imagine the business development process without these apps. Before accepting these platforms, you must know their origin, purpose, and plans.



Within a generation, social media evolved at a rapid rate. Many platforms were launched which could be used to exchange information and create better relations with customers. Many people and organizations were affected by the development of these apps and several businesses had to adopt digital technology and begin using social applications.

Businesses used this technology to communicate brand information to their audience, bringing their audience closer. In 1844, the phase of social media began with the telegraph machine through dashes as well as dots. The initial electronic message was delivered to Washington DC by Baltimore at that time.

In 1969, many advanced projects were launched to build a strong network and connect more people. In 1987, the internet came into existence by the NSF. In 1997, the first media platform was launched and provided an opportunity for various businesses start branding.

Development and Launch of Media Websites

As per the digital trends available between the 1980s and 1990s, many communication services were launched and enabled in the market. Through digital communication, one can share emails and chat online to deliver information.

Due to this idea, the concept of developing social websites was introduced. The process began in 1997. In 1999, blogs and other essential communication modes started gaining popularity. After that, several journals, blog publishing pages, and websites were created.

Many platforms also collapsed after gaining success in the beginning. Many big companies purchased those platforms and collaborated with them in their businesses. You can see big company names on social media like Facebook, Google, etc.

Different Social Media Apps


Many popular media applications exist that have millions of users. Nowadays, every person owns a smartphone, and it is easy to use these applications. Brands no matter how big or small should be conducting some form of marketing on these apps.

Utilizing these social media platforms is extremely important in this modern day and age, as more and more people source their information through online platforms. You can learn more about the importance of social media marketing on this website. Currently, there are a few stand-out popular social media platforms.


In 2004, Mark Zuckerberg developed and launched Facebook, which now has more than 1.8 billion users. It is quite popular worldwide and one can do so much from one app. From messaging to launching marketing campaigns, various organizations can come closer to their audience and build better relations.


Reddit came into existence in 2005 and was launched by Alexis Ohanian and Steve Huffman for the purpose of sharing news. Instead of reading newspapers and wasting paper, Alexis and Steve built an app for people to all of their news. Until now, over 300 million users are using Reddit to read news and get updates on different niches.


In 2006, Jack Dorsey founded Twitter intending to build a blogging website. But now, it has evolved to become a crucial platform for many businesses. Many organizations brand their products, hire staff, launch campaigns, and communicate with customers and clients on the platform.



Kevin Systrom launched Instagram in 2010 as an app to share interesting photographs. But in 2012, Facebook bought it. Now, it has over 1.5 billion users, and the platform is now used in many ways. To share photographs, companies can introduce their brand through this app.


In 2011, Stanford students created this application to share videos and stories. The concept of short videos and clips was introduced in this app. Its amazing digital effects are the major attraction of this application.


In 2016, ByteDance introduced a short-video media app. In 2018, it was renamed It is another popular platform, and many people consider this application to showcase their talent and present themselves to the world. This app also works as a great digital marketing tool for many companies that want to reach a large audience.

How is Media Apps Beneficial for Businesses in the Upcoming Future?


Nowadays, it is easy for everyone in every region to access the internet. Things have been moved from laptops to mobiles. It is easy to run a business even sitting at home. From a marketing perspective, these apps are a great place to start when you are thinking about conducting online strategies. These applications are the perfect source for connecting people and sharing brands.

In this way, one can connect with a broader audience and reach them in many ways. When companies launch a new product, it can easily be shared through one post on various media apps as many platforms are well-connected to each other.

Using these applications greatly benefits many businesses as it enhances their sales. On social media apps, people are connected, sharing information and life updates, which benefits brands when advertising on these popular platforms. As a business owner, you must know how to manage your media accounts, or you can also hire a marketing agency to do the job for you.

Final Thoughts

The evolution of social media is at its peak. Many apps are developed to improve user experience and create better company marketing opportunities. There is a lot of potentials to use these apps to advertise your brand while reaching a wider audience.

Getting plenty of information regarding different media applications is necessary before you start using them. If you are about to start conducting marketing operations on these platforms, you must know its future potential.