Why Do Some Weed Strains Smell Like Cheese?

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From the moment we are born until we die, flavors and aromas play an important role in our lives. That variety of cheese stinks like an old sock with rotten meat, forest berries, and turpentine.

Cheese weed has a pungent, aged, or perhaps spicy cheese smell. Perhaps lighter, mixed with flowers or citrus peel. Many types of cannabis smell like that gastronomic delight we get from the milk of cows, sheep, or goats. How is it possible?

Everything is due to the same elements that give other types of flavors to many vegetables: terpenes. Some people can’t stand that fragrance, but others do what they have been given to create marijuana plants that deliver that distinctive scent with different undertones. If you would like information about the aroma of weed strains, click here.

What are TERPENES?

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What is responsible for the smell of Cheese is the subtle combination of numerous elements.

These include terpenes such as octanoic acid, which has an unpleasant rancid and oily smell, and butyrate, with its pineapple-like aroma.

Acetic or ethanoic acid, with an aroma similar to pear candy, hexanoic acid, which smells like animals or a barn. And methyl mercaptan, like rotten cabbage or animal droppings.

Isovaleric acid is the most abundant terpene in the Cheese strain. It is the active anticonvulsant and soporific constituent of valerian root.

In other organisms, it is produced by the Staphylococcus epidermis bacteria when proteins are broken down in sweat. And that is, in part, responsible for the smell of the changing rooms and the dirty bedding.

The volatile esters of isovaleric acid have a pleasant and persistent aroma with a pheromone-like effect, which is why it is often used as an industrial aroma in solvents and perfumery. And one of the esters gives the wine its flavor and its characteristic smell of aged Cheese.

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The chemical responsible for the smell of cannabis and also part of its medicinal properties.

These are volatile molecules found in fruit, herbs, or spices. Thanks to them, we distinguish the varieties that smell Cheese from those that smell of flowers or even oil. Additionally, terpenes also help differentiate color and flavor.

Not in vain there are more than two hundred of them in cannabis alone, although not all of them can be associated with other naturally occurring smells.

Therefore, the linalool terpene has a pungent odor reminiscent of lavender and has relaxing powers, ideal for those who consume the herb to fall asleep.

On the other hand, Lemons are reminiscent of citrus peels, are antidepressants, and help the gastric flow; in addition, to combat fungi, bacteria, and insects in the plant during cultivation.

And then some allow you to associate a cannabis strain with Cheese.

These terpenes are among those with the most pungent smell and those with the most delicious taste. As in other cases, its presence depends on lighting, soil composition, or nutrients.

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As in other terpenes, some people are more attracted than others (this is what happens with bees going to a specific flower and not another), so some like to smell these varieties, and others love them.

They resemble Cheese to a greater or lesser extent due to a series of acids present in the terpenes.

One of these is caprylic or octanoic, also present in mammalian milk and even coconut. Another is hexanoic, which is found in animal fats and produces the smell of “used socks.”

Something similar happens to isovaleric acid, which resembles the smell of sweaty feet produced during cheese making. Although it may be annoying or disgusting, these acids are very present in the composition of some essential oils.

On the other hand, butyric acid is present in foods such as butter. There is also the presence of methanol, a gas with an unpleasant smell, such as excrement or rotten cabbage, but which is also found naturally in some varieties of Cheese due to the action of microorganisms.

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So if you want a strong cheesy smell, like it’s been cave cured and smelling of earth, you should go for a Uk Cheese Auto. If you like spicy or aged cheeses, the option would be Sweet Cheese.

If you prefer a sweeter taste or a more subtle smell, Highway420 recommends the Blue Cheese Autoflowering variant, which has notes of citrus or blueberries and also stands out for being used for relaxation.

Because yes, as with some types of Cheese, it is also possible to find cannabis varieties where the smells and flavors of this delicacy mix with other vegetables.

Terpenes make berry and old cheese aficionados a must-try Triple Cheese, which helps with rest. Those who prefer the scent of fresh flowers can try Dinafem’s Cheese Cbd, reminiscent of aged Cheese; the CBD it contains helps calm anxiety or relaxes muscles.

The smell of any of these strains shouldn’t scare us, as some isovaleric acid, which generates the smell of sweaty feet, has proven its efficacy as an anticonvulsant; it could be part of valerian, known for its relaxing properties.

Five Cannabis Strains That Smell (Pretty) Weird

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One of the characteristics of cannabis is its smell. Almost everyone constantly praises the fragrance of a good cannabis plant. Our olfactory and taste systems usually go hand in hand, so we identify a good smell with a good product. These varieties do not smell very good, they are:

Sour Cheese

It smells like pot, but then it goes fine. The problem with it smelling like rotten Cheese is that it makes you think you’re going to get something very bad. Despite this, reviews are usually positive. Beware, some people find the smell incredible, almost poetic… magical.

Cat piss

Cat piss smells like ammonia, and something similar happens to this variety. Some consider the effects of this data to be so good that the sticky smell is worth going through. If you are one of those who hate emptying the cat litter box, this plant will disgust you with the blessed chalice.

Dog shit

Another Sativa that smells like shit. It smells like dog shit, just like that. It can be bought in Oregon (USA) and has a strong fan base. When you burn it, it’s supposed to lose a lot of its smell and what’s left is nice. If you can hold on, it’s there for you to take.


The smell is so unpleasant that it seems to be very good for smuggling as it is sometimes mistaken for tar. Those who know it says that it smells as if the herbs in the ditches had been raised in a well. Cheer up.

Grandfather’s breath

Although it sounds like hell, it is not the worst of all that we have named. We insist it is not so bad, but people are predisposed to have a bad experience with that name. The name comes not because your grandfather smells breath but because Grandaddy Genetics used to grow it.

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Some of the best Cheese and Cheese hybrids

When looking for the best weed strains with cheese smell, we must bear in mind that being a cloned variety, the vast majority are feminizations of this clone. Besides, starting from this clone, some breeders have tried, through crosses, to preserve a large part of its characteristics, such as crossing it with a Skunk male to maintain all the Skunk genetics.


The distinctive smell of these varieties can be very fascinating. Thanks to this, cheese fans can be found almost everywhere in the world. However, it is sometimes so strong that you’ll have to install odor filters in your grow room. Among many other benefits, a filter will help keep off intrusions.