Top Sports and Sporting Events in Bangladesh


Bangladesh has a rich sporting culture and a wide variety of sports and events that attract local and international audiences. Bangladesh has something for everyone, from cricket and kabaddi to football and archery.

If you’re an avid sports fan or just looking to experience a unique sporting culture, you should take advantage of these five sports and sporting events in Bangladesh.

So, without further ado, look at the top five sports and sporting events in Bangladesh that you shouldn’t miss!

Overview of Sports in Bangladesh


Bangladesh is a cricket-obsessed country, and it’s a sport that people from all walks of life enjoy. The Bangladesh national cricket team has achieved much success in recent years, reaching the semi-finals of the Cricket World Cup.

The team has also been very successful in the Asia Cup, winning the tournament six times and finishing as runners-up five times. Cricket is the most popular sport in the country, and while fans are known to be very passionate, they are also very hospitable.

Whether you’re a cricket fan or not, attending a match at the Shere Bangla National Stadium in Dhaka is an experience like no other. Several other sports are popular in Bangladesh, including football, tennis, swimming, squash, lawn tennis, volleyball, basketball, and athletics.

Almost all of these sports have a national federation and are governed by the Bangladesh Sports Council.

Bangladesh Cricket League

The Bangladesh Cricket League (BCL), a four-team first-class competition made up of the National Cricket League’s top eight players, debuted in the 2012–13 season (NCL). The goal was to increase the standard in the highest first-class league in the country and start preparing players for Test cricket.

The BCL comprises four zonal teams, each composed of players from clubs from two NCL neighboring areas. The contests don’t have a home and away games and are played on a few ostensibly neutral grounds.

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Despite these difficulties, Bangladesh’s national cricket team continues to make progress toward establishing itself as an international powerhouse on par with some of its more established rivals such as India or Australia. This can be seen by their strong showings against top teams like England in 2017 and the ongoing trend of improvement since 2005 when they recorded their first Test victory against Zimbabwe. With improved resources and better training facilities, there is no telling how far this already successful squad can go!

Bangladesh Premier League


The Bangladesh Premier League (often referred to as the BPL) is the national domestic T20 cricket tournament in Bangladesh. The BPL was founded in 2012 and is one of the most famous cricket tournaments in the world, drawing many international cricket stars to the tournament.

The BPL is played between seven teams, with each team playing the other twice in a round-robin format before the top 4 teams progress to the semi-finals. The tournament is very popular in Bangladesh, with the first few games selling out ultimately.

If you go to Bangladesh in the winter, you should attend a BPL match, as it is a highly entertaining and exciting tournament that you will not forget.

The contests are aired live on television, streaming platforms such as Youtube TV, and radio stations throughout South Asia providing not only entertainment but also income to hundreds of people affiliated with the event including ground staff workers, journalists, and other personnel. Along with unifying countrymen around cricketing excellence by increasing national pride, it also creates a sense of important social values amongst supporters while strengthening business opportunities within Bangladesh contributing to its overall economic growth.

Bangladesh National Football Team

The Bangladesh National Football Team is the country’s most well-known football squad. The Bangladesh Football Federation is in charge of overseeing and controlling it (BFF). It participates as a member of the Asian Football Confederation.

In 1974, they joined FIFA as a player. It was initially started in 1972. The Bangladeshi national football team made its debut. It has never achieved World Cup finals qualification.

In 1980, they competed in the Asian Cup but lost in the opening round. Being one of just two South Asian countries to do so, Bangladesh, qualifying for it was a big deal.

Kabadi ─ The National Game Of Bangladesh


Kabadi is popular across Bangladesh and played by thousands of players and many more spectators. Kabadi is played outside between two opposing teams on a rectangular court that measures 12.5 by 10 meters and is split in half by a white line. Despite each side having twelve players, only seven will ever be on the court at once.

The Bangladesh Amateur Kabaddi Federation was established in 1973 and created the rules and procedures followed when competing at the national or international level. In 1974, an Indian team visited Bangladesh for the inaugural Kabadi test.

Popularly known as Ha-Du-Du, or the “game of rural Bengal,” Kabadi is played with different rules depending on the location. Visitors to Bangladesh will undoubtedly appreciate seeing a Kabadi match because of the loud and energetic crowd support.

Hockey ─ Popular Sport in Bangladesh

Hockey is among the most well-known sports in Bangladesh. It comes in third place for popularity, behind football and cricket. However, this sport has also needed better governance and a lack of responsible authority.

Despite this, Bangladesh regularly competes in the Hockey Asian Cup and sponsored the 1985 edition.

The First Division Hockey League is the most well-known domestic competition held annually by the Bangladesh Hockey Federation, the sport’s national regulatory body.



Bangladesh is a country full of cultural and traditional experiences, but many people don’t know that it is also home to some of the world’s most exciting and thrilling sports and sporting events.

If you plan to visit Bangladesh, you should experience some of its unique sporting events.

You will have fun watching traditional games and adrenaline-packed cricket matches. So get ready to experience the thrill and excitement of these fantastic sports and sporting events in Bangladesh!