Storage Mart ─ Reviews & Pricings


StorageMart is a self-storage website that has self-service storage solutions for those who need to store their belongings. Whether you are seeking self-storage companies for your expensive furniture, vehicles, business inventory or documents, or your fancy pieces of art, you can be sure to find a suitable solution for your problems.

StorageMart’s founders’, Gordon and Mickey Burnam, founded the company in 1999, but the idea was developed way earlier. Back in 1974, the couple was vacationing in Texas when Gordon first came across the self-storage industry.

He promptly began to develop an idea for a chain of self-storage facilities and founded Storage trust realty with his wife, Mickey. And eventually, the two and their four kids went on to find StorageMart.

The company was born in Columbia, Missouri, and has since expanded to 250 locations spanning the US, the United Kingdom, and Canada.

The company has facilities in 21 states in the US, including California, Missouri, Nebraska, Kansas, Kentucky, Idaho, Illinois, etc to check the complete list and offers check It has facilities in 5 states in Canada and eight counties in the UK.

1. The Website

People have used the idiom “First Impression is the Last Impression” for ages now, and though I do not believe it to be wholly true, I have to agree that it has its significance in a lot of cases.

When we are searching for something on a website, the first thing that we notice is the appearance of the website. Then come to the tools and features present in it. And suffice it to say, StorageMart excels in both these fields.

Their home page provides a clean and organized look to the website and the company. The first and foremost tool that one will find when they first enter the website is the zip/postal/city search bar. And to its right is the tool to search nearby locations and find a facility close by.

The first one allows customers to search directly for their preferred zip code, postal code, or city name and find a self-storage facility nearby. The second tool offers to directly search for the same based on the customer’s location, providing a hassle-free search.

Moving on, the home page further provides a size guide to allow individuals to research the size requirements of the storage room based on the kind of furniture, appliances, or vehicles they wish to store.

Further, the home page also has Storage FAQ. This section contains the most asked questions about pricing and discounts, billing, account management, and the like.

They are also pleasantly charitable. The company donates to charitable organizations for every online review they receive, provides discounted storage options to local organizations, and lends a hand with holding events and functions.

They also have taken initiatives towards making a difference in the world by partnering up with organizations focused on helping children, providing beds, etc. As if such an exceptional website wasn’t enough, they also upload regular blogs ranging from college student problems, growing families, downsizing, and military storage issues.

2. The Pricings


The pricing of rooms in all self-storage companies varies depending on the size and features of the room. Regardless of whether the company is in the US or Canada or wherever. And usually, traditional self-storage rooms are cheaper than rooms with extensive features such as climate control and such. The same is true for StorageMart as well.

The company’s self-storage room prices differ according to the size, location, and features provided. They provide 5×5 climate-controlled self-storage rooms for as low as $18 per month. That too with elevator access and drive-thru loading bays. Further, they also have 3×4 rooms starting at $10 in some states.

The average cost of a 5×10 storage room costs $65 in the US. But StorageMart provides the same for as low as $40. These are just a few examples of the type of pricing on their self-storage rooms. The company has tons of other sizes and options available.

Now of course the average is not a perfect estimation of all other storage facilities’ pricing. So you can go ahead and look through their website to see if any of the incredibly priced storage rooms are suitable for you.

3. Their Online Reviews and Persona


StorageMart seems to be a well-liked self-storage company in Regina. They have received over 6.7k reviews on Trustpilot and a whopping 76% of the customers say that StorageMart is excellent. On reading even just a few of their recently received reviews, you will find that most of the customers have nothing but good things to shower upon the company.

From detailed glowing reviews about the staff of the company and their efficiency and knowledge to reviews about the cleanliness of the facilities, it is nothing short of a treat!

But like any other company, they do have negative reviews as well. But what makes StorageMart stand out is its dedication to solving such issues faced by the customers and preventing them from happening again.

The team at StorageMart is quick to reply to negative reviews and address the problems faced by the individual. This shows an outstanding concern towards maintaining their excellent customer service and efficiency.

One could say that a few reviews are not indicative of their true work quality and efficiency. But 6.7k people is a pretty large sample size. And if more than 3 quarters of these people are taking the time out of their day to leave a review about the excellence of the self-storage company, then there must be some credibility to it.

Moreover, to add to their praise, they also have a section each about their storage amenities and storage tips. The first one contains information about the different storage features they provide. For example, climate-controlled storage rooms, boat storage, vehicle storage, RV storage as well as moving supplies are provided. The second section has tips and how-to’s about seasonal storage packing, moving furniture, appliances, and so on and so forth.

Overall, the website and the company are incredibly well-oriented and have a fantastic online presence. And keeping in mind the points mentioned above, they might just be the best self-storage company for you.