5 Stunning Properties with Hot Tubs

Image source: unsplash.com

Gone are the days where a large bath and a separate shower were enough to impress your guests, as hot tubs have become commonplace in many homes and guest houses! If we’re being honest, we can surely all agree that it’s hard not to see the appeal of them. Unlike an outdoor swimming pool, you don’t have to get your hair wet, you can make it as warm as you like (which is perfect for winter!) and there are the added chromotherapy benefits with jets and colored lights to guide your relaxation. We’ve scoured the internet for five of the most stunning properties that are available to rent, which have one thing in common – they all have a hot tub! Read below for our top five properties with hot tubs, in descending order!

5. The Beach Hut, Plymouth

Starting close to home, this guest house in Devon features a hot tub that’s aligned just beside the rocks jutting out of the sea, to allow its guests to reap the healing benefits of the salty sea air and sounds of crashing waves, whilst keeping warm and comfortable inside the hot tub and its jets that are working their hydrotherapy magic. The guest house itself is a cozy affair, and perfect for a romantic getaway, with wooden interiors, a loft bed, and two hammocks looking out towards the ocean through the double doors. Its location means that there is no light pollution and thus boasts open skies that are perfect for stargazing from the hot tub whilst the wood burner keeps you warm at night. Nearby are coastal paths and farmland, offering you the chance to explore during the day or remain isolated in your own private heaven. You’re able to enter the sea directly from the guest house, via steps, if you should brave the colder water than that of the hot tub.

4. Cloud on the Bund Suite, Shanghai

The hot tub and its view overlooking the neon East-Meets-West city isn’t the most striking thing about this suite or the hotel itself that is part of the W Hotel chain, but it is certainly just one incredible feature of the bright quirky guest room. The room is covered in windows from wall to wall and offers a panoramic view of the city of Shanghai and its river. This means that from the luminous hot tub, that’s almost as neon as the outside skyline itself, you’re able to watch the world go by in your very own ‘cloud’! Not only is neon a recurring theme, but the city’s sense of humor is conveyed too through the quirky furniture and accessories, like chopsticks pillows, atmospheric bird sounds, and a hanging bed as though you are a bird in the sky itself. Cloud on the Bund suite offers its guests the chance to truly believe they can fly, and live in their urban fantasy.

3. L’Apogée Courchevel Penthouse, The French Alps

This hotel built in 1850 is perhaps the most quintessential French luxury chalet and accommodation facility that you could imagine, and its penthouse suite at the very top of the hotel means that the incredible view over the beautiful Jardin Alpin valley is reserved exclusively for its penthouse guests. The hot tub is found on the private rooftop terrace attached to the penthouse, meaning that you can relax, unwind and soothe your aching muscles after a hard day of snow sports whilst taking in the extraordinary winter scenery around you. Not only is the penthouse designed to evoke a luxurious wooden chalet, but the hot tub itself is reminiscent of a round, wooden bucket in keeping with the alpine scenery. This penthouse will have you spoilt for choice, given that the hot tub outside is not the only one to choose from! After a steam shower, you can dip in the penthouse bathroom’s whirlpool bath and jacuzzi before venturing out towards the outdoor hot tub. This place sleeps nine people, and so is perfect for a winter Christmas party, or a group skiing holiday.

2. Dunkeld Bungalow, Sri Lanka

Not only does Dunkeld Bungalow have a jacuzzi hot tub that feeds into an infinity pool, but you can enjoy and relax in this hot tub whilst taking in the view of the Great Western mountain range, Castlereagh lake and feel as though you’re actually floating along the lake itself! The hot tub is part of the ‘Owner’s Cottage’ section of the Dunkeld Bungalow, which is a romantic one-bedroom guest house that is hidden in the neighboring tea fields and so ensures the utmost privacy for guests there. You can relax in this hot tub after a day of sight-seeing and trekking in the valleys that sit amongst the mountain landscape. Whilst OasisLeisure.com can’t quite guarantee you the same views or wildlife, it can guarantee that it will supply you with a hot tub suited to your needs to give you that same relaxation and serene feeling that you’ll feel soaking in the hot tub at Dunkeld Bungalow.

1. Phinda Rock Lodge, South Africa

This incredible South African guest house, located in Northern KwaZulu Natal has been built into the cliffside overlooking the &Beyond Phinda Private Game Reserve. This means that after a day of discovering the unspoiled beaches and coral reefs of the Indian Ocean, you can sip a few drinks in the hot tub outside the private lodge and potentially spot one of Africa’s Big Five animals, including lions, leopards, elephants, buffalos, and rhinos. Not only is the view from the hot tub one of the biggest appeals, but the lodge comes with its own dedicated ranger, tracker, butler, and chef, so you won’t have to lift a finger whilst staying here!

Whether you have the budget for these incredible guest houses is another story, but you might have the cash to recreate your own relaxing experience from your own home by purchasing a hot tub for yourself! You might now be inspired to have the same unwinding and serene feeling that these holidays would achieve, but from your own back garden…