Why A Stag Do Abroad Is A Good Idea

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For one it’s exciting being in a new or different environment and even more appealing cheap beer, cheap flights, and a different style of nightlife and women. When you add up the costs on your home turf Stag night against some of Europe’s Stag Fun / Party destinations you will find there is not a lot of difference in costs and that includes the flights. You can spend in a weekend abroad what you normally spend in one evening at your gaff, so, consider the bonus factors of a Bachelor Weekend in a completely different nightlife setting taking advantage of the cheap flights to all major cities across Europe, especially if you choose a central or eastern destination such as Krakow, Bratislava or Budapest.

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So, as the organizer prepare yourself for some serious research surfing the internet for likely destinations, you may want to use dedicated companies to ease the stress of it all. These Stag & Hen sites have all the activities listed and some offer comprehensive deals covering 2 nights of full-on action and accommodation included, usually, flights are left to the main group organizer or individuals attending. Although these specialized stag companies offer accommodation options, the group organizer can choose to select the accommodation for the group separately as with flights.

  • Destination – Do you go abroad or remain on familiar territory, this depends on the overall budget of the group or does it? A flight to a popular Stag destination can be cheaper than a train ticket in the UK. The nightlife is also very different to the UK scene in places like e.g.: Krakow and Prague, for starters these cities don’t have official closing times for pubs and clubs, so, you never get to hear ‘last orders’ bellowed out by the landlord and security personnel confiscating unfinished drinks and the beer is so cheap, well, a pint in parts of London costs £8 that would get you 4 pints in Krakow even in the touristy areas too. Yes, get cracking on central and eastern European Stag cities right away as you will be pleasantly surprised. If you want to cut your costs, but still don’t want to do all reservation by yourself go for the local Krakow stag do companies (such as e.g.: PartyKrakow.co.uk )
  • Flights – This is better organized by the Stag Party chief as it is common that invited partygoers arrive from different places and at different times. This can also influence the destination as it should be a city that everyone can arrive to with relative ease and the main group only has a short flight, nobody wants to spend too much time travelling anyway. The low budget airlines such as EasyJet, RyanAir, and WizzAir all have schedules for the popular European Stag Party destinations.
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  • Accommodation – The most important point here is how long do you want to sleep on a Stag Do? Is a luxury hotel required or a Stag proof apart-hotel abroad better suited to your group? The style abroad is to cater for large groups whether a Hen, Stag or Sports Tour group in central city areas with all the mod cons available and including beer gardens and as they specialize in large numbers extra activities for your party can be arranged without interference from the management, within reason of course.
    Eating & Eateries – Yes, at home you have your favorites, kebabs, curries, fast food outlets but so do all the cities abroad and if you miss your English breakfast you will find that too. Around £4 will get you a wholesome satisfying meal in the majority of eateries including some restaurants.
  • Activities – What does an abroad offer that you don’t have at home? The AK 47 Kalashnikov Shooting is one. You won’t find this available at home as easy as it is abroad. White Water Rafting is another. Strippers in your accommodation. Airport transfers by the Strip Party Bus or Strip Limousines ad for a particular Stag Prank the Rabid Dog Chase.


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Everything mentioned above is organized with full support services from Stag & Hen Party specialist companies and they go even further with package deals that cover 2 nights of full-on action and eating included with a private strip show, look out for the super activity of Steak & Tits. You can also receive discounts if you book your accommodation with them and throw in e.g.: the Sexy Housemaid Prank. Stag companies really do take the stress out of arranging a Stag Do abroad which leaves the organizer to actually take part in all the fun rather than continually contacting individual activity and transport companies just relax and do some vodka tasting during a guided pub crawl with a VIP Club Entry to finish.

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Incidentally, pubs abroad are usually small private-themed affairs, and the big chains you may be accustomed to do not exist, a pub crawl in Krakow for example will surprise you and the quality of the craft beers on tap will warm the cockles of beer barrels of any connoisseur. The other fact that makes it a good idea to go abroad for the Stag do is that there is less danger of meeting people you know and as they say ‘What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas’, and did I mention to bring some stiff neck gel as you are going to need it with all the head-turning you will be doing when seeing all these beautiful ‘abroad’ girls flaunting it about the piazzas and squares.


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