Can I Submit a Personal Injury Claim Without a Solicitor?


Yes, you can file a personal injury claim even without the help of a solicitor. You have every legal right to act on your behalf and pursue your claim without a solicitor’s help. But, before filing a claim, you have to consider many different factors that can influence the success of your claim, as well as the amount of compensation you can get. Below are some of the answers to the possible questions you might ask if you consider hiring a personal injury solicitor.

Should I file the claim myself or get help from a solicitor?

The decision is always yours to make. Most insurance companies suggest dealing directly with you, particularly when the claim is associated with road accidents. However, they don’t want you to hire a solicitor.

It might be tempting to push your claim yourself since you don’t have to pay the solicitor’s fee. It is an appealing option if your goal is to claim a particular payment amount from an insurer. But the question is, how much is the compensation I am entitled to get?

How much compensation am I entitled to get due to my injury?


Many factors will influence the sum of compensation you get from your personal injury claim. Initially, you can start your claim with

They won’t be able to give you an exact amount, but they can show you some instances of past cases they’ve handled. The amount of compensation you get will be determined by your claim’s severity. A medical professional will need to evaluate you to give you an exact estimate of how long it will take you to recover. Solicitors will make sure that you will receive the compensation you deserve.

Should I trust the insurer to make a reasonable offer?

You might inquire with the insurance provider that is making the offer. They will inform you that the offer is reasonable. Let’s face it. They would do it, wouldn’t they? Always remember that the insurer will never act according to your best interest. They will operate according to what will benefit the company.

The insurance company only cares about resolving your claim for the smallest amount possible. Your goal is to be fairly paid for the injuries you’ve suffered, as well as for any previous or future financial losses and costs you’ve incurred or may incur. It will also compensate for any future impact that the injury may have on your finances or physical condition.

Insurers will offer you a “Full & Final Settlement”


Another important thing you should consider is that if you settle your personal injury claim by accepting the insurance company’s offer, you won’t be able to seek more compensation even if your injury turns out to be more severe than you initially believed or if you do not heal fully as expected.

Hiring a personal injury solicitor will allow you to know the best action to take for this situation. Solicitors’ compensation payments are often two or three times greater than DIY claim settlements. Making a compensation claim without the assistance of a personal injury solicitor might have significant disadvantages in terms of identifying the worth of your claim. Allowing a solicitor to file your claim will likely result in higher compensation.

What if the insurance company denies the personal injury claim I file myself?

It’s more challenging to handle your case if the insurance company denies your claim. So what can you do if you file a claim with an insurance company and the insurer answers that the claim is disputed and that no compensation will be paid?

There are a variety of factors to consider:

  • Do you agree with the insurer that there is no case to answer, or do you continue to pursue the claim?
  • Which procedure do you use to pursue the claim in court?
  • How can you tell if the insurance company’s claim defence is reasonable and will be upheld by a court?
  • How do you determine the kind of proof you’ll need to back up your claim?
  • What method do you use to determine which process to follow?
  • What method do you use to determine the laws that apply to the claim?

It’s pretty unlikely that you’ll know the answers to these questions and be able to proceed without assistance if you don’t have any legal training.

Solicitors know how to deal with insurance companies


The truth is that most solicitors go through a 6-year training program before becoming qualified. In addition, solicitors must undergo annual continuing education to stay up with the changes in the law once they have obtained their qualifications. A professional personal injury lawyer will also have years of working with insurance companies and filing claims, which is invaluable knowledge that cannot be taught.

As an injured claimant, expecting you to have the knowledge, legal training, and skills necessary to successfully pursue your claim and achieve the best possible outcome is very unrealistic. It is especially so against an insurance company that denies the claim or refuses to pay the proper and justified amount of compensation.

Is it necessary to hire a lawyer to handle my personal injury claim?

The answer could be no if you are willing to make all the effort and have stress in filing a claim yourself. The same is true if all you want is some form of compensation, which may or may not be the ‘proper’ amount of money you are entitled to. But the help of a solicitor is recommended if you want to ensure that you are appropriately and wholly compensated for your damage.


Hiring a personal injury solicitor is advantageous when filing a claim. They will ensure that you are paid for any financial losses, as well as any potential financial losses and any future worsening of your condition or issues that may emerge as a result of the accident. If these factors are important to you, hiring a solicitor is your best option.