13 Tips to take Care of Glasses and Eyesight

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Eyeglasses are valuable as they are a source of fashion for some people, and for others, glasses are prescribed for eyesight. If you have invested in glasses, you know you should take good care of them and should handle the specs with care.

Most of us do not care about the protection of our glasses, but the reality is that we should take good care. First, the glasses draw some money from our pockets; secondly, if you are using prescription glasses, going to the doctor, and taking new glasses every time is not a comfort.

In this article, we will discuss all the methods that can help us save our glasses and money.

Cleaning your glasses

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We all clean our glasses as the glasses become foggy at the time. You should know that when cleaning glasses, do not use the daily life solvents like toothpaste present in your home and only use the solutions recommended, especially to clean the glasses. If you use such kind of chemicals, you are only damaging the lens and the coating of the frame, so avoid using it. To clean your glasses properly, use a towel or any other material of cloth that does not damage the lenses of the glasses. Use tissues or a microfiber cloth

Wash your hands

In this tough time of COVID19, we all know how important it is to wash our hands. When we handle the glasses, it shifts all the microorganisms and the bacterias to the glasses’ lenses. We do not care about our hands’ cleanliness when holding the glasses because we are unaware of the number of germs there with our hands. Always wash your hands before handling your eyeglasses because it reduces the risk of infections. After using the antibacterial soap use a lint-free towel for better hygiene

Removing glasses

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There are times when we do not need glasses. So there is care related to removing glasses that every time you remove glasses, remove them with both hands because when we remove glasses with one hand, there are chances to touch the lens.

To apply this tip whenever removing the glasses.

This will also prevent the glasses from any damage. If we use one hand that may misalign the frame and cause the glasses to damage.

Protective case

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Use a protective case or shell for the glasses as it is imperative for the glasses’ safety and will also prevent the glasses from any damage, and there will be no microorganisms. There is another tip that places the lenses on the upside so that there are no scratches to the glasses.

Eye exams

Do have regular eye exams as these exams are very necessary for the health of the eyes. Eyesight is very important, and in order to keep your eyesight better, do check the optician every two years because the eyesight changes every two years.

Place safely

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One of the most important points in the glasses’ safety is placing the glasses carefully ibn home or office. Glasses always break when we place them unsafely. Place the glasses in their protective shell. Or buy glasses that have excellent unbreakable frames for this purpose; you can visit SmartBuyGlasses. They have a lot of designer eyeglasses in their collection, and one can buy according to the need.

Buy your type

There are hundreds of types of glasses available on online collections and stores. When you are buying glasses, do go to the kind you need and don’t waste your time and money on a pair that is relatable to your needs. So always invest wisely when buying glasses.

Place wisely

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It is a similar problem with us that we forget when and where we have placed our glasses. The solution is simple; you just have to put the glasses at the same point. It is very disgusting at times when we are in a hurry, and we do not have enough time for the search. Do a wise thing and make a particular place for your glasses, and you know that your glasses are there.

Avoid heat

Heat is always a bad idea for glasses because it damages the lenses. If you put your glasses in the car and leave, stop doing it. Heat destroys all the treatments that are applied to the lenses. So it is never a cool idea to expose the glasses to the heat.

Free online prescription

Buying glasses online has become a lot easier with the help of the Lens Scanner App. Now you can get your prescription free sitting at your home. Get your online prescription at home and buy prescription glasses online!

Glasses are for eyes

The way you hear the glasses matter a lot because some wear the glasses on their head. They are to wear on the nose, not on the head.

When you wear the glasses, the glasses’ texture may get damaged by hairs or oil on your head. But if you are wearing glasses for fashion.


With the spread of coronavirus in the whole world, everyone is looking for the things that are the virus. Sorry to say, but there are no glasses that can be virus-free. You can make your glasses by cleaning them with the help of a sanitizer; the method is that just take a tissue and sanitizer. Spray the sanitizer on the lenses and gently clean the lenses with the fabric or any other glasses cleaning cloth


If you are facing the problem of scratches when you clean the glasses, there is a tip for you. When you are cleaning the lasses, just rinse the glasses in cold water for 4 minutes. Now wipe the glasses gently with any soft cloth. I hope you will never face this issue again.


Habit is something that you do regularly. Making a habit of protecting and cleaning your glasses is not tough if you try to do so. All the guys out there who have the habit of the glasses save the investment and look worthy.


Concluding the article now, we all know that we can easily take better care of glasses by following some simple steps. We should handle the lenses with care and should place them somewhere wisely and securely. We should also go often to the optician for regular care of our eyes and prescription.