Dangerous Mistakes When Cleaning Your Home

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Scientists looked at apartment cleaning under a microscope and told how not to harm your health in an effort to clean your home or cottage. Let’s tell you how to properly and safely clean your home.

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The air is really being renewed

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The benefits of this are obvious. It is well known that “cleanliness is the key to health”, “clean boots go faster”, “clean and fire will not burn, and dirty and water will not wash away. However, not only folklore, but also scientific research confirms the benefits of cleaning for our health. For example, not so long ago the institute in Germany conducted research in 1500 apartments. It showed: that after regular wet cleaning the amount of dust particles in the air is significantly reduced. And only after three days the amount of dust particles is back to what it was before. It turns out that if you moist-clean every three days, the air in the apartment will be much better.

At the same time to bring washing to the point of absurdity, to achieve sterile cleanliness, of course, it is not necessary. “A huge number of different microorganisms live in our apartments, and there is no need to try to destroy them completely. To live in sterile conditions need only people with a weakened immune system, but most of us need the presence of some microbes in the environment. Thus, starting from childhood, when a child learns to fight against external threatening factors, immunity is formed. Contact with microflora must always be maintained.

The need to protect yourself from unnecessary worries about cleaning the apartment also showed the work of German experts. They observed the health of about a hundred people for over 15 years. It was found that regular housework provokes high blood pressure.

A housewife’s pose, standing bent with a broom or a mop in his hands, does not contribute to the health of the cardiovascular, respiratory, and musculoskeletal systems. Deteriorates posture and circulation. And if you also clean the floor with a rag, holding it in his hands, greatly increases the strain on the eyes. Ophthalmologists have long opposed this method of cleaning. Therefore, it is better to replace the bucket with water and rag with modern mops with quality nozzles or electronic equipment.

With lemon and oil against dust

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An obligatory item of general cleaning is to disassemble the pantry or closet, shaking out the things that lie there since last fall. Often this manipulation is accompanied by inhaling clouds of dust and germs. We don’t monitor our pulse and our breathing. Whereas Canadian scientists have established: when books or other dusty things are shuffled around in a room, the concentration of dust in the air rises to 1,000 mg per cubic meter. And that’s with a norm of 10 mg! No wonder some people get coughs, asthma attacks, and sore throats after such cleaning.

Dust not only pollutes the apartment and spoils its appearance, but also negatively affects the well-being and health of people and pets, experts warn. Dust contains many “riches”: bacteria, particles of household chemicals, toxins of cigarette smoke, and other harmful substances. Therefore, is able to successfully cause allergic reactions. To fight it, of course, is necessary, and often not too experienced owners use dry rags and brooms. As a result of such cleaning clouds of dust fly into the air, and then settle on furniture, carpets, and curtains.

To avoid the negative consequences of such cleaning, experts recommend wetting brooms and rags with water. You can also use special agents, such as polishes and antistatic. And they can be not only bought but also prepared by yourself. Hygiene experts advise wiping furniture and floor with a solution of lemon to combat dust. This liquid effectively removes dust and does not leave streaks. To prepare the solution, you need to cut lemon slices, add seven spoons of vegetable oil, and insist on the mixture for a week. In the resulting liquid pour a glass of boiling water and strain. Then soak a napkin in the mixture, squeeze it and dry it a little. By the way, essential oils, especially lavender and rose oils, are excellent antioxidants. It is enough to add a few drops of such oil to the water in which you soak the cloth.

Carpet Dirt Cleaner

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Another indispensable attribute of general cleaning – is carpet cleaner. If you collect the dust and dirt that gets on the carpet in an average apartment over a year, you will get about two to three kilograms, experts say. All carpets should be deep-cleaned at least once a year. Houses with animals may require quarterly cleaning.

As epidemiologists point out, carpets are one of the favorite habitats of dust mites. Our apartments are simply a gastronomic paradise for them. Microscopic parasites feed on dead scales of human skin, which settle, including in the carpets. The main problem is that these creatures during their lives produce excrement 200 times their own weight. Together with the toxic products of their vital activity, mites get into the air that we breathe. For most people such parasites are safe, but allergy sufferers perceive them in a completely different way.

According to Marina Vershinina, a specialist at the Center of molecular diagnostics, house dust mite is one of the strongest allergens capable to provoke different diseases from conjunctivitis to bronchial asthma. Therefore, if you or any of your household members suffer from allergies, it is necessary to remove from the apartment all materials in which mites can accumulate. These are carpets, rugs, and curtains. Feather pillows should be replaced with pillows made of artificial fiber. “In a house where there is an allergic person, cleaning should be done much more often so that there is as little dust as possible,” emphasizes the expert. – Allergy sufferers themselves can be cleaned – except in “dusty pillow” situations.

Carpet bugs and other dangers

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Since it’s not easy to wash carpet at home, city dwellers often take it to a car wash. There, tap water is pressurized onto the carpet, then foam is applied and washed off again with water pressure. The carpet is then put on a short drying cycle. Because the carpet is not completely dried at the sink or even when the home is damp cleaned, mold can appear on the carpet. This is especially common when the pile is dry, but the backing of the carpet is still wet. Especially dangerous is the presence of such mold in the apartment, it is one of the strongest household allergens. Therefore, it is necessary to fight mold by all means, up to and including repair.

In addition to mold and dust mites in our carpets can live carpet beetles, house scales, and various pathogenic bacteria. All of these creatures are microscopic in size, and not visible to us, so even if the carpet seems perfectly clean, it can be a real breeding ground for infection. And home cleaning methods are powerless here. Germs, insects, mold, and mites will appear again and again. Hygiene experts recommend calling in a professional carpet cleaning service once a year. Or take the carpet to a specialized dry cleaner.