7 Best Teleprompter For YouTube Videos 2024

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A teleprompter is a tool used to provide presenters with optical access to the content they must address. It is often known as autocue and enables the reader to maintain eye contact with the viewers while speaking the text displayed on the screen. As of now, many production companies still utilize teleprompters for live talks and videography.

A teleprompter is a common tool used by YouTubers as it enhances the production value and gives their videos a more polished appearance. A podium autocue, a camera-mounted autocue, and a floor or stand autocue are the three different types of teleprompters. The podium teleprompters are also known as presidential and speech teleprompters.

How Teleprompter Works

The teleprompter device includes a reflective glass display that rests in front of the lens of the camera. Below the screen that shows the text, a monitor will be placed. The screen is entirely see-through on a single side and reflects on the other side, and it is prepared with reflective glass or a beam splitter. This enables the camera to record the video through it without changing the video’s visual quality.

Everything that appears on the monitor below is mirrored onto the display. The teleprompter is typically controlled by the crew in large productions or broadcasting stations. The person sets the text’s format, scroll speed, and direction as it becomes visible on display, as well as maintains a comfortable tempo so that the reader can see the script clearly.

Top 7 Teleprompter For YouTube Videos

The initial uses of teleprompter were limited to TV presenters and public speakers. However, over the years, the usage of autocue has widened, as it is used for YouTube videos, video conferences, magazine shows, PowerPoint presentations, etc.

Here we have curated the best list of teleprompter for YouTube videos that you can acquire right now.

1. Moman MT2 Teleprompter for Video Conferencing and Recording

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Here is our best pick, which comes with a whole-frame rectangle 10-inch screen. Its dimensions are 270 × 260 × 165mm, and it weighs about 1000g. It employs 70/30 beam splitter glass, which has good light reflection and light transmittance. This tool helps readers’ eyes to remain fixed on the lens, produces more authentic recordings, and gives video creators a broad optical range.

The Moman teleprompter for video recording enables you to put the text in the center, modify font size, alter the color of the backdrop, and automatically adapt to system languages. You will receive a vlogging tripod kit with a phone clip for your mobile phone and a 360-degree flexible 1/4″ threaded ball head for attaching this device.

With the wireless remote, you can quickly begin, halt, and speed up and down the text with one press. The working distance of the remote is between 2 to 10m and has the capacity to constantly operate for around 40 hours. The dimensions of this remote are 116 × 45 × 13.5mm, and it works using Alkaline AAA batteries. This model enables you to record vertically and horizontally as well.

2. Glide Gear TMP100

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This video conference teleprompter is prepared using 6061-grade aluminum and is highly known for its reliability and corrosion-resistant feature. As it has top-shelf optics, this model offers crystal clear clarity and decent readability for about 10 feet. The impact-resistant HD glass provides a 70/30 visible light transmission. There is no need to assemble any part, and it comes with a collapsible design for easy transportation.

3. ILOKNZI i2/12inch/Black, Liftable Teleprompter

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The ILOKNZI i2 device is made to offer broad-angle shooting and has the potential to hold gadgets up to 9 inches. It is an all-metal device and features a composite cover that is sturdy and durable. There is a 12-inch spectroscopic glass that offers incredible reflection and transmittance, so the text can be displayed clearly. You can record video with teleprompter easily since this model arrives with remote control and a free android or iOS app.

4. NEEWER X12 Aluminium Teleprompter

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If you are looking for a high-end teleprompter for video camera, here is the ideal option. It features the best quality beam splitter glass, which guarantees 75% of light transmittance for better clarity. This model also has a flexible hood and high-end glass, allowing you to see the text on the screen clearly, even from 3m away. Using the remote, you can easily stop, increase or decrease the speed, and see the next pages with a single click.

5. Desview T3 Teleprompter

Source: desviewglobal.com

Here is one of the affordable autocue devices, which is made with two cold shoe mounts and has the capacity to hold gadgets about 11 inches. The device features 26-layer beam splitter glass, which offers excellent quality text, making it easy to read without any double reflections. The glass lid and the 7H hardness can safeguard the device while you carry it. This model can hold a wider-angle lens and comes with a retractable base.

6. CANALHOUT 12″ Universal Teleprompter

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The CANALHOUT 12-inch model is designed with the best quality segmented glass, which gives 70/30 visible light transmittance. It features an all-aluminum frame which is sturdy and light in weight. The lens hood is also highly durable and gives a suitable environment for recording videos. It is one of the best universal compatible models and supports DSLR cameras, DV cameras, mobile phones, etc. A waterproof bag is also included in the package to properly store this device.

7. Pafieo Store 13inch Teleprompter Compatible

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If you are in search of a sturdy metal teleprompter, here is the right pick, which is primarily made for camera gadgets and camcorders. It is compatible with gadgets under 13 inches and features a big glass, so you can read the text clearly even from a distance. This device also performs well with a 24mm broad-angle lens. It is possible to install this model in about three minutes since there are sturdy threads and cold shoe mounts on either side.

Bottom Line

The demand for autocue devices is increasing since they can be used while recording YouTube videos, making vlogs, creating online classes, giving interviews, attending press conferences, giving presentations, etc. You can choose from any of the above-listed teleprompter devices since they are made from the best quality material and offer superb text clarity.