The Importance of an Internship for a Career in Business Development


Today, it is becoming increasingly difficult to find a job without having prior experience. This especially applies if you have just graduated from college or university and are searching for your first full-time job. You may often hear that unfortunately, you do not have enough experience to be hired and something like that can be frustrating or stressful.

Experience is often gained through work, so how do you obtain it if you cannot find a job in the first place? This is where internships come in. They might be your best choice since their primary goal is to provide practical experience which sometimes, but not always, leads to full-time employment.

Why interning is important for a career in business development


Business development’s primary goal is to create and provide new business growth opportunities by making strategic business decisions and establishing strategic partnerships. Essentially, all the tasks they perform are aimed towards improving a business.

Internships in business development are important for several reasons.

1. Experience


During your internship in the business development department, you will learn about the numerous factors needed to build a successful business, do market research and participate in partnership development, where you will assist with building good business relationships. You will also gain knowledge on how to build a company of your own.
During this internship, you will probably need to write some paperwork or dissertation to present acquired knowledge. This could be a quite challenging task sometimes, and help is always welcomed. Often students use help online, and websites such as is good solutions in these situations.

Learning from professionals and experts will give you insight and a better understanding of your job, different tasks and responsibilities, and the industry itself. It will also help you learn about the working environment, which will make it easier for you to adjust once you start a full-time job.

According to InternsInAsia, gaining experience is probably the most valuable thing you can get out of an internship in business development.

2. Employment


As mentioned above, getting a job without any experience is becoming very difficult in today’s business world. You have a greater chance of getting hired if you’ve had even just a few months of the internship experience. If you do well while interning, it should also be easier for you to ask and get references you can then submit when applying for future jobs.

In some cases, the companies you intern for might even decide to offer you a full-time paid position if you prove yourself a valuable worker during your time spent with them.

3. Networking and making new connections


Networking is extremely important when it comes to securing a job. There is a higher chance of getting hired by connecting with people, and internships provide a great opportunity for that. At the end of your experience, you will have at least a handful of connections, if not more. They include clients you’ve worked with, supervisors, coworkers, senior managers, and other interns. You can take advantage of that since all of them can offer you great advice, provide guidance, and might even help you later in your career.

4. Professionalism


Skills like communication, leadership, teamwork and problem-solving are often very important to have, especially when it comes to business development. All of them can be gained through an internship and be beneficial for the rest of your career.

In conclusion, internships are not only important for gaining work experience and skills but can also help you with landing your dream job. They might even play a crucial part in achieving a successful and fruitful business career.