How to quickly sell a house in Dallas


Dallas is a rapidly growing city. Its population is rising daily and all thanks to its great job market and charming atmosphere. That means that many are now in the search of their new home in Dallas. If you have a home to sell here, then you’re in luck as the chances of you selling your home in a couple of months are pretty big. The popularity of this town is really increasing your odds and all you need to do is do some research on how to be as efficient and smart as possible.

In 2017, Dallas grew by more than 1000 people every day, according to an article published by DallasNews. The property market is quick to adapt to the new growing population. Texas is the second most popular destination for buyers right behind Florida. Here are some tips for you on how to sell your home in Dallas as quickly as possible.

Find your target audience

This will help you speed up the process drastically. If you have a big house perfect for a family with kids, advertise it that way. Find a way to reach families looking for a house in Dallas and focus on them. Other groups of people are less likely to be interested in such property. On the other hand, if you’re selling a smaller apartment which is good for students or young couples who can’t afford something bigger, again, focus on them and advertise the property in a way that would appeal to them.

You can even organize an estate sale. Some experienced companies such as Attics to Basements, can help you empty an entire house of belongings quickly.


Know how to price it

Pricing the property properly is crucial. Even on the market such as Dallas, people aren’t just going to buy whatever. They are going to think it through and the price is going to play a major role in their decision. No one is buying a home without defining their budget first. The price is particularly important if you’re trying to sell the house quickly. Depending on the location, the average and acceptable price would be somewhere between $150,000 and $350,000.
According to VIP Reality, what will affect your price the most is the location, the proximity of schools, stores, transportation options, amenities, the size of the property, its condition, and similar.

Be competitive and know what your target audience is looking for

Look into the prices and amenities offered incomparable properties. By knowing your competitors, you can adjust accordingly, and by knowing the wishes of your target audience, you can adjust your home properly.

What is currently trending in the world are big kitchens, open floor plans, a home office, and of course, a great location. No one really wants to be isolated from the center of the events. However, it seems that Dallas buyers aren’t that picky. An alternative option to selling your house through an estate agent is to use a cash house buying company like


Find a good real estate agent

If you’re experienced and confident enough, you can try selling a property on your own, but the chances are you’re going to need some help. Do some research, find a real estate agent that is familiar with your neighborhood, experienced, has good reviews, and who you don’t mind spending time with.