Things to Consider Before Getting a Dog – 2024 Guide


The interest in owning a dog has increased significantly over the last year and there are a couple of reasons for that. Firstly, the situation with self-isolation and lockdown due to the pandemic forces people to try new things, and one of them is getting a dog.

Secondly, the trend of owning a pet is rising over the last decade, which is a bit odd if we compare it to the birth rate which is falling down in most countries.

However, deciding whether it is a good idea to get a dog or not takes much more research. Most people make quick decisions without considering all of the dog’s requirements, and end up regretting their decision after a while.

Getting a dog requires a lot of devotion and time for taking care of their everyday needs, from vet care and diet planning to choosing the right pet health insurance (to find out more about pet insurance, check Pumpkin) option for you and your pet from the specialists at Bivvy, training, and daily exercise. That’s why we rounded up a list of things you should consider before deciding whether or not getting a dog is a good idea.

Dogs are for life

The idea of having a hairy fellow in your home may be very tempting, but most people fail to consider that having a dog is not a one-time thing. Dogs are for life and the average lifespan of a dog is around 13 years, so you have to be ready for a long dedicated commitment to your new puppy.


What Kind of Dog You Should Get?

There are different types of dog breeds and finding the right one for your needs takes a bit of research. Yes, they might look adorable, but since it will be your life partner, you should get a dog that fits your lifestyle and surroundings. If you are laid back or don’t like to do much then maybe consider getting a low maintenance dog breed, has put together a list.

There are few things you should consider before choosing a breed, such as living arrangements, your surrounding area, family structure (do you have small children), etc.

There is no point in getting a massive dog if you live in a tiny one-bedroom apartment in the city.

Owning a Dog is a Time-Consuming Process

If you want to properly take care of your furry friend, you must sacrifice some of your time. So, if you are a busy person who doesn’t have much time to spare, it is probably a good idea to ditch the idea of getting a dog.

Dogs are similar to a small child, so getting one in your home means that you need to take responsibility, and often their needs will be before your own.

Dogs are fascinating creatures and they have their needs that need to be fulfilled. This means that you cannot jump and leave on a vacation anytime you like. You’ll need to plan things ahead and always find someone to take care of your pet while you are away.



Depending on the type of dog you want to get, the initial cost on average is around $500-$1,000, but the costs don’t stop there.

In fact, this is a start of an expensive journey where you have to buy high-quality food (for better health) packed with nutrition which is from $50 and up. You can check out Spot &

Tango for more information about the type of food you should get:

It doesn’t stop there just because your dog needs to go to the vet, and have all the proper accessories like a water bowl, a bed, collar, and etc.

Adding all lifetime costs of owning a dog is around $15,000 depending on the breed you want to get.


Exercise Needs

As we mentioned before, owning a dog is a time-consuming process, especially the daily activities that are necessary. Every dog needs to blow off excess energy with daily exercise or a walk. There are few things to consider here.

Firstly, if you live in an apartment, make sure you have a place near you where you can walk your dog. Secondly, make sure you have enough time and energy to walk your dog every day.

Dog Proof Your Home

Getting a puppy sounds great, but it is a frustrating process since they don’t understand anything when they are young. This means that you can come home and find your MacBook chewed up, so make sure your dog-proof your home before getting one.

Most puppies go through the same phase and destructive behavior is fairly common for your dog.

There are few things you should consider, such as:

  • Locking all the cabinets, especially those with food, medications, or dangerous toxic chemicals.
  • Hide all electrical cords
  • Raise all of your house plants where your dog cannot chew them
  • Consider getting a trash can with locking lit since they can make a mess in their food pursuit
  • Remove small decorations that might be a choking hazard for your dog

Dog Training

Owning a dog might be a frustrating process, where you can find teeth marks on your favorite items, or find a toilet incident or two on your rug. You need to have enough time and stay calm to train your dog in order to avoid such things.

Puppies are like a sponge where they can soak up every bit of information you present them, so make sure you take a small portion of your time to train your dog. That way you can avoid bigger frustrations in the future.

You can also hire a pet trainer to teach your dog a few things.

Final Words

As you can probably tell by the list, owning a dog is a complicated process that takes a lot of time and money. Dogs get emotionally attached to their owners, so further separation can have negative consequences on their lives if you decide that you don’t want a dog anymore.

Also, it is not just about you. Dogs have their own lives that need to be filled with joy and happiness, so owning a dog is a lot more than just feeding it and taking it for a walk.

You need to sacrifice some of your time to play with them and look after them, but in the end, it is very much worth it when you see their excitement and love for you.