Billy Mitchell Net Worth 2024 – A Video Game Legend

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Billy Mitchell is an old school gamer that is best known for playing arcade games back in the 80s. He was awarded the title of the greatest arcade video gamer of all time. The reason one, he had 3,333,360, which is a perfect score of the Pac-Man game. Easily, he established himself as one of the greatest video game players of all time.

Even though he is not so active as a gamer anymore, he is still remembered by the public and gamers from all around the world. Without a doubt, he reached legendary status among gaming community. With that said, we are going to present you with some interesting information about Billy Mitchell and his life, like his private life, his professional life, and of course, net worth as of 2024.

Private Life

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Billy Mitchell was born on the 16th of July 1965 in Springfield, Massachusetts. He was born under a zodiac sign Cancer. During his childhood, he wasn’t interested in video games. His main preoccupation was being a restaurateur. Naturally, during his childhood, he helped his parents in their restaurant. However, after games like “Donkey Kong” and “Pac-Man” were released, he became interested in them.

He is a very private person and much of his private life remains unknown for almost four decades. He doesn’t have any account on social media platforms. Billy Mitchell is married to Evelyn. This is the only fact known about his love life. Furthermore, he has three children with his wife. It is known that he grew up with his parents, but other details about them were not revealed so far.

Professional Life

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He started playing video games back in the 80s. His score on “Donkey Kong” wasn’t broken for almost two decades after it was set. Later, he set up some new ones, but they were all ultimately canceled. Some of the scores that he submitted to Guinness World Records and Twin Galaxies, were not accepted because they were too high. He is best known as a player who set the perfect record on the original “Pac-Man” game, where he achieved a score of 3,333,360.

Recently, he streamed himself playing “Pac-Man” for six hours without a pause. The video can be found on YouTube. Back in the 90s, he took a break from playing video games, and he back to working as a manager of his restaurants. Moreover, he wanted to commit himself to his family. He is the owner and the general manager of a restaurant chain “Rickey’s World Famous Restaurant”.

Net Worth

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As of 2024, Billy Mitchell’s net worth is estimated at $1 million. The biggest chunk of his wealth comes from his restaurant chain called “Rickey’s World Famous Restaurant”. Naturally, he earned some money from streaming on Twitch, however, this is surely a smaller part of his wealth. Even though that he is not so active as a gamer these days, he remains one of the best video gamer players ever, and of course, the best player of “Pac-Man” of all time.