Things To Consider When Betting On Boxing Fights

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To this day, boxing remains to be one of the most popular sports in the world. Whenever there’s a huge fight card announced, punters and bookmakers jump on to profit from betting on who will emerge victorious, particularly on the bout that headlines said card.  And indeed, there are many wagering opportunities that this sport presents, making watching fights all the more exciting.

Since there are many possibilities of wagering, the chances of winning also increase. The only thing you have to do is make the right decisions. Luckily for you, you don’t have to undergo intense physical training for three months to make weight. You just have to be a student of the game.

If you want to walk away with money in your purse just like the fighters that duke it out in the squared circle, then you also have to strategize. With the abundance of information sources out there, it’s easy to get lost or be overwhelmed. To help you focus on the important stuff, this article outlines the things to consider when betting on boxing fights.

Avoid public opinion

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In everything and particularly in sports, the public always has a say. Aside from sports analysts, the fans will also have their own opinions that they’ll gladly express even without asking them. Most of the people who run sportsbooks would always say not to follow public opinion.

Bet against the public. Many bookmakers consider this as sound advice because most of the time, people tend to lean too much on their hearts and forget to use more of their heads. Whether you’re betting in a bar or you like to bet online on sites such as, the best thing to do to avoid being swayed by public opinion is to make your picks before starting to listen to someone else’s advice.

Look at information and data about the fight that you deem important and with that, come to your own conclusions. Always gather facts first leading up to the fight. You can choose to listen to other people after making your prediction, but in the end, the only choice that matters is yours because it’s your money that you’ll be putting on the line and not theirs.

Find value

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Sports betting is more than just predicting who will win a game or a fight. You have to make sure that the sportsbook will pay you the right amount compared to the risk you are taking. Always keep in mind that you’re putting your money at stake with every bet that you make.

Thus, you will always have to look for value on wagers. Just because a fighter is on a winning streak doesn’t mean that it’s a good bet. You have to look at the reward that you’ll receive if you win your bet, and if you’re not going to get a reasonable amount, then you’ll have to look for another wager to make.

Finding value also means you have to resist the temptation of betting on all the fights in a single card. Yes, that has the potential to increase your profit, but it also has just about the same chance to take all your money. So unless you’ve got a loaded bankroll, only bet on fights that carry value and you feel like you can predict better.

Do your research

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Regardless of the sport that you’re betting on, there’s always research that’s going to be involved. This means tuning in to the news and keeping yourself updated with any recent developments leading up to the day of the fight itself. Apart from the fighters’ win-loss records, you also have to follow news from their fight camps, who their training partners are, and their fighting styles.

Not all fighters are built the same and fight the same. In combat sports, there’s an old saying that styles make fights, and that has been proven to be true in the course of history. Take some time to study how the boxers on the card fight, and from there, see if you need to change your pick or not.

As far as training partners go, a fighter’s gameplan will only be as effective if their training partners are doing a great job. Keep in mind that if the boxers on the card train with high-level boxers, they’ll be able to improve because of the insight and knowledge that they’ll gain.

See if you can win on other bets

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If at first look you think that you can’t win a bet that came to mind in a particular fight, don’t dismiss it yet. You don’t always have to do that because there can be other types of bets that you might have a better chance of winning. If you can still find value in other bets then a fight is still an option.

For example, if the numbers are too big with the money line bets, then consider looking at prop bets. Depending on how close the fight is seen to be, you can wager on the predetermined over/under the number of rounds it will last. There are normally decent odds on whether a fight will go the distance or not in that sense.

Another alternative to get around steep Moneyline wagers is to bet on the heavy favorite to win by knockout. Think about why the odds are so much in a fighter’s favor because it usually means that they’ll either dominate the fight and win via unanimous decision or by knocking their opponent out. Picking a specific action to wager on like this also has much better odds, although better payouts are available in wagering on picking which round the fight will.


These are the important things you need to put into consideration when betting on boxing. Much like a boxer preparing for a fight, finding an edge over other bettors means you have to do what needs to be done to be prepared. Do all of these and you’ll have a better chance of winning wagers, which might eventually lead you to a huge knockout win for yourself one day. Nothing beats watching a great fight but you can always add to that excitement with winning a few wagers while it’s going on.