How You Throw a Last-Minute Bachelorette Party


The bachelor and bachelorette parties are some of the most popular types of the party across the country. Whether it’s just another excuse for a wild celebration or a special party for people who are about to enter marriage, it’s guaranteed that such a party will be a blast. However, sometimes time isn’t on our side and the whole thing may seem impossible to categorize and deal with leading to failed parties. Below, we cover some important steps that can help you organize a bachelorette party in a short amount of time and reduce the stress of doing so.

Figure out the guest list


No matter how short the timeframe is, there can be no party without people who’ll attend it. Considering the short amount of time you have, we suggest sticking to the simplest possible lists. Take into account the person’s location and their schedule if possible. Somebody who lives a dozen hours away may not be able to make it to the party due to their obligations.

Make sure the bride-to-be is briefed on all the potential invites and ask her for more information. There could be people who are missing from your mutual lists but mean a lot to her. Another thing to heavily consider is how she plans to celebrate. Some people are keener on smaller bachelorette parties while others like to go big and wild. Even if time is short, it’s still possible to achieve either of these.

Don’t break the budget


It’s expected and understood that a bachelorette party will have certain costs associated with them. Depending on who you invite these costs could become even higher. Not only does the number of people affect the overall prices to organize the whole party but the preferences of certain invites could bump up the overall cost.

Whether this takes into account their preferred drinks, locations, or something else you should properly account for it before actually getting to the rest of the planning. If you are aiming to rent a car or use other types of transport, it’s mandatory to budget for that first. After all, it could be very awkward if the party stopped in the middle of the road. If you aren’t able to find a fitting rental car we suggest checking out They are rather capable of accommodating large groups of people and providing comfortable services.

The budget and managing of it is key to the planning part of a party. Take the fees and various charges into the account. If there is leftover cash you can either use it for odd and unexpected expenses or further expand the experience. There may also be a situation where the bill will exceed the current budget either because you all got carried away or because something unexpected popped up.

In these situations, you should figure out how to properly split the bill or cover the thing yourself if capable. It’s best to plan properly ahead of time in order to avoid odd and uncomfortable situations where the bill comes in and can’t be cleared. Overall, communication and planning are your best friends.

Pick out a theme and type of party


These two are important ways of shrinking the huge slew of options to pick from. If you were stuck with the original spread of options it’s possible you would potentially stay paralyzed from all the choices. Always changing your mind and second-guessing new ones. The overall process gets slowed down and could be turned into something that’s far more troubling than you’d initially expect.

It can curb down the overall enjoyment of the experience of planning and partying when you get stuck in all of these choices. That’s why we recommend cutting down plausible options by picking themes and types of your party.

Theme can be anything from a specific color to concepts. Simple requests like asking all guests to wear some form of green can be an interesting and unique way of celebrating a bachelorette party. While you shouldn’t feel restricted in your choice of themes, it’s smart to keep in mind that people may not have as much time as they would need to comply with more elaborate themes. Keeping it simple when time is short is usually the best way to go.

The type of your party can affect it even more than the theme. It could be a garden party, surprise party, banquet, dinner party, dance party, or any other possible type. Obviously, you’ll have to figure out what’s the best one for the bride-to-be and make sure to make it engaging for her as well as other guests.

Get everything set up


Now that you have everything set and written down, you need to acquire it all. If you are employing a rental for any type of vehicle make sure it can accommodate everybody and whether a vehicle that can drive everybody around is free. The charges in fees that come with reserving spots at a restaurant are your next concern if you are planning a restaurant or any similar place. The place itself will be the next source of costs, depending on the type of area you are getting it could have food as part of the accommodations. Sometimes a catering service will be required but these are all logistics that you’ll clear beforehand.

Drinks are always a part of expenses no matter where or how you’ll end up celebrating the bachelorette party. It doesn’t hurt to have a few extra but makes sure you can take them around town before stocking up on too many.

Lastly, if you plan to take the party to somebody’s place at some point, it may be smart to get food and drinks for that place too. For example, if you end up in the bachelorette’s house it’s assumed that everybody can get some refreshments and keep up having fun.

While it may be a long process sometimes, all the previous planning makes it very easy.


For a great bachelorette party within a short span of time, you need to get effective with planning. That’s why it’s suggested you run through a few key concerns like the overall theme of the party, who will be invited, and the budget you have at your disposal. By knowing these details, selecting locations to actually hold the party in becomes much easier. Extra costs and sudden changes also become easier to accommodate when planning ahead.

Once that is all done, the last step is to do some shopping and check things off the list. Whether it’s various fees or specific items, acquire them in order so nothing would be forgotten. All you have to do after that is have a great time.