How Much Do You Tip A Limousine Driver


Getting transported from one place to another can be made more interesting if you find a unique way how. For example, instead of getting a taxi, you can spend a little bit more and get yourself a limo, especially if you are not going alone. For situations when you are going on an important meeting, it is a cool way to get there using a service like this because you will be different than the others, and that can serve a purpose in your favor.

However, before you try and get yourself that pleasure, you will have to know a few things, and one of that is how much should you offer as a tip to the person driving you, so you don’t insult them, but you don’t hurt your pockets as well. Basically, there is never a low tip, because everything counts, but, you should keep things in mind like what that person does to keep you satisfied, and to bring you to your location safely while you are being comfortable. When you consider that, you will become more generous in those situations, so you can have direct contact with this person to hire him in the next similar scenario.

In this article, we are going to talk about a few things you should consider when tipping the person who is driving you, which determine the amount you should give away.

Depending on the way they are paid


This is a factor that should be considered because of the way the person is getting paid. In Canada, there are two ways, the first one is the person being paid by the hour, or in other words, the time spent driving around doing the service for the clients. The other option, is being paid a constant sum which is determined on how long the service will last, and there the waiting will be included, and everything else that you want when negotiating with the firm offering this service.

You may wonder why is this important, and that is because when you hire a person for this service, if they are being paid on a constant sum, you might be paying the tip already, and if you give away more anyways, that is up to you, but you don’t need to do that twice because it is already on your bill. However, if the person is being compensated depending on how much time he spends behind the wheel, you should consider leaving a nice tip because that is the way they earn their finances.

What they do when they are not driving

This is something that many people oversee, and they should not because it is the time the person has put in to make your experience enjoyable. When you enter the vehicle, you expect it to be clean and well prepared for your trip, and that done before you even met this person, he was early preparing things so you can enjoy the experience more. Also, depending on the deal you have with them, or the type of transportation you have agreed on, that is also a factor. For example, if you have hired them for a certain event, they have to bring you there and wait for you to get you back, or move you to another location.

The time they have put in has to be rewarded, and it can be done simply by tipping them nicely but being careful not to hurt your budget. If you were really satisfied, and everything was how you had planned, you should give more than ten percent of the total amount you have spent on this service.

How long does his service last


Another thing that you should consider when thinking about how much should you give tips to the person driving you, is the time they have spent working on the thing you have hired them for. When they put in that much time, they have to be rewarded accordingly. For example, the tip from a short trip cannot be the same as the one that has lasted for a couple of hours, if not the whole day. If you had just one short-distance transportation, it is okay to tip them even ten bucks, however, if they have been driving you for half a day, and they have been waiting for you to finish your obligations, you should be more generous, and even give them more than five times of that as suggested by

How is his attitude

This is a really important thing to consider because there are various characters, and some may be good for you, and some may ruin your day. In general, people who work services like these are well thought and are behaving well both with passengers and with other people as well. Even besides that, they still might not be suitable for your character and that is okay, you can have a deal with the firm that you don’t want any conversation at all, and that is it, however, you will still need to tip the for the thing they have done for you.

If you happen to get a driver who is interesting enough, and you have a nice conversation while they bring you to the place you need to be, you will automatically want to give them more, so don’t hold back, and award them well.

How big his limo is


Depending on how big the vehicle is, that is the amount you will have to pay in the first place, however, the chances that you will be driving in a big limo alone are slim. Because not only you, but the other companions will use the benefits of this way of transportation, you should all unite to offer a tip to the person you have hired for this service. That way, you basically show appreciation to the thing that they have done for you, and you make their day better with one move.


After seeing all the things that you should consider when thinking about how much should you give to the person driving you when you are using the Toronto limo service but in any other place as well, you will know in the next opportunity you will have. The amount is based on the factors listed here, so you can go as low as ten dollars to at least ten percent of the total you have spent for this or as much as you want above that. Make sure that you don’t cheap out because that tells a lot about you, so don’t be the person who just pays for the service and goes away, gives something to the driver as well, because, in the end, they are the one responsible for the experience and all the other benefits that you will get using this service.