Top 7 Best Mixer Grinder in India – Buyer’s Guide 2024

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Are you renovating your kitchen? Or maybe you just want to buy some new small home appliances? However, one of the must-haves is the mixer grinder. This appliance has really great features and can be considered essential in any modern kitchen. However, since there are quite a lot of choices in the market, the user may find himself in doubt about picking the right one.
Fortunately, we’re here. We decided to present to you the best mixer grinder you can find right now in India in the following article. So, if you’re ready, let’s get started.

7. Preethi Zodiac MG 218 750-Watt Mixer Grinder with 5 Jars

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When buying a mixer grinder, we advise you to pay attention to the number of accessories that come with the appliance as this may make it easier for you to work in the kitchen later. For example, this one by Preethi comes with as many as 5 jars that you can use right now to make different specialties.
We are particularly interested in a 3-in-1 jar that you can use for blending, juicing and extracting. As for the function of the device itself, you can use the Preethi Zodiac for gratin, slicing, chopping as well as dough kneading. So, the possibilities are great. As for the other technical specifications, we must point out that there is a powerful electric 750W Vega W5 motor inside the Zodiac. Although the motor is really strong, the noise level is quite decent and moderate at 80dB.
Longevity is not in question at all as this mixer grinder is made of high-quality ABS plastic combined with a stainless-steel blade. Lastly, we must say that the price is really affordable and you can find Preethi Zodiac on Amazon for around 6790 rupees.

6. Butterfly Matchless 750-Watt Mixer Grinder With 4 Jars

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Another fantastic device that is very nicely designed, but above all delivers superb performance is Matchless by Butterfly. Although it comes with fewer accessories, it doesn’t in any way lag behind some much more expensive gadgets. There are four jars that will be of great help to you in the daily preparation of different delicacies.
Generally, this mixer grinder is quite durable and long-lasting which confirms the manufacturer’s warranty period of as much as 3 years. The material used in the construction is strong ABS plastic and of course stainless-steel blades. This reinforced plastic allows Butterfly to still be fully functional even if you accidentally drop it on the floor. Just like the previous device on the list, this one also has a very powerful 750W motor and three-speed adjustments. We mentioned that the unit generally has a 3-year warranty. Well, the motor also has a special warranty of 5 years.
So, all things considered, Butterfly Matchless is a very reliable and high-quality mixer grinder that is a great combination of power and beautiful design. As for the price, it is currently available on Amazon for around 4800 Indian Rupees.

5. Panasonic MX-AC400 550W Super Mixer Grinder With 4 Jars


Panasonic is a well-known brand when it comes to various home appliances not only in India but worldwide. The main feature of all their devices is a good value for money. It is similar to their MX-AC400 mixer grinder which also comes with 4 jars that are made of high quality and durable materials so they can last for years without any problems. Interestingly, each of these 4 jars is of a different volume so designers also thought about convenience.
The blades are very strong and durable and are made of stainless steel. As for the technical specifications, the MX-AC400 has a 550W electric motor installed. During operation, you can completely focus on food preparation as the breaker system is implemented to prevent the motor from burning accidentally.
Speaking of operation, this unit is truly multifunctional. With the Panasonic MX-AC400, you can blend, grinding, mixing, juicing and more. So, you can get all this at a staggering price of around 4400 Indian Rupees. Pretty good deal, right?

4. Philips HL 7720 750-Watt Mixer Grinder With 3 Jars

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Another extremely popular brand in India is Philips. Their HL 7720 mixer grinder is one of the best options on the market right now. It is designed in such a fashionable way, and there is no doubt that this home appliance will fit perfectly into your kitchen.
The design is truly fantastic and includes an advanced cooling system so that it is almost impossible to malfunction to happen due to motor overheating. Unlike the mixer grinders mentioned earlier, this one doesn’t come with 4 or 5 jars, but with 3 units. It seems like a drawback, but trust us, these three extra jars are quite enough to handle even the most demanding foods.
As for the electric motor, the HL 7720 is equipped with a 750W electric motor, which guarantees fast, high-quality operation. In fact, the offer is even better when you add two years of warranty and free service on all of this. Also, the price is really fantastic and for only 2900 rupees you can get this multifunctional device on Amazon.

3. Bosch TrueMixx Bold 600W Mixer Grinder With 3 Jars


What do you think about Bosch? You probably know it as a manufacturer of power tools and machines such as grinders, drills, saws and similar equipment for professionals and amateurs. However, as you can see, Bosch also has its products in the small home appliances category. This one called TrueMixx Bold is currently one of the top mixer grinders on the market.
The quality characteristic of power tools has been transferred to home appliances and in that way, Bosch managed to gain a large number of users in the large Indian market. TrueMixx has an incredible 600W HI Flux motor that is ready for the most demanding challenges.
The package also comes with three ultra-high quality and durable stainless-steel jars instead of plastic ones like many mixer grinders. It is logical that you would have to pay a fair amount of money for such a quality device, however, the price of 3000 rupees makes the TrueMixx Bold mixer grinder very affordable.

2. Philips Hl1645 750-Watt With 3 Jars, Vertical Mixer Grinder and Blender Jar with Fruit Filter

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We said that Philips is one of the most dominant brands for small home appliances when it comes to the Indian market primarily because of its affordable prices and excellent quality. In the mixer grinders segment, they have a really great selection of quality devices that are definitely worth considering.
Specifically, this Philips Hl1645 has a powerful 750W electric motor that is suitable to beat all the ingredients and provide you with everything you need for the perfect lunch. Also, there are high-quality stainless-steel blades which adds to the overall durability of the unit. In addition to all the fantastic things, you get 3 jars that are not of the same volume.
Of course, we shouldn’t forget the auto shut-off function in the event of overheating of the motor to avoid failures. So, all in all, the Philips Hl1645 offers high performance and durability at an affordable price tag of 3900 rupees.

1. Preethi Blue Leaf Diamond 750-Watt Mixer Grinder, 3 Jars

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We started the list with the Preethi mixer grinder, so we will finish it in the same way. This is another great device that delivers outstanding results and performance. The design is really nice and can be compared to the aforementioned Butterfly Matchless mixer grinder.
Also, the materials used in the production are top-notch and there is high-end ABS plastic for the device itself as well as stainless steel for 3 jars and blades. All this guarantees longevity, reliability and stability in operation. If something breaks down in the meantime, this product comes with a two-year warranty period.
As for the motor, inside the Preethi Blue Leaf Diamond is a 750-watt unit which is more than powerful enough to beat all the most demanding foods you use. At the same time, the noise level doesn’t increase at all and is constantly around 80dB. We have to mention that when reading some customer comments, we found it is possible you to notice a burning smell, but this is completely normal and there is no reason to panic because it is only due the electric motor inside has never been used.
In the end, the price of Blue Leaf Diamond by Preethi is around 2900 Indian Rupees on Amazon.