Traveling The World Only With Bitcoin? 6 Tips To Keep You Safe


This year, the situation with the pandemic stabilized a little bit, so people started traveling again. With traveling comes the spending of money, and some people decide to manage Bitcoin or use it as a payment method on their travels.

Bitcoin has become very common since its inception a few years ago but many people just don’t know or aren’t aware of what they mean, and lately, there is a growing number of ambiguities surrounding their use when traveling. What does bitcoin even mean? Will I get ripped off? Is it safe to use it when we travel? How do I use it when traveling? These are the questions that often come up. Let me tell you six things that you should know before you start using bitcoins when you travel.

Bitcoin was created back in 2009, and ever since then, it’s become a major payment option around the world, even when it comes to travel. The concept behind the digital coin is quite simple. The technology is based on cryptography (a mathematical system) that allows Bitcoin owners to transfer value from one person to another without moving through a bank, which is very convenient when you have to travel and pay with them or manage, say from immediateedgepro. com that offers simple solutions when it comes to Bitcoins. In other words, a transaction takes place directly between two parties via the Internet, without needing to go through intermediaries such as banks.

If you want to use Bitcoins to pay someone, you’ll first need to create a wallet. This is basically your personal account where you store your coins. Then you’ll send money to someone else by creating a transaction. Once this happens, both the sender and receiver receive a unique ID called a bitcoin address. This way, anyone who receives your money knows exactly where to credit the money into their own accounts.

However, on a trip, you should go prepared and know all the things you need to pay safely. To make the whole process easier for you, today we present to you some things you should know before you go on a trip, which will help you a lot to be safe during payments and transactions. So let’s see what you should know and what you should pay attention to.

1. Use A VPN


Bitcoin transactions involve sending money over the internet. Unfortunately, they leave digital traces behind, meaning anyone who is monitoring traffic at any time could potentially identify where money was sent. When using Bitcoin, you should always use a virtual private network (VPN) to protect yourself.

There are plenty of free ones out there that you can easily access online. That way, without too much stress and without leaving a trail for hackers to attack and take your Bitcoins, you can make transactions that are as safe as possible. Travel safely, but also pay safely, that’s what matters to you!

2. Don’t Send Too Much Money At Once

If you’re going to cash out many bitcoins, make sure you do it slowly. Otherwise, someone may notice your pattern, which would lead them right back to you. Instead, send just enough to cover what you want to spend and get rid of some extra coins afterward. You need to be really careful in this part because someone can very easily and simply take away some of your Bitcoins, but they can also harm you by hacking your data through which they will get what you have worked for a long time and hard. So be careful because there is a reason why we are warning you.

3. Go Through a Reliable Exchange Site First


When dealing with online bitcoin exchanges, make sure you have a reliable exchange site to go to first. These sites will offer much better rates than those offered by unregulated exchanges. You’ll need to find a reputable third-party service for this though, otherwise, you risk getting taken advantage of. Don’t dismiss the risks, they exist and you need to be aware of their existence. So look for sites that are 100% safe for you and that can provide you with a reliable process that will not harm you while changing coins while traveling.

4. Secure Your Wallet Address

Make sure you use a secure wallet address when cashing out coins. If you lose control of your wallet address, then you could possibly end up losing everything. Ideally, you should generate your own addresses and never reuse old ones. In addition to being unique, your wallets should be encrypted so that no one else can make off with your funds. It is important to use a safe option because if you do not use a safe option and do not follow a safe path for you it can mean the risk of losing coins which can very easily translate into a real loss that you would not want to feel while you travel.

5. Keep Track Of Where Your Coins Are Located

As soon as you’ve deposited your coins onto a website, keep track of where they are located so that if something happens to the site, you’ll know exactly where to look. Store a backup offline somewhere else as well, so if anything happens to the site, you still have a way to retrieve your coins. This is a very interesting piece of information that is spreading rapidly on the Internet, and we are sure that you should know it in order to have safe transactions, safe storage of bitcoins and most importantly – to manage them safely while traveling.


6. Watch Out for Scams

Fraudsters are everywhere, so you need to be prepared for all kinds of scams that can be arranged by them even while you are traveling. Sometimes scammers trick unsuspecting people into giving them their wallet addresses. Make sure you stay alert while doing so, especially if you don’t feel comfortable handing over your information to strangers. Do your research before handing over your money to anyone, including cryptocurrency exchanges. And don’t forget – be very careful because that’s the only way you’ll enjoy your trip and pay and manage your coins safely.

These 6 suggestions are important to have a pleasant trip and enjoy sightseeing in the destination you have chosen without any pressure and the risk of fraud on your Bitcoins.