How To Turn Your YouTube Channel Into A Profitable Business?


Today’s multifunctionality of the internet allows us to make a profit in a variety of ways. Some people have opted for online sales, some for cryptocurrency trading – and perhaps the largest number of those are becoming influencers thanks to activities on their YouTube channel. Many people wonder is it truly possible to earn this way and how much? We will try to explain to you how you can turn your YouTube channel into a profitable business.

YouTube As A Source Of Income


It is completely unnecessary to ask whether you have heard of YouTube. This popular video platform is used by almost everyone today – and there is literally no person who doesn’t know or doesn’t use Youtube. However, many people are interested in making money via this platform. When we talk about online business and making a profit, one question arises: Is it possible to make a living from YouTube and can we all succeed without exception? The answer is – YES. The good thing about YouTube is that it doesn’t matter if you are young, old, employed, unemployed, or retired. You can absolutely succeed with this platform – but only if you are persistent and patient. Another very important thing is that you don’t need an initial investment to make a business on YouTube. It is enough to have a smartphone or a computer with a built-in camera – and you are ready for new business adventures and possible incomes.

How To Make Money On YouTube?


We’ve all heard of the perfect success stories of people who make their fortune by sitting at home and making videos for YouTube. However, this certainly does not apply to all people who post recordings but only to a few. With over 500 hours of content uploaded every minute – the competition is fierce and it’s not easy to get to the top. However, here are some of the ways you can make money or increase your profits.

1. Ad revenue

This is both the primary and easiest way to make money on YouTube. As you probably know, the way YouTube makes money is by advertising revenue. The ad appears before your video, so if the viewer watches the entire ad or clicks on it – you can make money out of it. Google is still mysterious about how much money Vloggers make per ad display – and some ads are worth more than others. However, estimates range from about $ 3 to $ 10 per 1,000 views. The best thing about YouTube is that if you do it right – a popular video can become a gift that you will always receive. As long as that video remains relevant and continues to receive clicks – the account owner will continue to make money on it for months and years.

A channel cannot be paid if there are less than 1,000 subscribers. According to Jaynike, you can’t always reach a large number of subscribers on your own – and sometimes you need professional help to popularize your channel and increase the viewership of your videos. Also, Google (which owns YouTube) only pays YouTubers when their earnings reach at least $ 100.

2. Donations


Some YouTubers use Patreon, which basically allows viewers to pay their favorite Vloggers out of their own pocket. In exchange, they get exclusive offers – such as early access to videos and other prizes. Patreon was created to help young video creators of new content to finance their channels. This is a good job for those YouTubers who are just starting – and have an audience that wants their content to continue. However, most people do not usually pay the amount of money from which YouTubers will get rich. Sponsors and other donation-based funds – will usually only cover the cost of making the video.

3. Sponsorships

This is the way to make money for those YouTubers who have already gained their audience. Companies and individuals can choose to sponsor someone who has public attention. Then, those companies pay a YouTuber to list their company’s name as a sponsor of a particular video. Some sponsors will pay big money for a video that includes a topic or activity that encourages their product or message. However, there are others that just want their name to be associated with a rising star – whose videos will have hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of views.

4. Goods

For YouTubers who already have a loyal fan base and a special brand – creating goods is a good way to take the next steps in collecting revenue. Common phrases, the show’s logo, and even video titles can be printed on clothes, accessories, bags, etc. Of course, after that, they can be sold for a profit.

It’s A Long Road To Serious Profit – But Don’t Be Discouraged


Earnings on YouTube are very individual and depend on many factors. These factors are primarily related to CTR (click-through rate). As with advertising – it is almost impossible to predict the earnings from paid ads. Roughly speaking, this type of earnings can vary from a few tens to a few hundred – or even thousands of dollars. All in all, making money on YouTube is not easy. The cost of time and money on equipment, recording, editing, etc. is not small – and the return on investment is long. If you feel you have the potential for this job – start with what you have. If you conclude that this is what you want to do –  invest in the aforementioned and be patient. Don’t expect too much in the beginning – but don’t be modest in your desires for the future.


If you’ve started with YouTube or are just planning to start – it is recommended that you just continue. YouTube is one of the most popular networks today – and more and more people are moving to YouTube because they see the potential for profit and success. You don’t need and mustn’t be afraid of competition – there is space for everyone over there. Although many today say that YouTube is overcrowded and that it is not worth starting recording videos – that is completely wrong. Now is more than the right time to embark on this kind of business venture. The sooner you start, the sooner you will succeed.