7 Best Museums in Barcelona 2024

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If you are planning a trip to the coast of Catalonia, a beautiful Barcelona, you definitely must write down the list of the museums you want to visit. Barcelona, next to Madrid is Spain’s gem when it comes to history, culture, and heritage. You do not want to miss the pictures of the most popular painters, such as Pablo Picasso if your next vacation is in Barcelona. Even if you are not into art, you can visit one of the most amazing football museum in the world, FC Barcelona Museum.

You can also enjoy the various sorts of chocolate at the Chocolate Museum if you are a true lover of sweets. You can even eat your ticket in this museum. It is worth searching on the Internet about every museum because most of the museums are closed on Mondays, and some museums have free hours every month. If you want to find out more about the best museums in Barcelona continue reading.

1. Picasso Museum

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Do not be surprised why is Picasso’s Museum located in Barcelona because for the painter the city on the coast of Catalonia was home, even though he only spend a few years here. The Picasso’s personal secretary opened this museum in 1963, has more than 3,500 painter’s work from every stage of his evolution. This is the first museum built while the artist was still alive and famous, and the most beautiful works the First Communion and Science and Charity are hosts here.

2. Poble Espanyol Village

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This is a specific tourist attraction which was created in 1929 for the purpose of the International Fair. The Village is a showcase of Spanish architecture from every region, not only of Catalonia. In this architectural museum, there are numerous workshops, flamenco tablaos, even you have there restaurants and nightclubs. The most popular festival, Primavera Sound Festival is taking place here every year.

3. National Museum of Catalan Art

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In this building, you will find three floors of the stunning, beautiful art. It is located on the Western side of Montjuic mountain, in one of the most amazing parts of Barcelona. On the last, third floor you will find the most excellent and romantic works of the 20th Century. Pay attention to the work hours, it is closed on Mondays, all day, and Sundays half day.

4. Barcelona’s Contemporary Art Museum

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If you want to find out more about contemporary art this is the right place for you. The building where the museum is located is magnificent, and in front of the building, you will see a lot of skateboarders who practice their skills. You must pay attention to the working hours because it is closed on Tuesdays.

5. Foundation Joan Miró

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Joan Miró was the creator of this foundation in 1968 because he wanted all the young artists of Barcelona to do more untypical art, and try new styles. In this museum, you can see a permanent exhibition of the founder’s art and works from other artists. The building has unique terraces where you can see the specific statues which follows the exhibitions inside the walls of the beautiful building.

6. The History Museum of Barcelona

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This museum is located under the Placa Reial in the Gothic Quarter, and in the museum, you will see the archaeological excavation materials like silver, glass, and ceramics because those Roman ruins were discovered in the 1920’s. If you want to see old coins from Roman times this is the right museum for you.

7. Museum Maritim of Barcelona

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If you want to find out more about ships, history and how Spain conquered the New World this is the perfect place for you. Spain was the strongest and richest force on the sea, and Spanish kings and queens had the most powerful ships. On the exhibition in the museum, you will learn how shipbuilding has changed over the years.