8 Types of Online Casino Bonuses and how to Use Them Properly

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Everyone loves to have some online & virtual fun, wouldn’t you agree? A lot of people tend to play different kinds of online casino games regularly, and most of them are in it to win big money. Are you one of those players who need a bit of a boost, or do you need some bonus options to get carried away in your gameplay? There are loads of fun virtual games that can bring you something exciting, as well as some great opportunities within your journey. Keep on reading as we let you in on all the different kinds of bonuses.

8 Types of Online Casino Bonuses and how to Use Them Properly

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1. Your welcome bonus

Almost every casino that you visit (both virtual & in-person) will have some type of a welcome bonus. Usually, the most common one matches the first deposit that you put on the site. You can find some rare & unique casinos that offer up to 500% in their bonuses, so search far & widely before you find your new casino that meets your criteria & suits your needs. For instance, you can have a blast at casinosonline-canada.ca, especially if you are looking for a site that offers great payouts

2. No deposit bonus

No deposit bonuses give players a chance to try out a new casino without risking any money. This is where and why the house always wins! You won’t have to insert your card details or your name, but you will have to play the suggested game over & over again without switching it up at any point. For some, they will have to spend the money only when playing slot machines since it is set up in that way. Slots work that if you win a $10,000 jackpot with your free bonus the maximum cashout may be limited to just $500.

3. Deposit bonus

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Deposit bonuses are always interactive and can seem as if they are lurking at you and are a good positive move to play. These bonuses will give you different options & several chances to deposit the money in your account. A deposit bonus is often used on a blackjack game, as well as other table games. Your initial deposit of “100%” – means that you’ll receive a bonus amount equal to your first deposit. e.g. deposit $100 and get another $100 extra as bonus money. It is also known as a reload bonus or loyalty bonus since it keeps you motivated & keeps you wanting to play more.

4. Free spin bonus

Free spin bonuses are a must-have on every site, not only on gambling sites & casinos. Everyone loves to spin that wheel in order to win something new (and free). These are used to give their players new opportunities by spinning a wheel, and they are presented in such a mesmerizing and modern way. You will get introduced to a new way of playing the game with a limited number of free spins. A free spin bonus will help with wagering requirements, as well as a limited maximum cashout to the players.

5. Reward multipliers bonus

Reward multipliers are used to engage users and promote any type of fun new slots while being perfect for active players who wish to win big money & major prizes. In fact, you will multiply all that you have and work your way upwards! It is always better to stick to one specific slot to win a lot of money, instead of playing different and new games while mixing things up. Every player will enjoy this bonus as long as if he or she is linked and in-tune with one game.

6. Loyalty bonuses

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Are you a frequent, often, as well as a trustworthy player that shows loyalty? If so, your casino will spot it. If you’re someone who likes to have virtual fun on the same site over and over again – this bonus feature will suit you the most. These rewards can come in all shapes and sizes, and they are usually determined by the player’s actions and moves that he or she makes. Here are some popular & common options that you will see online:

  • Loyalty points
  • Level-up points
  • Missions
  • Challenges

You will be rewarded with coins, tokens, free spins, and so on.

7. Referral bonuses

Players who spread the word about a particular casino game and site oftentimes will get a lot of surprises & positive gifts/concepts through a site. Spread a bit of positivity and refer something to your friend so that both of you enjoy a game for a little longer, as well as for a bit cheaper. Once you use your link to attract a new player who makes a deposit, the site will reward your loyalty, as well as a new player who has entered your site!

8. High roller rewards

Some casinos like big ballers and major players who wish to make a statement with their deposit and gameplay. The more you spend, the higher the roller bonuses you will receive. These will make you feel like a VIP player who can access all kinds of different perks while also appearing first on the leaderboard. However, heads up since you are required to have at least a $500 deposit to qualify as a high roller player on these sites.

Where to have fun & enjoy your gameplay?

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