5 Things To Do Alone In Melbourne For The Ultimate Solo Night Out

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For the last two years traveling was not an option because of everything going on in the world, but things are slowly changing and going back to normal. It means that there will be a huge rise in the number of people escaping from their daily duties and obligations, but deciding where to go first can be challenging. Now, some of the best places to visit, especially if you have never been there before, is Australia, or to be more precise, Melbourne. As for the reasons, there are plenty of them, but the main one is that this global hub has so many things to offer. Traveling alone is also an option because there is no need to worry you’ll feel alone or not have someone to talk to, but in order to create a night out in Melbourne, the best one ever, let’s check some of the things you surely don’t want to miss while there.

1. Walk around the city

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There are many amazing spots in Melbourne, and thanks to the Internet, we can research all of them before we decide to visit some of them, but there is a better way to explore the city. Instead of using the internet to choose the spots we want to visit, we should simply do all that without consulting the app or browsing the net. It would really broaden our view, and since most of our days are overpacked and prescheduled, why not use one night to simply explore, enjoy, and go where our heart and road lead us. All we need to do is walk around, check signposts and explore astonishing places without watching at our phones all the time. It is impossible to be disappointed because this city has a lot to offer, and even those who think that are picky about where they sit or what type of music they want to hear can easily find an ideal place.

2. Try Australian dishes

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Every world’s cuisine is different, and each of them is special in its own way, so visiting Australia and not trying at least one of their national dishes is a huge mistake, and even those who are on some strict diet or food regime should use their cheat day to try some dish. What also makes Australian cuisine so exceptional is that there are influences of many different cultures and recipes which give their dishes a unique flavor, the one you cannot find anywhere else in the world. Even trying their local fast food would be sufficient just to get a sense of what dishes are like and what to expect when ordering a traditional Australian dish.

The city itself has plenty of restaurants, and there is a perfect one for every person, so one of the best ways to spend some quality time is to go out and eat. Of course, besides the Australian kitchen, you can find restaurants that are specialized in various word cuisines, which can make the final decision much more difficult since there are a lot of choices. Furthermore, you can also opt to combine these two, a casual walk and dinner, so even if the portion of food is slightly larger or has more calories, you will make them disappear by being physically active and exploring Melbourne.

3. Enjoy street art

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One of the things you simply cannot miss while in Melbourne is the city’s art spirit, and that is mostly because of street art. Namely, street art is popular in Melbourne, and it is a real paradise for real fans. The central business district has a lot of small laneways, and for those who are searching for the best way to spend their time alone, wandering around them is a great solution. Many of them are covered with street art and have some of the best pieces, so it is impossible to get bored, and it is most likely that you will spend hours there. Regardless of personal art taste, you will find this art hub pretty surprising as many of these art pieces show some great message or are created in such a way that leaves every visitor speechless. Besides the art, these laneways are a great place to try some street food and feel the real Melbourne spirit.

4. Take a museum tour

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Melbourne has one of the best museums in the whole of Australia, and it is perfect for those who want to learn more, not only about Australian history, but also nature and science. It has a great exhibit and can provide a lot of information to those who are interested in these areas, and what is the most interesting in the whole museum is a real forest. We can actually see various species and learn everything about them in this forest, which is pretty amazing. Of course, there are many similar museums in the world, but visiting this one in Melbourne should be on everyone’s list, and as for the reasons why, well, let’s just say that you will not be sorry, far from it.

5. Relax at some of the bars

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If you want to speak with someone and make some friends, there is no better place than a bar. It doesn’t matter if you prefer to drink a coffee or something stronger, these bars have a great offer and friendly staff willing to talk. Many of them are small and cozy, which is perfect for solo travelers since they can feel welcome. The atmosphere inside them is always friendly and pleasant, so do not be surprised if you decide to go for one drink and end up drinking for hours. On the plus side, remember that this is one of the most visited cities in Australia, meaning that there will surely be other tourists with similar goals.

Final Thoughts

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