8 Best Uplifting Movies Streaming on Hulu That You Can Watch in Australia

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Very few things could beat a good movie. Sometimes you just need that movie that will have you relaxed and calm. You might be in the mood for a romance movie or something to just cheer you up and bring back your spirits.

Hulu is the place to go with an extensive library and affordable prices. We have compiled a list of some of the best uplifting movies for you that the streaming service has to offer.

Before moving forward, make sure to follow Streamingrant’s Hulu guide which will help you access the streaming platform in Australia, but you can also opt for other alternatives.

Below are some of the best uplifting movies streaming on Hulu right now!

1. Waiting To Exhale

Waiting to Exhale’s four main characters don’t always have great nights out, but their sisterhood remains in spite of all of their marital issues. They encourage each other to stay strong and settle for nothing less than what they want.

Four friends trying to juggle careers and family while still maintaining a healthy social life come together. This is because they both lack quality men in their lives. Whitney Houston plays the character of savannah and Lela Rochon plays Robin.

They continue with their relationships with married men having hopes that someday they will choose them over their wives. Bernadine however finds herself alone after she’s left by her husband for a mistress. Amidst all this, Gloria falls in love with a new neighbor.

2. Changing The Game

Athletes from all over the world have found refuge in sports ever since they were invented. Sports are more than just a means of escape for these high school players; they also help them to feel more at home.

A look into the personal lives, athletic careers, and individual transgender adolescent trajectories of three high school athletes at various points in their seasons. Their experiences are from all over the country, including those of Sarah, a skier and young policymaker from New Hampshire, Andraya, a track champion from Connecticut who is openly transitioning, and Mack Beggs, a wrestler who made headlines last year when he won the Texas State Championship.

3. The Hate You Give

The movie is based on the debut book of Angie Thomas. The hate U give tells the story of a young girl. She struggles with racial abuse and police brutality and it affects her so much especially after being a witness to the murder of her Black friend by the police.

It takes a stand on the “Black lives matter” movement and shows how a strong young black girl struggles to cope with the aftermath of events, eventually being able to persevere.

4. Instant Family

The 2018 film Instant Family centers on Pete and Ellie (Mark Wahlberg and Rose Byrne), foster parents to three kids aged 6, 10, and 15. It is largely based on the family of director and co-writer Sean Anders.

Pete and Ellie accidentally enter the foster care adoption world when they decide to establish a family. They intended to adopt just one young child, but when they met three siblings—including a disobedient 15-year-old girl—they quickly went from having no children to having three.

In an effort to start a family, Pete and Ellie must now strive to learn the ins and outs of being parents right away. The film depicts some of the difficulties faced by foster children accurately, but it also demonstrates Pete and Ellie actively figuring out how to deal with those difficulties and assist their kids.

5. Fresh

Few films on dating in today’s world deviate from the path quite like Fresh. In Mimi Cave’s debut feature film, we see Nora (Daisy Edgar-Jones) struggle with online dating until meeting the charming and gorgeous Steve in a grocery shop (Sebastian Stan). But as Steve’s true colors are revealed, what could have been the beginning of a rom-com swiftly turns for the worse.

He is a buyer of the most taboo of meats: human meat, not just a dude who met a female in the vegetable section. Stan as a cannibal kidnapping ladies and keeping them alive while harvesting everything including their breasts and limbs is surprisingly entertaining.

6. 127 Hours

James Franco plays mountaineer and explorer Aron Ralston, who becomes trapped after a rock falls on his arm while exploring a secluded canyon in Utah.

Over the course of the following five days, Ralston evaluates his alternatives and his life, which forces him to make the painful decision of whether to amputate his arm in order to free himself from the canyon wall and attempt to reach civilization or to stay pinned to the wall and most likely perish. based on the novel Between a Rock and a Hard Place by Ralston.

During the five days he was stranded, Ralphston chronicled his trip and inner reflection as he struggled to endure a situation that was potentially fatal.

7. Bomb Shell

The intriguing true account of three shrewd, determined, and powerful women who, after anchoring one of America’s most influential news networks, make headlines when they risk everything to challenge the man who made them famous.

8. Fighting With My Family

The fictional family of professional wrestler Paige in Fighting With My Family is a working-class British family that owns and operates a wrestling school. Saraya “Paige” Knight, played by Florence Pugh, leaves her family behind after being accepted into a competitive WWE training program meant to shape future cast members.

She is an outlier compared to the female athletes who transitioned from previous careers as swimsuit models. But with perseverance (and guidance from one Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, playing himself), she succeeds in this uplifting 2019 biographical sports dramedy, and she becomes a star.

Wrap Up!

Hulu has you covered when looking for those uplifting movies to just watch and relax while at home in Australia. Take advantage of the affordable packages and extensive library and stream some of your best movies. Don’t get bored, make the most out of your holiday season with family and friends on the Hulu streaming service.