Is a Used Electric Car Worth it?

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Wondering about shopping for an electric car? Things might have crossed your minds related to the used electric car. In fact, it all depends on what criteria you have based your decisions on. Make a pointwise list for benefits and drawbacks. To make it easy, we have made some for you.

About the tax incentives

If you are buying a used Electric car, then you might be precluded from getting tax benefits. There are some excellent benefits if you purchase new ones. So, you might get devoid of these. For instance, you can get a federal income tax credit of $7,500 if you are purchasing a new one. Clearly, this is a good deal. In some states, they offer you some additional federal income tax credit.  These schemes are actually a lot more alluring to the purchaser if they have once thought about buying a new one.

Unfortunately, these benefits are not available for you if you purchase used EVs. For instance, the cost of used Chevrolet and Nissan will be the same as its initial purchase price. So, in the tax times, it cost you much, which can give you a hard kick later on. However, in some states, they can give you a cheap registration for Used EVs, credit to tax if you install a charging station in your home. Also, you will be given a free parking service to EVs. Don’t worry, depending on your state you can have a good deal!

On replacement of Batteries

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Life of battery in the used car is one of the talking points. Purchaser should be wary about the lifetime of the battery, along with its durability in the long run. No doubt, many drivers might worry about the replacement of the battery, after they purchase the car. Due to the elevating price of replacement, it can cost you a hefty sum.

Other factors like the hot weather condition also impact on the lifetime of the battery. Sweltering conditions can remarkably change the lifespan. So, take a toll on that one too! Make sure to compare the state of the charge display by the available number of miles. Typically, the battery warranty is for the eight years, or the 100,000 miles, whichever comes first.

If you purchase a branded car like Nissan leaf, you have a battery life of about ten years. In case you drive the EV for an extended period, it’s highly likely that you have to change the battery by yourself. So, the best scenario would be to purchase a used car only after researching the previous driving period. So, always save what you can get!

About Resale value

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You do not get a good value for the used electric car. The figure is below the average. When an electric car is compared with the gas-powered car, the former gets depreciated by a large margin in a short time. Are you buying a used car? It’s good news, whereas the one who is selling, its quite a bad one. However, Tesla model 3 and Chevrolet do not come under this category. In fact, their used car values do not drastically dropdown. It can keep up its value even the driving distance is already 200 miles.


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The lifestyle of an electric car and the traditional car is quite different. Ask a question on yourself. Would this change match properly in the future? Inevitably, you are going to change a few things related to what you have been driving.

Anxiety about the range is the talking aspect, due to its engineered mechanism. Its time for you to go back and think if you have previously made your decision. Some of the used Electric cars might have ranged around 100 miles. Do you still fancy your choice about this? In case if you are not driving a long distance, then it will be quite a feasible circumstance. Driving around a short route, going to market will be the best possible option for this. On the other hand, if your future travels are not quick, and it requires a great commuting time, then obviously you have to rethink.

The charging option is pivotal when it comes to using an electric car. Do you have a charging station at your garage? Can this outlet be sufficient to charge your vehicle overnight? In case it’s not, then do you have a level 2 charger? For most of the used cars, the charging time is at max eight to ten hours. If you opt for the level 2 charger, then it can cut your charging time by a large margin. Your locality might also have a lot of EVs. Make sure to check the availability of such an EV-friendly city. There might be a scenario that your employer has a charging station. You can also get benefit from this.

Environmental aspects

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Planning to use an electric car is such a boon to our environment. One day or another, everybody should think about using EVs. In the gas-powered engine, pollutants in the form of carbon dioxide and nitrogenous components mix with the atmosphere and thus threatening our livable structures. EV vehicles, on the other hand, are exceptionally environmentally friendly. There is no pollution as it utilizes electricity to charge up. Some might argue that what is the case of coal-powered plants deriving electricity? It’s been disapproved that mostly electricity from the running river is used, and renewable resources serve best for these.

Our Take

We always feel switching gas-powered engines to electric versions is the right decision. Make sure to research all the essential features like lifestyle adjustment, battery life, resale values, tax incentives. Using EVs is a big take, and you should be aware of such elements. Other than that, buyers are incredibly concerned about the battery life period.

If you find a car that depicts about 4-5 years of used battery life, then you can go for it. More importantly, most of the batteries have an outstanding amount of life remain in them. Always check your tax laws before signing the papers pertaining to the EVs buying scheme. You might not be aware of the tax incentives your state has to offer.

Not to miss out, the online car history report from the site like Quick Revs is an action that worths a lot. You should always get an electric car that has legal clearance and a clean history using a trustworthy platform.