What Should a Pest Control Program Include?

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Pest control is necessary for any space or environment to prevent leprosy, gastroenteritis, or other harmful diseases. For this reason, it is essential to have a pest control program to live a quiet, healthy life without health risks.

However, to successfully carry out this objective, you must go to a professional and request a plan that includes the actions or tools necessary to eradicate any plague because, in addition to health effects, they can also damage the operation of electronic devices, and the structure of your home or office. You can read more about what a pest control service includes.

What Should a Good Pest Control Plan Include?

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1. Diagnosis of the Place and Possible Income Sectors

A good control program includes the analysis of possible pests inhabiting the space to be treated. For example, experts will quickly detect insects, unwanted rodents, and even birds that can contaminate food in the food sector.

These professionals will also determine, through their analysis, the main entrance areas and favorable places for nesting. By exploring the environment in depth, they will be able to establish the control method and the aspects to be modified in the structure, as well as give suggestions about the habits of those who live or work in the place.

2. Determine the Origin and Form of Control

Many factors promote the appearance of pests. Among these are climatic conditions such as extreme heat, few natural predators in the area, and inadequate cleaning. During the application of actions to control the pest, the origin must be examined (from doors, windows, cracks in the structure, pipes, etc.) to its form of control, both chemical and related to permanent maintenance.

3. Apply the Necessary Measures

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In the pest control program, there should be two measures that, in general, are applied simultaneously: the passive-non-invasive method and the direct method.

The first consists of placing physical barriers and establishing a cleaning and disinfection program. The second involves applying chemical and biological products not harmful to the environment that can directly eliminate harmful species.

4. Verification and Monitoring

Once the actions have been applied, the assigned professionals must verify the success of the process. To do this, they can make a new inspection at the end of the work and return to the place 24 hours later.

Monitoring the existence of pests is essential to eliminate the problem completely. This can be done by keeping a disinsection control record and scheduling regular cleaning days.

Finally, once the program has been applied and its periodicity determined, maintenance and hygiene are fundamental elements to keep the place free of pests. These actions are part of the environmental sanitation necessary to protect the health of all people.

Faced with an infestation or risk of pests, you should seek a professional service with trained personnel to answer questions, give advice, and establish the pest control program according to the user’s needs or the company. A good professional will bet on social responsibility, empathy with the client, and effectively improving the situation.

Key Factors to Consider When Choosing a Pest Control Service

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You should pay attention to several requirements when looking for a pest control service. They include:

Be wary of insurmountable offers

Many pest control services make any promise to get a contract. That is something you should take into account when making your choice. For example, if they tell you that they can eradicate all cockroaches or other pests in just one day, you can be sure that it is a lie.

Those companies are likely to perform only the chemical fumigation service that kills any critters in sight. However, specimens hidden in sewers or cracks in furniture and walls will survive. Those cockroaches will reproduce, and you will have the same problem again in a short time. Procedures to eliminate a pest usually require short, medium, and long term actions.

Fumigation can be carried out, but it will also be necessary to put food baits. In this way, the adult insects die, and the colonies of survivors reduce their size to disappear.

Be careful of very long guarantees

A pest control service usually has a warranty of 1 year maximum. This is because the chemicals used in spraying or rodent control often have a residual effect that lasts for that long. If they offer you a warranty of 2 or more years, they are probably just trying to fool you.

That is why most public sanitation regulations usually establish the time for executing these procedures. If an insect infestation reappears before that time, it may be appropriate to call the professionals again.

We hope that better methods of eliminating the bugs can be developed in the future. The insecticide industry is constantly researching to improve the compounds they offer. Not only does it seek to improve its effectiveness, but it is a race to overcome the resistance that pests develop.

You must choose a stable pest control service

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If you have accepted the offer of a company that offered similar promises to the previous ones, they may not offer you assistance when you need it. On many occasions, when customers call because they have problems again, excuses are made to serve them. They often want to make another charge to the client for making the guarantee effective, or they claim that it is not their fault that the insects return. In other cases, they don’t even answer emails or calls.

In these cases, desperate customers are left to choose a different pest control service. Before hiring a company, it is convenient to verify that it has a good website. In addition to that, it is convenient to ensure that the addresses that appear in their social networks coincide with each other.

A good reference is former clients’ comments on their social networks. Another way is to ensure that the company has a team working is to review their blog. The updated entries suggest that they have made a significant investment in improving their Internet presence. This means that they intend to continue their work for a long time.