7 Pros and Cons of a Video Surveillance System for Your Business – 2024 Guide

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If you are a business owner, one of your first investments should be something that raises your security levels, and nothing does that better these days than a professional set-up and modern video surveillance system.

In a world where the crime rate in large and busy cities is increasing day by day, it’s not even a question on whether you should be investing in something like this or not. If you have a larger number of employees, and you want them to feel safe and secure while at their job-position, we suggest that you consider making this purchase.

If you’re still not sure whether it’s worth it or not, feel free to continue reading because in today’s article we’ll give you the seven most-popular pros and cons of a video surveillance system for your business.

1. The best way of gathering video proof

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How can you prove that someone tried to steal or cause any damage to your property better than bringing a whole lot of video-evidence to the police and showing it to them in person? Well, the answer is, you can’t, which is why video surveillance systems are so popular for many years now. You don’t have to do anything about the robbery itself, simply bring the evidence to the police and the rest will be taken care of by them and your insurance provider. It’s a very civilized way of dealing with those who want to cause materialistic damage to you.

2. Modern models are ultra-high res

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The first few video surveillance systems couldn’t record more than 360p, which is a pretty bad quality for something that’s supposed to reveal the face of those who are trying to commit a crime. Nowadays, we have cameras that record in 4k and 8k even, making it extremely difficult for those who want to steal to hide their face from these modern sensors.

On top of this, modern models have built-in Artificial Intelligence that can track the faces and zoom in on people, making it a lot easier for the police to identify those who try to do something bad. Titusalarmandcctv.co.uk is a site on which you can learn some more about security systems and alarms in general, so if you happen to be inexperienced in this field, it’s a nice starting point.

3. Night-vision feature is common

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A few decades ago it was very easy for people to “bypass” security cameras. The answer was very simple, go at night, and the noise on the video will be so high that nobody will be able to see your face. Well, thankfully, these things are long gone, and nowadays cameras can record at night without any issues, so that gives thieves one less opportunity to achieve their goal. Since technology is rapidly evolving, most modern models have night-vision already, and it’s no longer a luxury thing only. Even the cheapest cameras can record clearly when the light levels are low outside.

4. Gives you the ability to react much quicker

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Security guards no longer have to patrol the area and look for anything suspicious. They can sit in their cabin and watch a monitor that has different viewing angles provided by a few CCTV systems. In case they notice an intruder or anything else that’s out of the ordinary, they can react very quickly by contacting the police and asking for reinforcement. This increases the chances of stopping a robbery and makes everything so much easier rather than having to deal with all the economic and material damage later on. According to www.alarm-cctv.co.uk, in combination with the right alarm, the CCTV systems can provide full protection.

5. You require a budget

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Now for the first “con” of purchasing a surveillance system for the business, it’s the fact that… well… you have to purchase it. Purchasing means that you require a budget, and acquiring one is not as easy. If you need to secure a large object, such as a hotel parking lot or something more serious such as a bank, you’ll require thousands of dollars for the entire procedure. These types of objects require hundreds of cameras and multiple computers with screens on which you can carefully monitor everything that’s going on.

6. Even the most modern systems have flaws

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The security industry is evolving, but parallel with that, the thieves are evolving as well. The sad truth is that even the most modern security systems have their flaws that can be exploited by those who are very familiar with the way they function. If it was made by a human, it can be cracked by a human as well. Professional hackers can easily disable security cameras by breaching the Wi-Fi network through which they communicate with each other. Thankfully, this is not as common and it rarely really happens to smaller businesses, but it is still something that people should be aware of.

7. Easy “tricks” can bypass it

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Maybe not the same tricks from a few decades ago, but some newer tricks allow people to bypass the power of video surveillance systems. It’s not difficult to pull these off, but some very simple things still exist which make cameras a bit less powerful than they are. A simple example is wearing a mask that covers your face, including your eyes.


The main purpose in life is to create balance, and as some people say, everything already is in a perfect balance. Today we decided to talk about video surveillance systems, the most modern and convenient way of improving the safety of a physical location. We focused a bit on the pros, but the cons as well, because as we said above, everything is balanced, and no security system is impenetrable.

Still, we wholeheartedly suggest that you make such an investment because although it might not repel some of the most professional-thieves in the world, you’ll still have a lot better safety factor against all those amateurs with malicious intents. If you choose right, your CCTV system can be great for securing your business location and making all of your employees feel a lot safer and motivated for work.