A Basic Skincare Routine For Men – 2024 Guide

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You are a man, and as far as you’re concerned, skincare is not something that’s interesting to you. You just wash your face, apply your aftershave or trim your beard, right? You have no idea what all those creams and peeling masks are used for. After all, you don’t have the time for that. We understand that kind of attitude.

However, we want to prove to you for a  fact that facial care doesn’t have to be complicated at all. Therefore, we present a 2024 basic skincare routine guide that won’t take much of your precious time – and yet, you will look nice.

Men’s Cosmetics Are No Longer Taboo

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Today, men’s cosmetics are an essential daily routine of every man who cares for himself. This is increasingly talked about topic. Although men were nurtured in ancient Egypt, using facial masks and bathing in milk – over time this habit was lost.

In the last century, there was a trend in which it was not popular for men to be nurtured – or at least not to talk about it. Still, we can notice that a freshly shaven face was still desirable. It was proof that everyone still cares about their appearance. At the beginning of this century, somewhat shyly, but today very bravely and openly – men shared tips about the care of face, body, hair, or beard.

They take care of their eyebrows, remove unwanted hair, nourish, and follow fashion. This is why cosmetics for men become an integral part of every man’s life.

Why Can’t Men Use Products For Women?

First of all, it is because of hormones, but also different skin types. Namely, men’s skin is thicker and therefore more resistant. It has larger pores and produces four times as much sebum as a woman’s skin. Therefore, it is more prone to sweating and greasing – whereby pores are filled with impurities more easily and much faster.

Men’s skin ages slower, and it’s tighter. Although it grows old slower, it is often dehydrated despite the production of excess sebum – because men often do not nurture it. Although nature has been more generous to men when it comes to skin, yet, they also notice the first wrinkles and are not indifferent to them.

Therefore, it is imperative that men, as well as women, know what type of skin they have and that they use products intended precisely for their skin type – since there is no universal preparation that would give good effects on every skin type. Here’s what men should have in their cosmetic bags.

Men’s Cosmetic Bag

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Global trends in both nutrition and cosmetics are boosting our return to nature. Therefore, when choosing a cosmetic product, look for those that contain beneficial herbal substances in various forms –  giving your skin the best and most beneficial of nature. We would single out some of the following products:

1. Facial Cleansing Gel

Regular soaps that men use to wash their skin, additionally make it more dry and thin. For this reason, the first and necessary product for men’s care is a face cleansing gel. The cleansing gel should be soap-free or very mild so as not to dry out the oily skin or to additionally dry out already dry skin.

By removing the protective grease, the skin loses moisture and intensely secretes the ointment to prevent further dehydration. The face is washed with lukewarm water every night. If you do not know or are unsure what type of skin you have, try to find some quality cleansing gels that are designed for sensitive skin. Then you won’t face any side effects.

Garnier is one of those who have proven to be great. You can try some of their sensitive skin gels for a start. Emphasis is on cleaning and hydrating, so try Turbolight Oil Control. Gels like this are not aggressive to the skin, they are hydrating, and serving as a detox.

2. Facial Peeling

Facial peeling should be used at least every other week to remove extinct cells and dirt – as well as excess grease that clogs pores. The clogged pores prevent the skin from breathing and nourishing.

Therefore, the skin often becomes oily and problematic. As men’s skin is 15% more oily than women’s – the need for a facial peeling is greater. Peeling should be done in the evening – not before or after shaving as this can irritate the skin. You should use a mild scrub that will contain natural abrasives and soothing agents such as aloe, marigold, panthenol, etc. Peeling should be applied lightly, in a circular motion with the tips of your fingers.

3. Day Cream

Once the skin is cleared, it is time to feed it and nurture it. Daily cream will help you with this. In addition to hydration, such creams will protect the skin from the sun and wind and prevent it from drying out. That means – no more unpleasant itching. The cream is applied in the morning, after cleansing the face.

At that point, the skin is prepared to absorb all the nutrients from the product forming the ‘invisible shield’ that will protect you. Many men complain about oily creams, claiming this as the main excuse to skip this step. However, today cream formulas are such that they are absorbed in a second.

The only thing that remains on the skin is a pleasant feeling and soft-touch face. For this reason, there is no longer any excuse when it comes to skipping this step.

4. Night Cream

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Appropriate night cream depends primarily on your skin type. Each night cream, depending on the age – contains different active substances. When it comes to younger skin – night cream has the task of nourishing it overnight, keeping it glowing and preventing it from drying out. In mature skin, such cream should nourish it – but also tone and fill the fine wrinkles that occur with age.

Substances such as liposomes, ceramides, hyaluronic acid (which also serves as a moisturizer at the same time) – are used for this. Certainly, there are creams with vitamin E, Q10, as well as many other substances that stimulate collagen synthesis.

5. Antirid Creams (For Eye Wrinkles)

Eye cream can have different uses. It can be a classic Antirid cream that will nourish thin, dry skin around the eyes and prevent wrinkles. Also, it may be a detox gel that will deal with eye problems – resulting from unsleepy nights, alcohol and cigarettes.

To solve the first problem, you need a nutritious cream rich in oils, hyaluronic acid, liposomes, ceramides – and other substances used to combat age. Products rich with caffeine and other substances that stimulate circulation and have a detox effect – are used to deal with dark rings around the eyes. It is good to know that there are such preparations on the market that address these problems as well.

6. Beard Oil

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One of the most popular men’s skincare products is beard oil. Originally designed to be used by barbers as a way to condition and oil the beard, beard oil has evolved into a men’s skincare product with incredible benefits. Many men don’t realize that their NZ beard oil from Jericho can also play an important role in keeping their skin and hair healthy and looking great.

For men, beard oil is a product that can provide a variety of benefits for skincare. Some of the main uses of beard oil include the treatment of dandruff and the conditioning of facial hair. The best beard oil for men contains a variety of ingredients that can work together to provide a variety of benefits for the skin and hair. Some of the most common ingredients in beard oils for men include Shea butter, jojoba oil, argan oil, and coconut oil.


When we look at all these recommendations – we can conclude that men also have to take care of their skin. Proper care begins at an early age. The skin should not be left behind as the effects can be permanent and unpleasant.

Most men will probably find it annoying to be concerned with their faces or choice of face care products. To some of them, this doesn’t sound macho at all. So use the help of your significant halves that are always ready for shopping and are well-informed about cosmetics.

We are sure that they will be happy to help you determine your skin type and go shopping to provide the necessary preparations that will allow your skin to shine and stay healthy.