4 Ways The Game Subnautica Excels

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Subnautica is a game developed by Unkown Worlds Entertainment and released in 2019. It was by all means released as an Indie game and saw huge success in the following months. Simply put, Subnautica was loved by casual and hardcore gamers alike. It challenged other video games that had expensive budgets. Subnautica was marketed as an open-world game yet had features other games did not. In the present, Subnautica has a cult following and has been an inspiration for other developers.

There were many reasons for Subnautica gaining so much fame. Some people loved the environment while others adored how the story was told. It just felt like there was something for everyone in this game. This article will focus on what made Subnautica the amazing game that it is. Breaking down the environment, storytelling, and other unique aspects of this game. Below are these aspects broken down and summarised.

1. Environment

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Subnautica is set on a planet that is mostly water. This is unique as it is rare for video games to be this ambitious. Upon closer inspection, you may find a few scattered islands that are small in size. The majority of the game is set under the water and it is there where you build up your base. The underwater aspect of Subnautica is one of the most captivating features in video games. Deep-rooted plant life that is sometimes alive is abundant underwater. The deeper you go the more diverse the alien plant life you find. Different regions also have specific plants growing there and it is useful to mark them.

Players of this game are immersed in this environment because of how detailed it is. Everything from the weird plants to the hazards of each zone is highly detailed. This makes a seemingly unbelievable world seem believable. Gameplay mechanics make you gather resources from different plants. This makes it a necessity to remember which region houses a specific type of plant. Not only is the environment detailed but the game makes you pay attention to it too.

2. Story

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The story on the surface seems like a safe choice that would please the average gamer. Yet once you go in deeper is when the real fun starts. The story has its twists and turns and goes in directions you sometimes didn’t know was possible. What Subnautica nails in terms of storytelling are how lonely it makes the player feel. There is almost no one around and the feeling of isolation as well as independence is present.

The story may be great but it is how the story is told that players fell in love with. There is no clear-cut objective or straight line that players follow. The game refuses to hold your hand and guide you through it. It is up to the player to assess the clues and follow through with them to progress the story. After the first few hours, you will also stop getting the small help you had before. This is a wonderful tactic and forces the player to imagine themselves in that world of Subnautica.

3. Wildlife

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The environment has plenty of plant life but it is the fauna that truly shines in Subnautica. From the moment you step into the water, there are countless alien fish roaming about. Each fish having a different purpose and movement style. The player also has to figure out which of these fish are edible and which poisonous. The gameplay forces the player to interact with the fish whether they want to or not.

The real stars of the show are the bigger and sometimes fiercer wildlife the deeper you go. They can quickly turn Subnautica into a horror game. Without spoiling anything these larger and scarier creatures will give you nightmares. They force you to always keep a lookout for anything lurking close by. The more peaceful yet gigantic creatures provide a sense of astonishment at the scale of them.

4. Progress

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Where Subnautica leaves its mark is the sense of progress it makes the player feel. Whether this is progress in the story or your base, it provides a sense of accomplishment. Getting a bunch of material and building your base feels fulfilling and makes life easier in the game. Getting deeper into the story independently is both exhilarating and a little scary. Progress in terms of improving your arsenal and equipment involves gathering resources.

Farming and gardening is another thing you will have to learn in the game for food and water. Gardening is a skill that benefits you in real life too and you can learn about it. Clues and hints make the story more interesting and give you a nod to where you should go. For example, some islands have remnants of human activity that may help you in your journey. It is common to encounter man-made docks or structures that have sunk to the ocean bed. Some of these structures resemble state-of-the-art floating dock plans too. Check www.hiseadock.com for more info.


Subnautica is a journey that everyone who loves video games should take. Even if you hate single-player games, you need to do yourself a favor and give this a try. Subnautica will prove to be worth your time as it has proven to be before many others. The huge success has also lead to the production and release of its sequel too.

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