5 What Were the Biggest Games Of 2024?

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Video games are one of the biggest passions that many all around the world hold, with much of the world’s population dedicating hours each and every day, or at the very least, each and every week.

There are thousands of games to be released every year across multiple different platforms, with gamers able to choose a variety of different consoles and devices in order to enjoy a session these days, however when looking at 2024, which were the best and biggest games of the year to have been released?

Now, that would seem to be a question that could have a number of different answers and one that is not necessarily right in everybody’s eyes due to the subjectivity of the question and the number of different factors that would have to be considered, however that is the beauty of the gaming sector: what may appeal to some will not appeal to others, thus keeping things as interesting, diverse and as exciting as possible.

Let’s take a look at some of the biggest games to have been released in 2024 below:

1. Hyper Strike

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Although there are many casino games available to choose from at casumo.com when looking at the vast collection, one of the biggest and best slots to have been released in 2024 was Hyper Strike.

The game is a title in which Microgaming, and Gameburger Studios have collaborated together and have produced a slot in which all enthusiasts will have been delighted to play when they have given it ago.

Hyper Strike provides bettors with an exceptional gameplay experience via the use of a simplistic playing grid that consists of 5 reels and 3 rows, whilst it has 20 paylines in which a maximum of 2,000x the bet can be won when played. The return to player (RTP) rate of 96.24% is pretty generous, especially as there is a fixed jackpot to be won in this game of medium volatility. There are certainly worse games that can be played, whilst many would also struggle to find a better game than Hyper Strike to have been launched in 2024 that has all of the special bonus features available.

2. Deathloop

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Arguably one of the very best games to have been released in 2024, Deathloop is one that has to be considered to be a title contender if there was a trophy to be won. The game has been created by Arkane Studios and sees Colt trapped on an isolated island, where he is being hunted by superpowered assassins. If that were not bad enough, he also finds himself trapped in a time loop that has proven fatal.

Players will need to be tactically astute when they play this game, whilst they will also need to be rather strategic in order to solve the puzzle that allows them to escape. Moreover, Deathloop also features excellent gameplay features such as graphics and sharp dialogues that help it to be as immersive as possible; something all gamers really want!

3. Halo Infinite

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Of course, Halo Infinite was always likely going to appear on a list that features the biggest games of 2024 as so many had been eagerly waiting with excitement ahead of its release. Halo 4 and Halo 5: Guardians had been decent titles in their own right, but it was always felt that 343 Industries had missed a beat on those games at times. However, it seems that they have managed to finally place their finger on the problem with this instalment!

Infinite provides players with an instantly familiar feeling for players of the Halo franchise, as they are quickly re-introduced with the iconic Master Chief as a green-armored super-soldier that happens to be society’s last hope. However, it is also noticeable that the 20-year-old franchises’ character has been provided with a huge upgrade, as he has new weapons available to him.

The story campaign is incredibly immersive and engrossing as it will keep players encapsulated for as long as possible, whilst the free-to-play multiplayer mode is one that is welcomed. Of course, it has been a period of six years in which we have had to wait for the game to be released, however it would seem that the patience fans of the franchise had to display was well rewarded.

4. Metroid Dread

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Speaking of being rewarded for displaying a huge amount of patience, Metroid Dread was a game that took some time to be created but certainly did not fail to disappoint once it was. Indeed, it had plenty of expectations prior to its release given the success of the Metroid series before it but it definitely lived up to it.

It managed to implement the 2D side-scrolling mechanics to perfection, which is a hard job in itself considering the impressive visuals gamers are used to these days, whilst the new developer – MercurySteam – were able to move the storyline forward by providing a number of exceptional boss battles and the introduction of some new stealth sections in which Samus Aran must look to try and navigate.

5. Forza Horizon 5

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The Forza gamer series has always been incredibly popular for gaming enthusiasts, even if they did not know all that much about sports cars, or even cars in general. Therefore, it is hardly a surprise to learn that Forza Horizon 5 makes the list of the biggest games of 2024.

Players will be transported to Mexico as they go on a tour of the country in the south of the North American continent, where they will be able to experience a new environment that is very different to the one that can be experienced in previous versions of the game.

The classic races and stunt challenges all remain, although that is not a shock given that they are a staple of the game, however the open-world that has been provided in Forza Horizon 5 is truly breathtaking for anyone who decides to race a car around the map.


As mentioned before, creating a list with the best and biggest games of 2024 was always going to be a subjective task and one that many simply would not agree with, however it is incredibly hard to deny that the titles mentioned above do not belong on a list trying to follow those particular criteria.