What You Need to Know About Sunflowers and Red Roses

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When talking about the art of gift-giving, there is not a gift as timeless and eternal as flowers. For centuries, bouquets have been a way to express hidden emotions through cryptic messages hidden in the meaning of the plants. There are countless of books and now, internet pages dedicated to the language of flowers and they continue to be present in people’s lives, whether during their momentous times such as birthdays, graduations, and other celebrations or their grand moments of love such as weddings and proposals, and can even, for example on first dates, symbolize new beginnings.

No matter the occasion, it can always be enhanced by beautiful floral arrangements that come in various color combinations. However, the classic red roses and the beaming sunflowers are becoming a favorite mix for many, so here are things to know about them, as well as exactly why they create perfect harmony when arranged together.

The Language of Flowers

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Also known as floriography it entails communicating through the use or arrangement of flowers. Blooms have been given various meanings for thousands of years, but floriography became especially popular during the 19th century in Victorian England where people used bouquets to send coded messages to express feelings that could never be said aloud. Although today, floriography is not commonly utilized for sending messages, flowers are still used for subtly expressing love, adoration, and hidden feelings, but also represent tokens of friendship, loyalty, and respect.

Red Roses

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No bloom meaning has stayed as consistent as the meaning of roses. It is a universal representation of romantic love and has been an undisputed symbol of it for centuries. It is a flower that is linked to the Greek Goddess of Love – Aphrodite, and its symbolism has been used throughout history in art, mythology, literature, poetry, movies, and TV shows.

However, if you look a little deeper into its meaning, you will discover that every shade of red also holds different connotations. For example, a deeper tone represents very strong emotion, a brighter shade expresses romance, while burgundy can be used to convey unrequited love. Rosebuds showcase young love, purity, beauty, and innocence.

For people who put special importance on floriography, these flowers are an expression of unconditional love and as such are not ideal for first dates and should not be given to individuals one is not close to or intimate with.


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Even though it is not the rarest flower in the world, it surely is one of the brightest. Native to North America, this sunny gem has held a variety of meanings for many cultures over time. Earning its name due to its physical appearance, the Helianthus, derived from words helios meaning sun and anthos which means flower in Greek, is known as being a happy bloom that brings joy to the lives of many.

The most common meanings include longevity, loyalty, friendship, strength, positivity, good luck, and ever-lasting happiness. It remains highly admired for its warm glow and sunny charm, but aside for its beauty and symbolic importance, it is also regarded as a highly useful plant that can be found in a variety of products and which offers several health benefits.

Why They Make a Perfect Bouquet

Firstly, due to their colors, they create a beautiful, bright, and aesthetically pleasing floral arrangement. The shades bring out the richness of both colors and provide a vivid, cheerful look that is both stylish and energizing, especially perfect for the fall season. It makes a unique gift that will surely delight, but also surprise its recipient. You can visit floraqueen.com if you are interested in learning more about this bouquet.

Besides the aesthetics, it can hold a few different meanings, depending on the person receiving it. For example, gifting it to a partner can convey your feelings of undying love, admiration, and loyalty. For a friend or family member, it can showcase your mutual respect, happiness, adoration, and can be a symbol of a life-long friendship and platonic love. It can be great for encouraging someone going through hard times since these blooms also represent courage, strength, and good luck.

Why Do People Still Gift Flowers?

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Conveying one’s feelings and emotions in the most elegant way is not the only reason people give bouquets to others. They can also be great for surprising someone and bringing immediate happiness into their day. Especially if a person is going through a rough period, beautiful blooms can instantly change their mood, but also make them feel loved, appreciated, and worthy.

Not only that, but they also brighten up and breathe life into any room. They can be great for spreading positivity, but for boosting one’s creativity and productivity as well. For someone passionate about interior design, they can add color to any space and provide a great extra touch to it as well.

By choosing a floral arrangement with the special someone’s favorite flowers and colors, one can perfectly showcase their attentiveness and care. This is great for encouraging intimate connections, but also make a person feel extremely special and important.

There are many allergy-friendly options out there and they do not just include cacti or succulents, but hydrangeas, roses, and tulips, too. Everyone can feel joy and enjoy the beauty of these blooms without the fear of triggering the uncomfortable symptoms of pollen allergies.

Gifting them is easier and more accessible than ever before, especially thanks to the internet and technology. For some, choosing a bouquet can be difficult and daunting, but now there are a lot of pre-made options to choose from that are specifically crafted for different occasions, each holding their own symbolism and meaning. It has also become much more convenient since you can order and send them from the comfort of your home, meaning you can surprise someone whenever you want, no matter where in the world you are.


Today, it is no longer considered inappropriate for men to receive flowers and many actually love getting them. This means that they are perfect for showcasing one’s feelings no matter their gender. Surprise someone dear to you with a beautiful bouquet of sunflowers and red roses and express to them just how much they mean to you without ever having to say it out loud.