What To Expect If A Recruiter Decides To Assess Your Skills?

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Every major company employs recruiters that assess candidates for a job role. It is a candidate’s duty to send all the necessary paperwork, such as his CV, to the recruiters where he/she will decide whether you have the necessary skills and experience to boost their ranks.

However, that’s not to say that a candidate will lie on their CV. So recruiters will follow up on that with an interview. If your CV is good enough to get you an interview, then you need to prepare better as this is the part where a recruiter will assess your skills.

Skill assessment isn’t something new in recruitment and is something that many companies tend to do. They will not employ a person based on merit and based on what their CV said. Sure, a good and well-written CV will get you an interview, but it is the interview part that you must pass with flying colors if you want a spot in someone’s company.

It is because of this that we will talk about what do when a recruiter assesses your skills. This article will touch on multiple industry-related topics as well as provide tips for the candidate to get him over the line.

Do Your Homework

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Doing homework takes us back to middle school, high school, college, and of course, in our skill assessment interview. We mentioned that all major companies use this type of testing to get the best candidates out there. It helps them eliminate those who aren’t good enough and leave out only the best of the rest. So naturally, you should expect this type of testing if you’re sending your CV to a major company. When in this situation, you should always do your homework beforehand.

Chances are, you might scoop some good info on how skill assessment works when applying for a major company. Since these employers have dozens or hundreds of previous and current employers, you can try and ask some of those people how everything works.

This, by no means, is considered cheating, you’ll just be talking to people and get inside info. You will talk in regards to which questions usually appear, the manner of testing, and how serious the recruiters are.

You can also ask other questions such as what to actually expect from the entire process, how long it takes, etc. You can always go on popular websites such as Reddit, Quora, and even LinkedIn for some key info that will help you do the homework.

Prepare Yourself

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Namely, as with most things in life, you can prepare yourself even better by browsing for online skill assessment tests that will help you in determining the type of questions that will mostly appear. This is something that everyone does, so don’t think that you’re the first to do it. When applying for a job role in a well-respected company, the chances of landing the job can further be increased if you prepare yourself beforehand.

This is why you can test yourself from home. But don’t think of it as a joke, but as something very serious as your future job is at stake. Take it very seriously, strap on, sit on your workstation, and start answering it. Trust us when we tell you, it will help you when the time for skill assessment comes.

Skill assessment testing has moved on from the traditional question/answer format and has now evolved through technology. Nowadays, we have skill assessment testing software that helps recruiters test a candidate. This software can be offline or online-based, meaning that the choice of convenience is there for everyone. If your company would be interested in one such testing, make sure to visit here.

Be Honest

If it’s one thing that recruiters hate, it is someone wasting their time. On average, recruiters will browse a candidates’ CV in no less than 8 seconds! In those 8 seconds, a recruiter will determine whether you’re worthy of an interview, based on what they see on your CV. So naturally, if you even want an interview, you need a good and well-written CV.

However, let’s assume that you’ve been selected for an interview, at which point, congratulations. But this is where the hard part begins.

Another thing that recruiters hate is the thought of someone actually thinking that they can get the better of them. In this line of business, recruiters are the people that are employed to bring forth quality candidates to a company. There are even specialized recruiting companies called “head hunters” that make this their living.

So don’t expect that you can go to a skill assessment testing and lie about it. They will know that you lie, so it’s best that you’re honest – not only with them but with yourself as well.

Give it Your Best Shot

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During a skill assessment test, you will be asked questions. The questions will be closely related to your personal life and choices you’ve made, or they will be solely focused on your professionalism. However, the reason as to why this test is even done is to eliminate doubt in a candidate. If the recruiters have any doubt about a specific candidate, they will test his skills.

The most common problem that comes with skill assessment testing, is a failure for the candidates to follow instructions. You will be eighter given or asked a set of questions. If they are given in a written format, double-check what the question asks before making your response. It is considered the best practice to leave all of your emotions at home for such testing. Do not let your emotions get in the way, or your nerves to take control of you. Be honest and give it your best shot.

Before we finish off, we’re going to tell you the 9 necessary skills that will make anyone keen on your employment in their company. The skills in question are: