WhatsApp Spy Software

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WhatsApp is one of the most popular and commonly used instant messaging apps across the world. It enables users to exchange text, media, location, links, and documents with online fellows. The usefulness of the instant messenger is undeniable; however, there are some potential dangers associated with this app. The unsupervised use of this instant messenger can expose children to online harassment, child predation, and scamming.

The popularity of this instant messenger has attracted bullies and predators to access and victimize the target through this platform. In this article, we have discussed how parents can supervise the use of WhatsApp of their children to protect them from the vulnerabilities. Read on to know how the WhatsApp spy software facilitates child monitoring, or check www.theonespy.com for more information on this topic.

WhatsApp Messenger

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Instant messaging apps have overwhelmed default text messaging apps by offering more entertaining features. The instant messengers enable users to exchange more than just text, stickers, and emoticons. The user of its messenger can share audios, videos, images, links, locations, and statuses with friends and fellows. Anyone can create an account on this app with ease. The app does not require any information except a valid mobile phone number. 

The popularity of this instant messenger has made bullies, predators, and scammers to use this platform. They take advantage of messaging and calling features of the app to victimize the target. Anyone having access to your mobile phone can find you on WhatsApp and send text messages. Moreover, it is likely to receive scam and bullying messages and calls on the messenger.  

Track WhatsApp with Spy Software

Parents can protect children from the potential dangers of the instant messenger by supervising their activities on WhatsApp messenger. The technologists have developed a spy app to keep track of the online activities of children. The Spy software lets you know what activities are being performed by kids on the instant messenger. 

Spy App

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The WhatsApp spy software is one of the most powerful and feature-rich software that allows supervising almost every activity performed on the communication platform. Using this app, parents can track messages, calls, photos, videos, and voice recordings of their children. Given are the features of the WhatsApp tracker app that explain its functionality.  

Track Messages

The WhatsApp spy app allows monitoring messages exchanged by your children via instant messenger. The app creates an online backup of inward and outward messages containing text, stickers, and emoticons. The app uploads these messages to the online portal of TheOneSpy. Parents can log into the web portal of the spy app and can retrieve these messages anytime. 

Monitor Calls

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The instant messaging app offers audio and video calls to individuals and groups. Your kid is likely to receive calls from a persecutor or molester. The WhatsApp tracker app lets you know if your kid receives annoying calls from someone. It syncs call logs of WhatsApp and uploads it to the online portal. These call logs enable parents to figure out the details of all incoming and outgoing one-on-one and group calls, including contact numbers of callers and recipients.

Access Media

Do you know what photos and videos your kids receive and send via instant messenger? The monitoring app for WhatsApp messenger creates an online backup of photos, videos, and voice recordings exchanged by your kids. You can retrieve the backup of media files anytime by logging into the online control panel. 

Record Activities

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The high-tech monitoring app for social messengers lets you record every activity performed on messenger. The spy app starts recording the screen of the targeted mobile phone when your kid runs the instant messenger. You can access the recording right from the web portal of the tracker app. 

How to Get WhatsApp Spy Software

You can get the monitoring solution for WhatsApp direct from the official website. Subscribe to the android monitoring software and start tracking WhatsApp and many other commonly used instant messengers.