13 Advantages and Disadvantages of IPTV

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Internet television – was created in 1995, of course not in its current form, but even then it was very useful. Today it is quite normal and necessary to have this opportunity. A very important thing that everyone who decides for IPTV should know is the fact that the channels are accessed via the Internet, and not via frequency.

One of the best definitions, presented by the Alliance for Telecommunications and Industrial Solutions, sees Internet television, more precisely IPTV, as a network that is reliable and secure and serves to deliver entertainment, various types of video content, and all other related services to users. As the definition itself says, IPTV is a safe, reliable, and high-quality way of watching television.

What does internet television offer and why should I choose it?

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There are many benefits that will suit you if you opt for internet television. IPTV is a good thing because it allows you to record channels, more precisely multiple shows at the same time, which you can watch when you want.

Internet TV allows you to watch all the interesting Netflix content on TV, as well as HBO content. Internet television allows you to have an insight into the entire program of all television channels. If you opt for this option, you will also be able to watch TV over the smartphone.


An IPTV service offers much more than just broadcasting channels to your TV. First of all, compared to the classic cable that broadcasts channels via analog, channels on IPTV are broadcast in digital form. You may be wondering what are the advantages of digital broadcasting compared to analog. First of all, the image you get digitally is crystal clear, compared to an analog cable which will always have a certain level of interference.

Interactive TV guide – Also an advantage over analog cable, is the ability to get a program schedule for almost all channels, throughout the day with an accurate display of when something starts and ends, but also a channel program schedule for a few days in advance.

Automatic switching – With this option, you can mark shows, series or movies on channels in the TV guide, and schedule the channel to be switched automatically when something of the above starts on it. This option is quite useful because you will never forget to grow what you have planned.

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Recording content – If you are unable to watch an event, series, movie, or the like life, there is an option to schedule a recording of the content, so that you can view the content at another time when it suits you. The recording is not limited to one channel, but you can schedule a recording for multiple channels at the same time.

Parental Control – This option is used to set a code on content and channels, to control what your children are allowed and what they are not allowed to watch. The ban can be applied depending on the channel, show, or even the time of day, which is especially useful if you don’t want your children to watch something on TV until late at night. For more information about parental control, you can check https://parentalcontrolnow.org

Video on Demand – The video-on-demand option is actually a modern version of the video club, which allows you to rent a movie, series, show, or concert directly from the armchair at any time of the day for a one-time fee. All the mentioned content is divided into categories and genres, to make it easier for you to find what you want, and there is also a category with new releases, but also a detailed search of the database by various parameters, such as title, age, director, actor name and the like.

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HD service – If you want to watch a certain number of channels in high definition, which brings a much higher level of detail, better and sharper picture and more vivid colors.

Additional STB device – If you have several TVs in the house on which IPTV would be monitored.

3D channels – The third dimension in movies has become very popular, the avalanche triggered by the James Cameroon movie – Avatar still doesn’t stop. 3D TVs are gaining in popularity day by day, the amount of 3D material is becoming much bigger. As everyone knows, we already see our reality and the objects around us in 3D, so our brain creates a sense of depth, combining slightly different perspectives of your left and right eyes into one connected image, which provides information about the depth of something.

What do you need to see a 3D image? First of all, you need a 3D capable TV and the 3D glasses that come with it. It doesn’t matter if you have an LCD or Plasma TV, active or passive 3D technology, the 3D material is always the same, only the “way of cheating the brain to see 3D” is different. So, take everything that is said here, put it in a television broadcast, which IPTV technology simply redirects to your TV.

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Availability on all devices – Another great advantage offered by IPTV technology is the availability of content on all devices you own in the household. By downloading the application from your provider, you can log in to your phone or tablet and watch an episode of your favorite series while you cook or sit in the garden. Also just download the app on your smart TV and enjoy it. In case you don’t have a smart TV, visit here to find out how to overcome that obstacle.


Although the advantages far outweigh the disadvantages, one should know a few disadvantages:

Dependency on the speed of the internet– IPTV uses the same technology as other types of data used to send and receive information (Internet Protocol). Due to this fact, the TV may occasionally experience loss or delay. Your experience can be much worse if your connection is not fast enough.

IPTV lists of suspicious origin – Although, as we have said, there are free lists or paid legal ones, many IPTV lists have a suspicious origin. In some cases, illegal playback of movies or series on stream platforms or IPTV channels is illegally redirected by the user who contracted the service, in many cases charging money for it. They record the signal directly from the air or even record it from a legal IPTV user, recode it and resend it.

Websites – These sites sometimes contain Trojans, spyware, and advertisements, cryptocurrency miners that are installed on your computer.

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You need decoder – According to themescene.tv, to access IPTV channels it will not be enough to register, you will need a decoder to receive, decompress and decode the signal.


In addition to the disadvantages and advantages, the IPTV experience of watching television is really quite pleasant, and we advise you to try it in person, at least during the promotional period, to see if it suits you or not, and to see if this is the right choice for you.