Types of Unique and Cool Custom Challenge Coins

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Challenge coins are used to express appreciation or to welcome another member in your family, team, office, or business. They have been used for decades, and they can be made of pretty much every material. Nowadays, they are becoming really popular to give as a present and to show your gratitude towards someone.

In this article, we will tell you about the different types of unique and cool custom challenge emblems and how they are used in our everyday lives. You can create the outline yourself, and get the stamp custom made so you can give it to someone you love and cherish.

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These types of coins give you the most creative freedom because they can be related to anything from the entertainment industry. They have been used for a long time to promote different movies, actors, special occasions, and even music and albums.

Sometimes these units are designed by a movie director to give to their crew, or a producer can design them to give them to their band members. But the story does not end here! Many authors are presented with these coins to celebrate the release of their new book, and they have also been used in the gaming industry. There is no specific shape that is used to create them, and you can find pretty much everything, from a vinyl record, up to a cassette tape, and even a movie clapperboard.


Many believe that the custom challenge stamps are used only in the military, police, and other types of law enforcement, but the reality is, everyone can get custom made emblems to commemorate a special occasion.

One of the latest trends for companies is to get their logo put into a stamp and either share that with the employees or to keep just one piece safe in the owner’s office. These coins are used to show important achievements, but they are also used to make specific dates, show appreciation and in some companies, they are given to the best employees before they retire.

People usually stick with the circle shape, and you can notice that in the Coca Cola or Microsoft designs, but if you decide to get them custom made, you are free to choose any shape or hue you want.


When we are talking about classic designs, we mean the military stamps. It is said that because of them, people started liking these unique coins and they became popular all over the world. With them, we are able to show our appreciation to the brave women and men who are ready to defend our country at all costs.

There are a lot of different subtypes of these stamps and the most common ones include the Air Force, Navy, Marines, and Army. Even though they are similar, they still have different styles that represent the uniqueness of the military.

The eagle, anchor, dog tag, and the globe are the most common shapes and designs people choose to go with, but if you are a part of the military, or if you want to give a stamp as a gift for someone who is one of the heroes, you can choose your own sketch. The whole creation process and the overall design depends on the challenge coin maker, and if you want to find out how you can create your own design, you can check this.


As the name suggests, these units are used to remember a special occasion. They can be used for a family gathering, reunion, a birthday party, or a wedding. They are one of the best ways to commemorate a date, and they are one of the most unique gifts you can give to someone you love.

One of the best things about this type is that you don’t have to hold back with the ideas you have when it comes to color, shape, and overall design. Some people choose to incorporate a picture of their loved ones in the final products, other just put dates, letter, and names, or you can choose to put an image that will always remind your family of the important date.


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Firefighters are the people who are not afraid to literally run into a burning building to save our lives. They are superheroes and they deserve to be appreciated. There is no better way to thank them for everything they are doing for us than to give them a unique present made specifically for them.

This was the idea behind these stamps, and they have been used all over the world. Just like the military designs, they are made to present the commitment and courage that firefighters show every single day.

The most common shape used is the circle one, however, there are a lot of other cool custom designs you can choose from, and incorporate the colors of your local department, or just add the name of it.

Other types

There are dozens of different types of emblems that are commonly used and the ones we mentioned before are just scratching the surface. Other types include the famous police emblems, corporative, sports, government, school, and even clubs and hobbies stamps.

If you decide to create your own design, the first thing you need to do is find a reliable maker and talk to them about the quality, quantity, materials used, and turnaround time. The price depends mostly on the size and the material used, but it can also depend on the mold that needs to be used, colors, and, of course, the company that makes them. You can usually find these emblems for as low as 2 dollars, and the most expensive ones can cost up to several hundred dollars per coin.

Make sure you do your research before you choose the right design for the occasion, and think about the number of tokens that you need to get done. Talk to the expert about getting the right design, and don’t be afraid to play around with different shapes and sizes before you settle for one thing. Remember that the bigger the coin is the more details you can put in, and if you choose something smaller, try to keep the design sleek and clean.