Are You Getting The Benefits Of Using Packshot Photography?


Is your business unleashing the potential of packshot photography in your marketing?

There are many benefits to harnessing packshot photos in all of your marketing assets and collateral. But what are they, and what even is packshot photography?

First things first: What is packshot photography?


It’s a great question!

Think about marketing in general and about what sells. What do you want to see if you’re shopping for products in a catalog or online? For most people, including your customers, the answer is high-quality, detailed shots that show them exactly what they’re going to get for their money.

This, in a nutshell, is what packshot photography is. It’s taking detailed photos of your products to help sell your products, grow your brand, and inspire customers to want to do business with you.

Why is packshot photography such a difference-maker?

Think about some of the brands you follow on Instagram or other social media platforms. While many share photos were taken on a smartphone while on the move in the name of “authenticity,” the best shots are always the professionally taken ones. The bottom line is that people shop – and make all sorts of decisions – with their eyes, and first impressions count. Using packshot photos in your marketing means you can wow your audience.

Let’s take a closer look at how you do that.

7 benefits of using packshot photography


1. You grab your audience’s attention

Once upon a time, you could use visual assets to stand out from the crowd. Today, physical mail, emails, social media updates, and even push notifications are all appealing to our visual senses almost incessantly throughout the day. If everyone is doing something, it means you need to be the best at it.

Packshot photos help to elevate what you’re doing onto a more prominent level. This gives your business a creative edge over everyone who thinks that simply using imagery is enough to power their marketing efforts.

2. You educate your audience

Too many businesses still think that educating your audience means explicitly telling them stuff in a blog post or having unwieldy, 700-word long product pages. Yet, the saying “a picture paints 1,000 words” has never been more accurate. Quality packshot photos not only make your products look attractive and desirable. They tell your customers exactly what they will get for their money. An incredible image will enable you to differentiate your products, highlight unique selling points, and have your customers reach for their credit cards.

And you don’t need to say a word.


3. You build your brand identity

When you invest in packshot photos, you bring consistency into the imagery you use and how you deploy these in your marketing materials. That, in turn, helps to develop your brand identity. In time, people will see a photo of your product and be able to recognize it’s from your brand even if you don’t have the logo on it!

4. You enhance your brand visibility

Social media posts containing visual content get far greater engagement than text-only posts.

That’s why even businesses you wouldn’t necessarily associate with providing visual content – like banks and insurance companies – are tripping over themselves to promote their Instagram page. The mistake many of them make is turning their back on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

This is where you come in. Not only will you still be present on those platforms. You’ll also be sharing high-quality, visual product imagery that others will be inspired to share. If you do this, you’re getting your marketing done at no cost!

5. You build trust and reduce returns and complaints

When you educate your customers about your products, you build trust between them and your brand.

Packshot photos allow you to answer every question a customer might have about your products before they ask or even think of them! In turn, this means they know everything they need to know about a product before they buy. This delivers greater levels of customer satisfaction, minimizes returns and complaints, and makes them come back for more.

6. You trigger an emotional response

It’s what marketing, advertising, and photography are all about. If you’re not triggering an emotional response in your audience, the bottom line is they aren’t going to do anything about what you’re showing them. Packshot photography elevates your products to such an extent that your audience won’t be able to help those feelings of FOMO and the desire to buy.

7. You increase conversions, revenue, profit, and ROI

All the other benefits feed into this, the most important of them all. Better photography means better marketing.

Better marketing means you’re going to convert more. This means you make more sales. Then, in time, because other metrics like your cost per acquisition will reduce as you enjoy a high customer return rate, your profits and overall marketing ROI will soar, too.

Where can I get packshot photos?


Your first thought might be “professional photographer.” However, you’re left with high-quality photos and still need to do the marketing side of things.

Instead, it’s worth considering working with a marketing production agency like the Netherlands-based CreativeMediaNetwork. The added benefit of using such a resource is that you can understand whether you need to use packshot photos in the first place. Once you’ve identified your need, you can then work with experts who can help to not only stage your products amazingly but ensure they’re presented incredibly beautifully be that online or in your catalogs and brochures.

If you’re not using packshot photography, you’re missing a trick when it comes to your marketing!