8 Best Portable Barber Chairs to Buy in 2020

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Numerous men find their time at a barber one of the most precious ones. We all live crazy, fast lives. Sometimes organizing a time just for ourselves can be very tricky. We have so many obligations every day that we often forget to find some time for ourselves. And we all know how important that time is. That’s why most of the men love going to a barbershop. That is their 30 minutes in heaven.

A nice interior and good atmosphere are a must at the barber. But there’s one more thing that determines whether we are going to feel relaxed there or not: the chair we are sitting in. It doesn’t have to be luxurious (but it surely can be a plus if it is), but it has to be comfortable enough.

That’s why we decided to make a small guide for all the barbers out there. After you get familiar with this subject, you’ll know what’s available on the market. That way you’ll be able to find a great chair for your barbershop. Or at least make sure you forward all of this good information to a barber friend that would appreciate them.

Best Portable Barber Chairs To Buy In 2020

1. Shengyu Black Recline Hydraulic Styling Barber Chair

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This is a high-quality chair that has great performance. It can last for a very long period. One of its best properties is the possibility of height adjustment. That way, you can find the ideal hight for each one of your customers. It is made of high-density foam material, so you can be sure this chair will be comfortable enough for sitting as long as needed. Sgengyu chair has an amazing design and it will make your barbershop look very beautiful and sophisticated.

2. Artist Hand 20″ Wide All Purpose Hydraulic Barber Chair

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This chair has a very modern, interesting design. The combination of black and red will make your barber place unique and recognizable. It offers a padded design which makes this chair very cozy and nice to sit in. You can also adjust the height thanks to the existing hydraulic pump. This Hydraulic Recliner Barber Chair chair owns a 360-degree swivel feature and a steel frame construction. You will be enjoying this one for a long time.

3. BeautyRiver Gold Classic Hydraulic Barber Chair

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If you are looking for a stylish and modern barber chair, you are going to love this one. This BeautyRiver Gold Classic Chair will make your barbershop look irresistible. With furniture like this everyone is going to love coming to your place because of the fancy atmosphere it will make. The load capacity of the chair is 400 pounds and its maximum height is 26.3 inches

4. BR Beauty Lounge Backwash Chair

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Having this chair in your salon will take everything to another level. With this chair, it is all about comfort and relaxation. All of your customers will love it. This chair will make them feel like they are sitting on a cloud. BR Beauty Lounge Backwash Chair offers an ergonomic headrest, as well as adjustable leg rest for maximum comfort. It also comes with a black porcelain shampoo bowl and other details. This chair is very practical and it will keep your workspace nice and organized.

5. DIR Beauty Salon Stylist Chair

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This chair is very compact and you can easily move it from one part of the salon to another. It is made of memory foam that provides great comfort to anyone sitting in it. Some other characteristics of the DIR Beauty Salon Stylist Chair are faux leather and simple, modern design. There is also a leg rest part which some people appreciate very much. You can find it in different colors, so you can pick the one that meets your preferences the most.

6. Mefeir Styling Chair

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The main signature of this chair is a simplistic design. It will be a great choice for anyone more on a minimalistic side. Stainless steel and black color make the Mefeir Styling chair very sophisticated. It has a wide seating area and separate parts for resting arms and legs. All of this is excellent when it comes to some longer barber sessions. You can be sure the customer is going to feel comfortable and cozy while you’re doing your work. The load capacity of this chair is 330 pounds.

7. BarberPub Classic Styling Salon Chair

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As the name says, this chair is one of those classics that can work for any salon. It comes in different colors (black, white, red, grey…etc) so you can choose the one you prefer. You can even mix and match since the colors go very well with one another. All of them have a wide, square-shaped sitting area. You can adjust the height thanks to the hydraulic setup. If you’re not looking for something too extra and you’d rather get something simple but effective, BarberPub Classic Styling Salon Chair is a great choice.

8. FlagBeauty Black Hydraulic Barber Styling Chair

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This chair has a heavy-duty steel frame, as well as a heavy-duty hydraulic pump. You can adjust the hight so it fits the person sitting in the chair. It is made of very comfortable foam, so you can sit in it for hours without a problem. It is also very stylish and it will look good in your barber place. If you want this chair to pop and be the main center of the salon you can choose the one in red color.


All of these chairs are amazing and each one of them will serve you for a long time. On the other hand, they offer different designs and performances. You can find the one you like the best depending on what you’re looking for in your barbershop. Besides that, you know the best what kind of chair your customers would appreciate. We recommend considering all that before making the final decision. You can also visit GoTen.com and find your perfect portable barber chair there.

Don’t forget, investing in a good, high-quality chair is always a good choice. Make your place comfortable, tidy, and beautiful and people will love coming back to you over and over again.


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