What is the Best Stone for an Engagement Ring?

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Have you decided that now could be the perfect time to propose to your beloved girlfriend? Then you might already be excited and busy getting everything you need for that proposal.

Guys who plan to make a lasting impression take the time to prepare for that awaited day. From choosing the perfect location, inviting family and friends to have someone to celebrate with, down to selecting the ideal ring, it’s one of the most exciting occasions for guys who want to get that coveted “yes” from the girl they want to spend the rest of their lives with.

And for that engagement ring, while you can never go wrong with a diamond, it’s also good to consider other precious stones when choosing a ring. You may have heard about the 4 Cs of diamonds while you were shopping for an engagement ring, but there is more to learn. You can read about essential factors to consider when buying an engagement ring here.

Did you know that precious stones are attached to particular meanings? If you are the sentimental type, you may be interested in learning about these specific meanings now that you are choosing one for your special someone. Read the rest of the article to find out more.

What are precious and semi-precious stones?

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To attach the word precious to something means that the object in question is valuable. For jewelry, the general public perceives precious stones as more valuable than semi-precious stones, but this is not always true. Some unique semi-precious stones can be more expensive than precious stones.

In general, diamonds, emeralds, sapphires, and rubies are considered precious stones. Others like agate, pearl aquamarine, and moonstone would fall under semi-precious stones.

Below are the different precious stones and their meanings.


Diamond symbolizes love and purity. This precious stone is also one of the reasons why it has been a staple choice for men who want to propose. Diamonds are also a symbol of strength for their hardness. When adequately polished, diamonds glitter under the light, and this mesmerizing illumination is believed to help the wearer explore her imaginative self and indulge in creative pursuits. Diamonds symbolize empowerment and allow their owners to be bolder and courageous in making decisions. Finally, they are worn as good luck charms to help ward off evil energies.


Emerald symbolizes eternal love. The green color is also associated with the heart chakra, and a healthy heart chakra is believed to create better physical health and emotional well-being for human beings. So, giving your girlfriend an emerald ring could also mean wishing her a life free from sicknesses. In addition, they say that emeralds symbolize intuition, truth, and new beginnings.


Bluer than the sea, it may be, but it’s a precious stone that symbolizes a lot of beautiful meanings. During ancient times, people used blue sapphires to clear negative energies and attract peace for the bearer of the jewelry. The blue color also symbolizes peace, and this could be the best choice if you want to have a tranquil marriage.


Consider getting a ruby engagement ring for added passion and romance in your marriage. These are perfect for adventurous and spirited girls who like to have fun. Red could also symbolize fire, which means that it could add a burning flavor and color to your relationship. Some people go for ruby since it represents happiness. Finally, it also means better physical health because it is reminiscent of blood’s color.

Other things to consider when choosing the perfect engagement ring

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Don’t just rush when buying an engagement ring. Here are some of the many factors to consider in choosing the perfect ring. Also, you can find more useful information on GemPundit.

Consider your girlfriend’s taste

Does she like trendy or classical pieces? Things like these may seem trivial, but it’s a question that you need to ask when shopping for an engagement ring. Some girls prefer to wear simple accessories, while others could perfectly pull off a heavily embellished piece in any outfit. Take your cue from her current accessories, and that should pretty much reveal her taste in jewelry.

It should be reasonably priced

Don’t break the bank when shopping for an engagement ring. There will always be one that’s within your budget range. In addition, your local jeweler might already have a variety of options that you could choose from. Don’t be shy to ask for recommendations and be transparent with the amount you intend to spend on a ring.

The “wow” factor is important

The proposal is meant for her to give you a big “yes.” And a significant part of impressing your girl during an engagement is the ring. Have you noticed how girls like to show off their rings to their family and closest friends? That is also why guys make an extra effort to save for an engagement ring — so that they could impress the girl they want to marry and tell her that she is worth the extra spend.

Where you purchase also matters

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When shopping for an engagement ring, be sure to get one from a reputable jeweler. While it is convenient to purchase it online, you might also want to consider checking the local shops in your area. This way, you can quickly return the item in case of imperfections. Moreover, local shops may be more available to attend to your questions, which is beneficial, especially if you are not a jewelry expert. If you choose to buy online, then know that there are exist a number of honest companies that you can trust. Just make sure to conduct a background check on the seller and read the terms of the sale.

Final words

An engagement ring could symbolize the start of a new beginning for you and your girlfriend. If you can afford to spend extra on a ring, then go ahead and sweep off your girl with a prized expensive diamond If she really loves you, then know that love understands and less expensive kind is okay. Either way, whether you go for a ring with a precious or semi-precious stone, the important thing is that you found the courage to enter into the idea of forever. May you find the perfect ring that your girlfriend likes and best wishes to you on this journey.