7 Tips for Getting Free Diamonds in Free Fire – 2024 Guide

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Everyone enjoys the entertainment that we get from video games. While we are happy during the time we play, the competitiveness never ends. We are always looking for an improvement so we can beat all the other players.

There are always some materials or currencies that are essential for the progress of every game. In Free Fire, there are diamonds that help you to purchase great equipment and weaponry that will help you to become better in the game.

Although these valuables can be bought, not everyone can afford such expenses which makes the game look unfair. However, players who did not have the chance to buy them, have found another way to acquire the diamonds. In this article, we will show you some ways and tips for getting free diamonds in Free Fire.

1. Using other apps

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With the use of other applications, as a reward for your time, you can acquire diamonds that will help your game progress.

There are many unsafe applications, that can harm your computer or they can get your account suspended. It is not advisable to use an application if you are not being completely sure of the safety. That is why we are going to recommend you a couple of apps that are a completely safe alternative for acquiring diamonds.

Google surveys

Since this method is being created by Google, you don’t need to question safety. It is a program where you have to fill out surveys and questionnaires, where you will be rewarded for your time. The rewards are points that can be used in the game for purchasing drops and getting diamonds.

Easy rewards

Another system that can help you to get free diamonds. As with the previous application, you should fill out surveys with the addition of going through videos and having applications downloaded on your devices. All this effort will be rewarded with points that can be replaced either for gift cards or currencies that can be used for diamond purchasing. Although this seems like a long process, it still might be worth it to try.


As an extension to the Garena application, there are certain situations where you can watch media for a predetermined time, or upload your videos for a chance to get diamonds. This is something that happens from time to time, so you should give it a try and acquire the Free Fire valuables.

2. Pay attention to codes

Something that is occasionally being let is codes that you can redeem for a reward. Garena has events where such things are being given away. This usually happens during the festive months, so you should be more active then. The codes can give you rewards such as seasonal equipment, or even some rare pieces besides the diamonds that usually drop.

3. Use a generator

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The easiest way to surely make diamonds for you is with the power of a generator. However, many options are not reliable or they just don’t work. All you need to do is write down your ID, and have the valuables deposited on your account. To learn more about the use of generators, visit here.

4. Advertise partnered programs

This method can help you to acquire more than a thousand diamonds every month. However, you are required to have a YouTube account that has a significant number of subscribers. After that, you are applying for such a program, and you wait for the creators to accept you. The whole point is to come up with game-related videos and help the game to rise even more. For that effort, you will be awarded the highly desired valuables.

5. Consider giveaways

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These acts are really common in the Free Fire community. Many people create videos, or they just stream their plays. To attract more viewers, they tend to make such events where they gift a lot of diamonds. Since it costs nothing to get in the giveaway, you should use that method to acquire the valuables.

Besides the gifts from professionals and streamers, you can get into discord rooms where these things are being posted. That way, you increase your chances of getting a win and having more diamonds at the end of the day.

6. Use the converter applications

Besides the generators, there are applications where you can replace your gold with diamonds. That is a really useful tool that will change the way you play. Just like every other tool, make sure that is reliable and safe before you use it. Avoid suspicious options, and do research before you decide to use a converter for acquiring more diamonds.

7. Play in competitions

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The most traditional way of acquiring diamonds is with regular playing time. There are competitions where you can enter for the chance of getting such a prize. You don’t even need to win the whole tournament completely. Just get in the first three and you will be awarded.

Although this seems easy, you should be a really good player. With regular playing, you will surely become better. Watching the streams that give away diamonds can help you become better as well. Since the people who are creating the content are usually great players, there is a lot you can learn from them. Starting with basic strategies, to developing a style of playing that will surely bring you more victories.

In addition, many articles show you how to become better. Starting from proper character development, to maxing out the pets. To secure more wins, you should get a team that you function well with. That can be your close friends, or you can find players sporadically while playing.

Your style may need some improvements. As you can notice how the professionals play, they are always doing the right decisions. That is why you should be in the middle of the spectrum. If you are being too aggressive you may be dying more than you should. If you are being too passive, you will be cornered and pushed out of position which is not good as well.

Make sure that you get comfortable, and enjoy the time you spend while playing, that is being the most important aspect of every game. The diamonds will give you space for further improvement, and the ability to dress your character in the best cosmetics possible.