Are Essay Writing Services Worth It?


If you’re asking yourself, “Are essay writing services worth it?” then you might already know that there are students who are taking advantage of them to complete their essays on time. Essay writing services are online companies that offer students professional assistance with their papers for a price.

Top essay writing services hire employees who have completed degrees in the subject they will be helping with, so they’ll be qualified to write on the topic. Most companies employ writers from across the globe, which means you can find someone who speaks your language and understands your culture. And since many of their employees are academics, you can also expect quality work. You can read some reviews and find the best essay writing service for you on review sites like

How much do Essay Writing Services Cost, and is it Worth the Price Tag?


The cost can vary significantly depending on what service you need. If you just need someone to write your paper, it can cost as little as $20 per page, especially if you have a short essay. Longer papers with more research may cost about $50-60 per page.

Other companies require that you purchase a package of pages, so the price per page goes down the more pages that are included in your plan. Also, some companies offer discounts or special deals to return customers, referrals or by entering a student-specific promo code when you register.

So are essay writing services worth the price tag? If you need more time for your other classes and assignments, then yes, they are definitely worth it.

What are some of the Pros and Cons of Using an Essay Writing Service?


The biggest pro of using essay writing services online is receiving professional assistance with your paper while still getting to avoid some of the pitfalls of writing this kind of assignment on your own. For example, if someone else does your research for you, there’s no risk that you’ll plagiarize unintentionally by using someone else’s work without giving credit to the author.

Another benefit is time management. As highlighted in their review, ordering essay paper can be very helpful if you have a looming deadline or your other courses are too hectic to allow for much free time since you’ll get an early start on writing your paper. Plus, the experts writing them will help ensure that what you’re saying falls in line with what experts in your field (or at least experts who are experts about the subject of your paper) would say.

There are also some downsides that go along with hiring someone else to write your paper. The biggest drawback is the cost. There are companies that will write papers for as cheap as $20 per page, and there are companies that will write them for about $50-60 per page. You have to decide if it’s worth the cost or not depending on your financial situation.

Also, there is no guarantee that you’ll get exactly what you need from an essay writing service. If you’re looking for research assistance, then sure, they can help you find the resources you need and even rewrite or structure your paper so that it falls in line with what experts would say on the topic. But if all you want is a single sentence changed or to know where to look for credible sources, it may be faster just to ask one of your peers who has completed similar assignments before.

Who Should Consider Using an Essay Writing Service?


One of the biggest benefits of using a writing service is having extra time for your other courses. They can also help you blast through writer’s block—especially if it was due to issues like external pressure and fear of failing the papers.

A major reason to consider hiring an essay writing service is if you do not feel confident in your ability or skillset to create quality written work on a given subject or topic. An essay writing service will provide assistance with any paper from high school through professional levels, including offering help with assignments like book reports, summaries, research papers, term papers, thesis statements, annotated bibliographies, and research designs, etc.

How do you Know if you’re working with a Reputable Company – or if you’re Getting Scammed?


The best way to tell is always going to be doing your research. This means looking for reviews of the essay writing services in your area online.

You can also get a feel for how legit a company is by checking out their blog and reading some of the sample papers that they post.

Do your research! Make sure you can find other people online who have written about their experiences with this service. Go to the company website and search for coupon codes or discounts that may help make your decision easier (especially if you’re on a budget).

Also, see what kind of credentials and education levels the writers hold (this applies to any essay writing company, not just our agency). You’ll want to make sure that any writer you work with has enough experience and relevant coursework under their belt so that they can provide quality, credible content without making mistakes about your subject matter.


On the other end of the spectrum, there are some good clues that can let you know whether or not an essay writing service is worth its cost. If it has customer testimonials, for instance, then that may be a sign that people have received high-quality work in the past and they were happy enough with what they got to spread their own positive experiences so others would feel comfortable signing up.

Another quality indicator is when an essay writing service offers detailed information about who will write your paper. You should always want to work with someone who has experience in your specific academic area (e.g., History for history papers) because this means they’re familiar with all of the nuances and rules of that subject.

The Bottom Line

If you’re working on an essay for school and don’t feel like spending hours researching and writing when there are other things (like hanging out with friends) that would be much more fun to do, then using an essay writing service is very much worth the money. And if you think about how much time it would take you to do it all on your own, then paying someone to do the assignment for you actually seems like a pretty good deal.