10 Grand Best Online Games You’ll Want To Play In 2024

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Virtual games are super fun and are great escapades during the current times. If you think that online games are not for you, you are certainly wrong and need to try your hands at some of them.

While some of you prefer number games, other love card games. There are different games with different adventure levels. But all we can say is that they are all engaging and great for leisure times. Given the surge in online mobile gaming applications usage, manufacturers are coming up with new games this 2024.

In 2024, game creators launched many multiplayer games, and people have also had their share of traditional games.

These games manage to captivate thousands of gaming enthusiasts every day. The pandemic has also forced people to take an interest in virtual games, and as we all know, there is no going back from the world of online games! The gaming landscape is thriving with plenty of old games and ample space for new launches. You will now be able to quench your gaming thirst like a pro! Read this Forbes blog to know more about the future of virtual gaming.

Here are some of the games you would play next year.

1. Carrom

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This game has kept us entertained during the lockdown. People enjoyed staying at home as they could connect with their close ones via this online game. Carrom is a nostalgic game that we have all played during our childhood. This classic board game is extremely entertaining. Thankfully, the online version is as thrilling as the offline one.

Go for a website that has all the rules written on it. The classic carrom game is generally played between two to four players. You can either invite one of your friends to join you or challenge an opponent. Make sure you know about the angles before playing this online game. Read all the rules and pocket the coins in the best possible ways.

2. Bubble shooter

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Bubble shooter is one of the top games that you can play. It involves action as well as strategy. This puzzle game is easy to understand, so thousands of people choose this game. There is no rocket science involved in this, and the objective is mainly to pop the bubbles. You have to prevent them from reaching the bottom of the screen. Just aim for the right bubbles and make sure you take advantage of the walls.

There are various tournaments and battles available online on bubble shooter games. You might want to participate in them, but we advise you to practice free games before challenging someone.

3. Chess

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It is known for improving memory and deepening focus. You can play this game in the online version because it is safer this way. This is also a board game that is generally played by masterminds.

It involves a lot of tricks, techniques, and strategies. You can even connect with your friends and play with them. We can bet that you would love the online version.

4. Rummy

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This is a classic game with its roots in India. Since childhood, we have all seen our family members play this card game. You can try the online version because it is engaging. If you choose a reliable site, you will get best in class experience, fast withdrawal, customer support, top-notch security, etc. If you have played the offline version before, we are sure that you already know how this works. To know more, click: https://www.mpl.live/rummy.

However, make sure you know about the pure sequence, impure sequence, first life, second life, and sets in rummy to declare the game at the right time.

5. Online poker

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Poker is yet another fantastic game that you can play online. If you are thinking of choosing a game that involves a lot of logical reasoning, then poker is what you should choose. It also helps if you have great mathematical skills. Since you have to strategize every move, poker is known to help you with real-life problems. Know about flops, rivers, turns, and hands in poker so that you can win the game easily. There are online poker game variants that you can choose from.

6. Sudoku

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This is a brain game, and if you have always enjoyed filling crossword puzzles in newspapers and magazines, then go ahead and play Sudoku. There are various variations such as 4 * 4 grids, 2 * 2 grids, etc. This game is excellent if you want to work out your brain muscles.

7. Ludo

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You might play more of this traditional board game this coming year because there is nothing to learn. You already know the game. Ludo is entertaining and is one of the most played games ever since the pandemic has hit the nation. The best part is that you can even invite your parents and older relatives to play this game.

8. Online cricket

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Fantasy cricket is one of the most played games because you get to make your team decisions. It is just like owning a team in the virtual world. Fantasy cricket brings with it a lot of thrill and excitement. If you are an introvert and love staying indoors, then fantasy cricket is something you should try.

The process of fantasy league cricket is quite simple, and you need to choose 11 players. However, you have to track sports updates to win the game. You get to connect with several cricket enthusiasts across the nation, which is a bonus.

Playing fantasy cricket is amazing, and it is a replica of the T20 league.

9. Scrabble

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This is also a game that includes a lot of wordplays. If you have enjoyed playing the offline version of this game, we bet you will enjoy the online version too. Scrabble is available on some of the leading websites. A great game to play before bedtime as well.

10. 8-ball pool

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Last but not least, 8-ball pool is also a game that you should play online. You get to win cash daily if you play this game.

Playing 8-ball pool is pretty straightforward, but you have to understand the fouls to not make a mistake.

So these are a few games that you might play more than ever next year.