Bot On Instagram: Features, Types And Benefits


Instagram is now more than just a social network! This is a whole platform with a huge number of active users. Every day, millions of people go to Instagram and follow the lives of their friends and acquaintances. The application gives quite impressive functionality in order to communicate with friends. You can chat, record stories, call each other, shoot videos, and more. In addition, it is also a great platform for making money.

Today it is impossible to imagine any business that would not be on Instagram. However, it is always necessary to remember the costs that any business incurs. Namely, the need for a dedicated team to help promote your product. You need a targetologist, marketer, SMM specialist, manager, and much more. At the same time, these people should be online 24/7!


However, thanks to modern technology, all of the above can be avoided. You can use Bot on Instagram will allow you to replace a whole team of specialists. It will be online every day and night. It will always respond to user messages and promote your account 24/7. The chatbot is great to free you from the routine, providing all the necessary information without your participation (only requires configuration). And the principle of operation is very simple: the user writes a certain word (or any text) that activates the bot, and the bot answers him.

You can also use the Instagram Chatbot 24/7:

  • Advise clients
  • Answer the mark in the story
  • Implementation of loyalty programs
  • Create a sales team
  • Reception and processing of all applications in the CRM-system
  • Collect contacts
  • Opening/closing deals
  • Accept payment
  • Make additional sales
  • Make mailings about promotions and offers

How does an Instagram chatbot work?


When your potential client writes to you in Direct, the chatbot sends a message in response, which you can configure in the system.

This will be relevant for those who constantly receive the same questions in messages (how much does it cost, where are you located, how to buy, how to pay, and so on).

This will save a lot of time answering every one. Even if you have a deep night, and someone asks in the comments the cost of a product or service, the chatbot will answer him. And a potential client will not “leave” without waiting for an answer. This eliminates the possibility that you will leave your potential client’s question unanswered.

Below we will reveal the capabilities of the bot in more detail.

Creation of auto funnels

In targeted ads or posts, the user is asked to write a code word into the chatbot. It launches a funnel that will lead them to key action, like buying or signing up.

You can implement all the mechanics that you are used to on other platforms into the Instagram auto funnel. Through the chatbot, you can also collect contacts and segment the audience, we will talk about this in more detail in the third paragraph.

You can add lead magnets and automatically sell tripwires — inexpensive micro products that motivate a potential customer to make a purchase decision faster are part of the warm-up on the way to a key offer. All this is necessary in order to finally offer to leave contacts for communication with the manager.

This mechanic increases sales and warms up potential buyers, as well as increases the likelihood of a repeat purchase. A huge plus is that all this is done automatically, and the manager can do something more important.

Implementing automatic records


Thanks to chatbots, you can now sign up for a psychologist, massage, or course directly. This is a huge plus because the transition to another platform requires you to make too many unnecessary movements. There is not always time for this, and the subscriber can postpone the recording until later, forgetting about it forever. To prevent this from happening, you should use the capabilities of chatbots.

Registration for a course can go something like this: a person sends a message with the topic of the course, and the bot in response sends information about the educational program and writes to him.

Automated direct input is a must-have for those in the information/service business.

User segmentation

Segmentation allows you to send unique offers to different target audiences. You can use it for different purposes: to warm up each individual lead, increase engagement, or create unique offers.

For example, the business school Like Center has built a chain that leads from a target to a chatbot to direct them. The bot segmented the audience according to a single criterion – the presence of their own business.

Depending on the result, a training program was offered with the opportunity to leave a contact to contact the manager. This was done by more than 20% of users who started communicating with the bot.

Game and quiz


Create a game in your account that automatically rewards viewers with points for each targeted action – for subscription, comments, mentions in stories, and so on.

They promise to distribute good prizes to those who scored a lot of points. As a result, get the “backbone” of an overactive audience. Instagram algorithms will definitely take this into account, and the reach of your posts will increase dramatically. In addition, such gaming activity is an incredibly high-quality approach to activating the audience. You can also conduct various quizzes.

Quizzes are a conversion-boosting marketing tool that works for many accounts. With its help, for example, you can warm up leads from the target and reduce the distance with the audience. Quizzes also provide an opportunity to segment the audience, but in an interactive format for subscribers. This mechanic can be used in an extended form: build games with ball mechanics based on quizzes.

You can either use an existing bot, or a service that provides similar services, or construct a bot yourself using a special constructor, or even write it in Python. The choice is yours!


A chatbot is a really useful and indispensable tool for anyone who wants to manage their business account. You just need to choose the service you like and set it up. Good luck!