7 Reasons why you Should buy an Outdoor Pool Table

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2020 is a year that forced a lot of people to stay at home, doing various activities due to the global COVID-19 pandemic. It’s crucial to keep our health secure, as well as the health of our loved ones, especially if we live in the same home with older people.

However, it’s quite understandable that most of us were not used to this type of lifestyle, so when the quarantine began, we started losing our minds. And, if you’ve never thought about preparing your home for something like this, chances are that you had nothing else to do besides watch YouTube videos or do some prison-like workouts.

But, now that we’ve learned our lesson, it’s time to consider purchasing some interesting things to keep us occupied in case something like this happens again. After all, you don’t need a pandemic to stay at home and have fun. Maybe you’ll want to host a party someday, either for your birthday or for another special occasion, and for that, you’ll need an outdoor pool table.

In the past few months, outdoor pool tables spiked up with sales on the market. Whether this became a hot new trend, or people simply found the beauty of playing pool in their own home with friends and family, it doesn’t really matter. What’s fun is fun, so let’s take a look at why you should consider making this investment.

1. Outdoor activities are safer

Image source: unsplash.com

We know that the global pandemic is slowly burning out, but in some places of this world, the number of infected cases is still not at zero. So, safety precautions are still quite important and mandatory to take. If you decide to group up and have a small party at a friend’s house, make sure to take your activities outside instead of causing a “cluster” in one room. The great thing about pool tables is that you can place them outdoors and have fun while still keeping your distance. Playing pool allows you to stay at a two-meter distance.

2. It is not as expensive as you think

Some people think that outdoor pool tables cost more than a thousand dollars, but that’s simply a myth. Sure, there are some top-tier models that professionals and celebrities purchase, but if you’re purchasing this just for recreational purposes and to have fun with your friends, such a model is definitely not mandatory for you. In fact, you can get a very solid model for just a few hundred dollars. Don’t believe us? Check out this one. It’s still not the cheapest investment you can make when it comes to fun and entertainment, but it definitely isn’t the most expensive one either.

3. Great group game to play

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When I think of all the group games that someone can play on the outside, I really cannot put this one out of the game. It’s fun, doesn’t get you tired, and it’s a proper “adult” game that you can play while having a great conversation, listening to music, and drinking to cocktails out under the sun. In the summer, this one is definitely the winner. Accompany this with a round of swimming after each game and you’ll have the best time ever.

Also, even when winter arrives, you can still play an outdoor pool if you place the table next to a heat source. Or, you can simply put it inside and play in a warm room. The possibilities are endless. All you have to do is make the investment and it is all fun and games from thereon.

4. Companies offer free delivery

Worried about the shipping price for your outdoor pool table? Well, stop worrying, because most companies will offer free delivery, especially the more popular and reputable ones. The chances to find a deal like this are even higher now due to the pandemic. A few months ago before COVID-19 happened, not so many companies offered free delivery for their pool table products. But, there’s light at the end of the tunnel I guess. The cost of shipping is also not that high if you are purchasing from a company that’s based in your country.

5. They’re durable and quality

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Okay, we cannot deny the fact that pool tables last for years before you ever feel the need to replace them. And, even when you feel like you need a replacement, it’s not like they are damaged and cannot be used anymore, it’s just some cosmetic damage that doesn’t affect the performance of the players in a pool game. What matters the most is the build quality. The wood from the side, the metal at the legs, and the surface where the game is played. But, it’s hardly ever a case that a pool table is not well-built. They literally last for years and can endure thousands of games before something happens to them if something ever happens in the first place.

6. A unique experience

Not everyone had the chance to try playing pool in their life. And, even if they wanted to, they’ll have to visit the nearest bar that has something like this and spend their money to play for like an hour before someone else takes their place. By purchasing a pool table, you allow both your friends and family to participate in a fun and unique game that can keep you up at night laughing and competing for hours. The pool is definitely unique, compared to some other things such as basketball or something like that.

7. Various available models

Image source: unsplash.com

Last but not least, it’s important to mention that pool tables come in many different models, so you’ll never be left without the “right” option for your garden, yard, or man cave. This also means that you can choose from many different price ranges.


Outdoor pool tables are awesome. You just cannot deny the fact that they can be one of the best investments that you can make in your life when it comes to entertainment purposes. In today’s guide, we listed some of the main reasons why people purchase these, and why you should consider doing it as well. We hope that our guide was helpful and concise enough. Best of luck in the near future with your purchases.