CBD Cook: Cannabidiol Food Ideas

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The constantly changing landscape of CBD is always giving people new and exciting ways to consume cannabidiol. History shows that cooking with cannabis dates back a while, however cooking with CBD oil specifically is a relatively newfound phenomenon. Are your meals missing a CBD twist? Cooking with CBD is one of the most exciting and rewarding methods, helping you to change up your intake and provide you with a therapeutic dose at dinner. Here are some of our favourite ideas to get you on the right road and start cooking with CBD.

First off, we’d really recommend starting off slowly if this is your first time cooking with CBD. Everyone has their own tastes and preferences, so it’s always best to find the kind of balance that suits you. If you’re finding that things aren’t potent enough, keep gradually mixing some more of your oil into your recipes to find the best levels. Blending CBD oil into your daily meals is a great way to get hold of a consistent routine with your CBD dosages. Once you get into the process of CBD cooking, you’ll wonder how you did without it.

Another essential part of the process is to use the highest quality CBD oil you can get your hands on. Many brands tend to make up for their lack of quality by adding preservatives and cutting corners that affect the taste and general experience of your CBD experience. So who can you trust? Our money’s on HighKind – a brand that has a proven commitment to delivering premium, uncut oils that always provide a satisfying and rewarding CBD experience. They have a huge range of products containing a variety of terpenes – perfect for choosing an oil that mixes with your favourite recipes!

Finally, another important thing to note when cooking with your CBD oil is heat. Always make sure that you’re not heating your CBD too high – this will ruin the potency of the oil and stop you feeling all those amazing effects!

Fruit Smoothies

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A cold and restoring fruit smoothie during a long summer’s day is one of life’s small pleasures. Why not make it even better? Using only a couple of doses of cannabidiol, you can totally transform your smoothies. CBD works perfectly with those fruit flavours and especially well as a post-gym refresher. Whether it’s raspberries, pineapple or apple, the choice is yours and the possibilities are endless. Check here for more information.


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Cookies or biscuits with CBD are a wonderful snack if you’re looking for a delicious uplift. Our advice is to mix the CBD oil alongside coconut oil. This will help your cannabidiol blend more effectively with the other ingredients. Cookies are hard to turn down at the best of times and with this added element, they definitely won’t be on the plate for long.


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Dressings can offer an easy, effective and healthy way to sample your CBD. Due to their cool temperature, salads are great for maintaining your favourite terpenes. There’s really no excuse for not trying this one out – all you need to do is add a small amount of oil into the dressing and you’ll receive the full effect of the unique CBD sensations.


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An Italian classic, pesto is one of our favourite pasta sauces. Everything can be improved once in a while though, right? CBD blends especially well with pesto and can add another level of enjoyment to that no-fuss pasta meal. When you’ve got your sauce ready, pour some of your CBD oil into the mix and blend all those ingredients into a smooth texture, before adding some seasoning. If you’ve got other favourite sauces, we recommend experimenting to see which you think works best with your CBD.

CBD-infused butter

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CBD works best in recipes containing fats. Whether you love it on your morning toast or melting it on your steak, butter imbued with cannabidiol is a simple and tasty way to get your daily dose of CBD. The way you make it is even easier than eating it – heat up some unsalted butter on the stove and mix it using cannabidiol. This will create a silky smooth buttery alternative for consuming your CBD.

You won’t believe it’s butter.


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What could a relaxing dose of CBD go better with than a comforting green tea? CBD naturally reduces your anxiety and stress levels, so when blended with your favourite green tea flavours you’ll be seriously chilled out. Wait for the tea to cool down a bit and mix your CBD oil into the drink – we suggest blending some honey into your brew to give you that extra bit of sweetness.


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If you can put pineapple on a pizza we can put CBD on one – right? Luckily for us, it tastes amazing. Whether it’s a margarita or a Neapolitan, get your pizza all made up and ready to go in the oven. After it’s all ready to eat, drizzle a bit of your CBD oil onto the toppings. Trust us when we say it makes a whole lot of difference.

Moon Milk

The more people decide to move away from dairy products and embrace alternatives such as almond milk and oat milk, the better these products become. Almond milk especially is great milk to put in your tea or have with your corn flakes. Why not add a dash of CBD oil? When you’re making your next lot of milk, drop a few doses of CBD into that smooth mix and you’ll notice the difference immediately.

Hot Chocolate

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Let’s end on a sweet note – who doesn’t love a warm, comforting hot chocolate with a few marshmallows after a cold, winter’s day? After you’ve taken your hot chocolate mix off direct heat, mix in some drops of your favourite CBD oil. Add the cream and a few chocolate sprinkles for good measure and you’re ready to go! After a rainy day, it will feel like a warm and comfy hug.

The health benefits of cooking with CBD are numerous and this new way of consumption is the perfect way to appreciate the positive effects of CBD oil. Follow our guide to cooking with CBD oil and you’ll have a more sensual and enduring CBD sensation. If you’re not getting hungry just looking at these ideas, we don’t know when you will be.