Is Streetwear a Fashion?


Fashion knows many directions and promotes different ways of dressing. Each of these ways has something unique. Some of them offer classic clothes, business clothes, and some offer an informal way of wearing clothes that are created literally for every day. Often on the street you can meet people who wear nice sweatshirts, casual jeans, some super cool sneakers and similar pieces of clothing that look great combined. Some would say yes, it is a casual style of dressing, but others would disagree. And fashion critics would not agree with that, they would tell you that there is a special style of dress called street wear, a fashion direction for which you can find out more about and you can see different pieces of clothing at

When you combine all these segments, you get this style in fashion called street wear. It is a mix that everyone enjoys. It is composed of sports and at the same time casual pieces of clothing that, no matter how you combine them, would suit you perfectly. This style is inspired by the segments that we have pointed out above and it is usually nurtured by people who love music, who want to look beautiful and at the same time casual, people who sometimes want to escape from the business way of dressing, etc. Therefore, we can say with certainty that this style of dress is special, but it still suits everyone who finds themselves in it.


Yes, streetwear is a fashion style that involves youthful and casual dressing. This fashion trend began in the 1980s and is presently one of the iconic genres in fashion. Streetwear is a casual style of dressing that is common with urban youths who are interested in music or sports.

Interestingly, streetwear is not just a fashion style. It has become a fashion movement that most urban youths have identified with. In addition, streetwear represents the interests of the urban youth such as sports, dance, music, and alternative fashion.

Besides being affordable, this fashion style allows the urban youths to feel comfortable while showcasing their styles. However, streetwear fashion isn’t about clothes alone but also comprises accessories. Want to know more about what the streetwear fashion style entails? Keep reading this article.

Common Clothes and Accessories in Streetwear Fashion


You must know that not all casual youthful styles of dressing are categorized under streetwear fashion. Below are the common clothing and accessories you can find in streetwear fashion.


You can find many ripped jeans in streetwear fashion. These jeans are often dark blue and washed. Sometimes, the jeans may have multiple pockets at the sides. Alternatively, you can wear skinny jeans or shredded jean shorts which are also a type of streetwear fashion. However, shredded jean shorts can only be worn by girls. Jeans are a great way to show off your creative mindset that promotes this style. You can combine them in every possible way and no matter how you do it, they will suit you perfectly.



Sweatpants and joggers are fashion pieces common among urban youths and that’s a fact you can’t deny. They are quite baggy and come in various colors. In addition, they allow you to look cool and stylish while feeling comfortable at the same time. For girls who don’t fancy wearing a jogger, leggings are a suitable alternative. FIRM ABS is a professional fitness apparel & accessories brand that serves fitness enthusiasts from all around the world.


Plain or Printed T-shirts are important components of streetwear fashion. The printed T-shirts in streetwear fashion are designed with artworks, graffiti, and slogans in bright colors. Interestingly, you can find these T-shirts in a variety of sizes such as baggy, fitting, long, and loose.

You can also opt for plain T-shirts that are colored in one color. However, most urban youths prefer these T-shirts in gray, white, and black colors. So you can see perfectly combined T-shirts in white, black, gray, red and many other colors. Besides these T-shirts, girls can wear crop tops and tank tops as an alternative. So let your imagination run wild and combine it in the way you want, but follow what is prescribed by this style of dress.



Hoodies, sweatshirts, and jackets are what you need to complete that streetwear look. The jackets in streetwear fashion are not regular but casual. They include:

  • Long jackets made from wool – These jackets are very popular and can be combined with a wide sweater, a solid color blouse, or even a cool sweatshirt.;
  • Biker jackets – these jackets are usually made of leather or eco-leather. They usually have some interesting emblems on them that are typical for bikers. You can combine it with literally any piece of clothing you can wear under it, but make sure that the material of the blouse or T-shirt is not too thick because these jackets are very warm.;
  • Denim jackets and jeans – this is a classic that is typical for the 80s and 90s, but it is also a super cool choice for this direction in fashion. Therefore, if you choose such a jacket you will not go wrong, you will look cool and it will fit you perfectly. For more ideas, you can visit here.
  • Camo jackets – jackets that are associated with military clothing, but also want to be worn by ordinary people who want to look unusual and cool. A great choice that is supported by this direction in fashion and a great choice that you can combine with a T-shirt with a cool inscription or with a wide and beautiful sweatshirt.;
  • Tight-fitting leather jackets – as we said above, leather jackets are an integral part of the street wear concept. This type of jacket is very popular when it comes to street wear, and is especially acceptable in the fall when it can keep you warm, but also to look great combined in an outfit of your choice.;
  • Bomber jackets – even flared jackets are part of this concept. Casual outfits are popular, but they also fit well with this concept. All you need to do is combine it well with a cool T-shirt during the fall and spring, with a nice sweatshirt if the weather is colder or with a wide sweater if the weather is really cold..

However, it is important to know that the jackets worn as streetwear fashion may change in the future.



Sneakers and boots are used to complete the streetwear fashion style. You may choose ankle boots or white sneakers to give you that casual look. The sneakers in no small measure are the “streets” best footwear. The combination often referred to as fresh streetwear style.


The streetwear fashion style is an important fashion genre. This is because the style has evolved since its inception and is common among urban youths in California and New York. Besides the cool, casual appearance it gives you, being comfortable while rocking it is a plus. So do not think too much. If you want great comments and if you want to be one of the many cool people now you know the rules of wearing and you can make your combination that you will present to others.