10 Steps To Create High-Quality Essays In No Time

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An essay is a short discussion on a topic. Within the framework of this story, the author needs to briefly identify and reveal the problem, state and argue his position, come to some result. It is believed that a good essay encourages the reader to think and take action. Composing an essay is not an easy task. To do this, you need to have a good command of English, concisely and consistently express thoughts. Moreover, the student has to consult the writing of the essay with other assignments, which leads to stress and depression. If you want to learn how to write essays faster, use our step-by-step guide.

Define the Essence of the Assignment

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Appreciate your time! Agree – writing an essay that does not answer the teacher’s question is a waste of time. Before writing an article, carefully study the essence of the topic, and if you have any difficulties, inform the teacher about it or contact the online essay writer. For example, the experts at essayassistant.net can help select resources for writing a paper or create an essay from scratch, saving you time.

If the building seems too vague to you, this does not mean that the teacher is trying to confuse you. Most likely, this is a topic for him that seems too obvious because his life experience is greater than yours. However, asking for clarification does not make you stupid. What is foolish is doing a task without understanding it.

In addition, by contacting the professor for clarification, you will demonstrate your interest and initiative. Showing this level of engagement with your assignments can boost your grade.

Create Outline

Without a well-thought-out outline, your essay will be chaotic. Therefore, think about what questions and problems you want to raise and what order they should be placed. Thanks to this technique, you will structure your thoughts and not stumble in generating ideas when writing. Use these tips when creating your plan:

  • Don’t build a hierarchical structure. List the topics in the order in which you want to solve them.
  • Find the most successful arguments supporting your statements from authoritative sources and write them down in several paragraphs for ease of search.
  • Convert the schema to the article level. You don’t need to write down every paragraph in detail. The main thing is to write down how you see the thesis statement, what problems and arguments the central part consists of, and how you want to complete the essay – for example, a call to action or a rhetorical question.

We also recommend that you ask questions when writing a plan. This will help you not to lose the main idea of the article.

Explore Sources

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After carefully considering the nature of the assignment and planning, you need to research and select sources to validate your ideas. But be careful! There are many platforms with misleading information. Therefore, your task is to choose research only relevant to the topic and to belong to a reputable writer.

Why can’t you write an essay without arguments? Readers will never take fictional facts or statistics seriously. Accordingly, you run the risk of getting a bad grade. Arguments are logical data, the truth of which has been tested and proven by practice.

How not get stuck with books and quickly research them? The goal of your exploratory stage is to find enough material to start writing. You shouldn’t spend more than 30 minutes on one book. For example, if you want to add three reliable facts to an essay, you need to research six books and choose the most suitable from them. As a result, you will spend only 3 hours instead of a whole day.

Create a Work Environment

So, you have a good understanding of the topic of the essay, and you have a logical outline and sources for confirming ideas. The hardest part is getting started writing essays. Unless you have a distraction-free work environment, it will be challenging to focus on your writing. Here are some tips for creating a working atmosphere:

  • Go to a quiet place. This could be a library, an off-campus café, a park, or any other place where you won’t be interrupted or distracted.
  • Make the place comfortable. You will not concentrate on writing if you sit in a hard chair. Take care of physical comfort – you will have to sit for more than 5 hours, but never write in bed, as it induces sleep.
  • Block notifications from social networks. Try to turn on the mobile Internet for a while. Also, put a silent filter so you don’t get distracted by app messages.
  • Gather the required materials. The biggest productivity killer is the forgotten book or notebook. So take all your notes with you.

If you plan to work intermittently, we recommend bringing your food with you not to be distracted by food delivery or going to a cafe. Also, don’t forget to charge your laptop before writing an article.

Follow the Structure

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Don’t reinvent the wheel! Your task is to create an essay that follows the academic guidelines. Don’t open up new positions in your discipline or change essay structure. Professors appreciate essays with an introduction, a body, and a conclusion – these are three pillars without which an article cannot exist. Leave creativity for argumentation of statements.

Focus On Quality Over Quantity

Suppose you have a word limit of three pages. You might be tempted to create more paragraphs, but quantity doesn’t mean high quality. Moreover, some topics do not need much discussion – idle talk can diminish your assessment. So try to stick to your limit.

Separate Draft Writing And Editing

Editing and drafting at the same time are ineffective and can be confusing. To get started, transfer your thoughts to the essay paper, but do not edit every line – catch the tone and style. When you finish writing the last line of the conclusion, you can start editing.

Likewise, don’t look for things when you write. If you missed something, do not know, or have forgotten, leave this paragraph and come back to it later – perhaps the creative crisis will pass. The search for something takes you away from writing and pulls you into a rabbit hole from which it is difficult to escape. Keep one pace for as long as possible.

Write the Conclusion and Introduction Last

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Another element of the essay that may slow you down is the introduction. It’s okay if you don’t know how to start an essay. Moreover, how can you write an introduction without revealing the article’s main idea?

Don’t write the introduction until you’ve finished the main body. This method may seem counterintuitive to you, but it makes sense. Thanks to this approach, you will avoid the main problem: the inconsistency between the introduction and the central part. By declaring something that is not foreseen in the main part, you risk returning to rewriting, which entails losing time.

The same goes for the conclusion – write it last. After all, how can you conclude without finishing creating the body? We recommend using a call to action – this will allow you to touch the reader’s soul and make you think about the topic for a long time.

Don’t Edit Alone

When editing an essay, an outside perspective can speed up the process. Why? Because you will be blind to your mistakes. You have looked at the text for so long that errors will not fall into the eye. You have several options to help you with editing:

  • Friend. Contact a friend – this is the person who will find errors and honestly evaluate the article’s content.
  • Institutional writing center. Every school, college, or university has newspaper writers. They may not completely edit your essay, but they will help you proofread the article and identify errors.
  • Editing service. The most convenient and reliable way to eliminate errors from the text is to contact online essay writers. The experts have vast experience and know-how to format an article, correct mistakes, and make an essay unique.

If your parents are doing well in school, they can also help you. However, do not forget that the written rules of that time may differ from those of today.

Use a Citation Generator

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It can take many hours to format your quotes correctly. However, the citation management tool can automatically distribute citations, page numbering, headings by the desired writing style. Also, double-check the paper before submitting the document, as not all citation generators are accurate. You can use the citation guides to do this.

Final Words

Essay writing can be very convenient. However, using these tips will do the writing process faster without losing quality. We wish you good luck and patience!