Create Stunning Training Videos


Creating stunning videos that would engage the mind of your learners isn’t an easy one as it requires mastery, an excellent eye for details, and top-notch organizational skills. In reality, what distinguishes an excellent workman from a good one is the quality of the tools used in creating instructional videos.

To produce the best training videos, one has to rely on the best training video software to churn out quality and effective videos.

Why videos?


The use of videos in e-training, and learning has become popularized as a result of the realization that videos significantly boost retention and active participation of recipients during the training.

From onboarding new hires into the company’s work atmosphere to inculcating unique work ethics into recruits the use of videos has proven itself useful as its relevance cuts across different corporate processes.

Research has even shown that your employee’s productivity is tied to the quality of knowledge they are being exposed to. Hence, if you are looking for a channel or means that can improve the quality of your human resources, training videos should be your best bet and go-to option.

What are the benefits of training videos?

  • Training videos are a good way to foster a sense of connection with your audience while minimizing cost and eliminating additional expenses that come with physical workshops, seminars, conferences, or training
  • Training videos can be easily kept in an archive or central storage system to facilitate recoverability as you do not need to create a new one when the need arises.
  • Training videos eliminate the drudgery usually associated with training, particularly employee training and induction.

Video Authoring tools to look out for


You should note that before you settle for a particular choice of software, you should know the kind of video you want to create. Is it a screencast or webcam? Is it a micro-video or product demo video?

Asking these fundamental questions makes the selection process less strenuous and more rewarding.

Below, are a list of video training software to look out for:

1. iSpring Suite


If versatility and flexibility were a word it would be iSpring Suite. It is an authoring tool that can anchor a variety of video options while still maintaining simplicity and a user-friendly interface. More here.

This authoring tool has a variety of standard features that would ensure that your videos come out perfectly. A testament to its robust features is its ability to create webcam, screencasts, and micro-videos with high-quality audio and video resolution.

With this tool, you can add texts, titles, captions, infographics, and animation effects to your videos to ensure the learning process is interactive, pleasing, and purposeful. Also, its efficient quiz structure is one to look out for as you can create standard tests or simulations to appraise your trainee’s understanding of the concepts taught.

In a bid to track users’ activity and video performance, this software comes with an inbuilt efficient analytics reporting feature.

2. Camtasia


Sometimes making up your mind on the choice of effects to be used on your video can be such a headache trigger. However, with Camtasia, there is a huge pool of royalty-free soundtracks that can be used in creating content.

Also, the tool seamlessly allows you to add overlay and animation effects to your video so you can engage the mind of your learners. It comes with a quiz or survey feature to appreciate the amount of knowledge absorbed by your recipients.

3. Filmora scrn


Filmora scrn is a video training tool that combines both Screencasting and webcam functions without compromising the quality of any of the functions.

This tool is particularly good in the creation of instructional videos as you have the luxury of zooming into your contents to spot errors and a frame-by-frame preview to prevent mistakes that could be avoided.

Its integration with YouTube and the ability to store video content in any format ranging from MP4 to MOV and GIF is also one of its distinctive features.

4. Rapt Media


One unique feature of this app is its cloud-based perks as you are assured of the safety of your digital assets from unauthorized access.

This interactive authoring tool enables you to create videos that can be easily navigated by users. Rapt Media allows users to take the path they choose to take with its free drag and drop filter that makes the creation of clickable elements and branches possible.

Your videos can be embedded anywhere including on your website or app. You can also track learners’ performance with its inbuilt detailed performance analytics.

5. Verse


Using stories as a channel of communication and learning is jaw-breaking as it awakes this sense of creativity in your users. The verse has realized the importance of storytelling in training videos hence it converts static digital content into dynamic engaging content.

It does this by allowing you to add clickable features, hotspots, branches, chapters, and multimedia to take your learners on a journey.

With its inbuilt analytics, you can view in-video interactions and track videos of your performance.

6. Animaker


Animaker seeks to reinforce the view that cartoons are for everybody. This software affords you the luxury of picking a character amidst a variety of characters. In addition to this, you can specify their expressions and movements which can still be changed at any point in time.

This tool allows you to create animation videos by exploiting the potentials of 2.5D, infographics, handcraft, and whiteboard animations. It also boasts of a vast digital catalog of chats, icons, characters, sound, and visual effects.

Wrapping up

Without the use of awesome video training software, the quality of your video would be underwhelming and tacky. Hence, what do you do to prevent cases of such? Use an authoring tool that is specially crafted to fulfill your unique needs and preferences.

The quality of your video is largely dependent on the quality of tools deployed and exploited. Bad tools only mean one thing, dismal results, output, and production.