Who Is The Current Favorite To Win The NASCAR Cup Series In 2024?

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The NASCAR Cup series has always been on-trend. That is why people like to bet on various racers. But who is the favorite one to win the NASCAR Cup Series this year? In this article, we will discuss the details regarding the same.

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The NASCAR Cup has gained attention from people all over the globe. It is a pretty exciting series to watch on television. All the fans are always curious about the racers participating in it. But only a few fans know the best ones. You don’t have to worry because we will share people’s favorite racers in this article. So, keep on reading this information till the end.

Who are the NASCAR Cup series favorites in 2024?

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If you are new to sports betting, you might want to know which ones are the best that you can place bets on. Here is a complete list of these racers:

1. Kyle Larson

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The first player that comes on the list is Kyle Larson. He has always been a famous player in the series. Many bettors love Kyle Larson because of his outstanding performances. He is likely to win this year if he continues to show his excellent skills. Let’s see how the series goes for Kyle Larson.

If you want to become better at betting, you must have some knowledge about various racers. Without sufficient knowledge, you won’t earn money. You might lose money instead of earning profits.

2. Chase Elliot

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Chase Elliot is another famous personality of the NASCAR Cup series. The thing that attracts people the most about Chase Elliot is his consistent winnings in the racers.

Nobody has ever been so successful like him in the entire race. You will understand his skills in detail only if you consider watching his past performances. After analyzing everything, you will want to place bets on this one. That is why he is known to be one of the people’s favorites.

3. William Bryon

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Talking about the tournament without William Bryon would be incomplete. He is the best participant in this challenge. His odds improved after some races, and therefore, people would like to spend their money by placing the stakes. In the future, his performance and skills will improve as well. So, it would not be so risky to select him as your favorite player.

4. Kyle Busche

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Kyle Busche has attracted many bettors after his consistent winnings. Now, people are more interested in choosing him than any other participant. Well, that is an excellent thing as you can reduce your risk simultaneously.

There is a higher chance that Kyle Busche might win the series. But we cannot confirm the same. You need to analyze every detail regarding it and then make a decision. Otherwise, you will regret your move. There will be no one to have you either. So, be very careful in making your final decision.

5. Denny Hamlin

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Danny Hamlin also improved his image in front of people all over the globe. That is the reason why he is winning people’s hearts. As for Denny’s performance, it is going great day by day. You can watch the last couple of races when he participated and did pretty well. After that, you can decide if he is the one to win the race or not.

Every bettor has some understanding of how racing works for these people. Now, it is not a challenging thing to find a suitable site to get information. You will know more about Denny Hamlin on the web.

6. Ross Chastain

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Ross Chastain has a special place in the people’s hearts. You will be surprised to know everything about Ross Chastain. The racing career is pretty exciting for him. He is very passionate about racing. So, it would help if you also tried choosing him when thinking about sports betting.

7. Austin Dillon

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You will also learn about Austin Dillon once you have decided to spend your money on betting. You can quickly find all the reliable information about him effortlessly. Austin Dillon is excellent at driving the car fast. As a result, there is always a chance that he might win. You can select him after thinking about all the pros and cons. It is one of the best methods to find out if he is suitable or not.

8. Kevin Harvick

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Kevin Harvick is another famous participant in the NASCAR Cup. He is more likely to gain the attention of many bettors across the globe because of his driving skills. The primary reason behind this is that he has been consistently winning and getting good positions. What else do you want? There is no doubt or confusion in making this decision. You can consider him as a favorite participant of the series. He will continue to give excellent performances in future matches. So, you don’t have to worry much about placing bets on him.

9. Brad Keselowski

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You can also trust Brad as he has shown his amusing skills in the past few years. Some people hesitate about Brad because they don’t know much about him. Once you check out his past, you will know what kind of a driver he is. He has defeated many other famous and skilled players. So, if you are interested in him, you must consume some information.

The Bottom Line

We hope now you have some idea about the best and favorite racers. The odds tell a lot about them. So, you should always consider checking them out to make wise decisions. You can protect your money or might earn as well.