7 Daybed Ideas for Interior Design

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Daybeds are more than just a place to sleep. They can also be a great way to create a focal point in a room, add some seating and storage space, and bring in natural light. With this in mind, check out these daybed ideas for interior design that can transform any space.

1. Make a Statement with an Enhancement

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If you want to go big, then a daybed enhancement is the way to go. These can be as simple as a lamp, a storage ottoman, or a headboard. Whatever your style and décor, you can use an enhancement to frame a great daybed idea. If you need some help getting started, check here for daybed options.

If you want to make a statement with an enhancement, try adding some shiny metal. You can go with a vintage aesthetic and pair it with a modern daybed, or you can go with a sleek, industrial look and pair it with a more traditional bed. Whatever you choose, make sure you pair your enhancement with the color and style of your room.

2. Create a Reading nook

Reading nooks are one of the most popular daybed ideas for interior design. This setup makes for a great spot to curl up with a book or take advantage of natural light. If you have a smaller home, then you can also use a daybed as a way to contain all of your clutter by stacking books, baskets, and other storage solutions.

Reading nooks are great for many different reasons. Not only do they provide a space for reading, but they also offer privacy. This is helpful for those who want to read without interruption but also for those who want some quiet time away from their rooms.

3. Use a Daybed as an Extra Seat

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When it comes to daybed ideas for interior design, an extra seating option is a no-brainer. Not only are these extra seats great for hosting guests and catching up with loved ones, but they can also double as extra seating for watching TV, eating breakfast, and more.

As with reading nooks, this setup can be great for containing clutter or providing extra storage. Daybeds are also great for hosting extra people because they are easily portable.

This means that you can take them with you to friends’ houses and other spaces. You can also take them outdoors, which is a great option for guests who want to spend some time outside or for kids who want to see nature while they’re playing.

4. Balance Functionality with Style

If you want to go with a more minimal style, then you might consider incorporating a daybed into your space with functional use. One way to do this is to go with a more neutral color palette and pair it with bold prints or patterns. This helps to ground the look without overwhelming the space.

Another way to balance functionality with style is to use texture. This can come in the form of pillows or throws, or you can use it to add a bit of texture to your floor with area rugs. By using texture to ground your look and adding a bit of pop, you can ensure that your daybed is still functional without overwhelming the space. Still looking for more home design ideas? Check out Beautiful Homes blogs where they have a ton of the newest interior design ideas at https://beautifulhomes.com.sg/.

5. Go for Color

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Adding color to your daybed is a great way to brighten up any space, especially during the winter months. There are many ways to incorporate color into your daybed.

If you want to go with bold pops of color, consider pairing your bed with a brightly colored accent chair, throw pillows, or other pieces. This can help to pick up the color and help to create a focal point while still being subtle enough not to be too loud.

If you’re looking to be a little more subtle with your color, consider adding a throw or two in a neutral color or even a single pillow that you can use to bring in a pop of color when needed. This will help to ground your look without overwhelming the space.

6. Don’t Forget About Storage

A daybed is a great space for storing things, but you need to remember to keep these items out of the way, which isn’t always easy. If you want to keep your daybed ideas for interior design intact, then avoid using shelves, tables, and other pieces of furniture.

Instead, you can use storage baskets, bins, and other easy-to-move items to help keep your space clear. To keep your storage items out of sight and out of mind, consider painting your furniture or using some other easy-to-remove surface paint.

You can also try hiding your storage items underneath your daybed or consider designing a piece of furniture that has storage built-in (such as a daybed frame that doubles as storage).

7. Keep It Light and Airy

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Daybeds are great for bringing in light and air, so why not incorporate this into your look? One way to do this is by going with a lighter color palette and adding colorful accents or a light throw or two.

You can also try out some light fixtures and floor lamps to bring in even more light. You can also go bold with your light and air with some fun wall art, a brightly colored accent chair, and a neutral rug. This will help to ground your space while still remaining light and airy.


If you want to bring even more light and air into your room, you can do so by adding a daybed to your space. The best part about daybeds is that they bring in natural light, are easy to move around, and are easily removable.

This means that you can make the most of your daybed in any season and can easily remove it during the winter months. With this in mind, we hope you’ve learned some great daybed ideas for interior design.