Pros And Cons Of Facebook Messenger Marketing


Today, we are all aware that the internet has changed the world. We can freely say that today’s society is dependent on the Internet on so many levels, including marketing. Therefore, it is not surprising to use platforms like Facebook messenger precisely for marketing purposes. What are the advantages and disadvantages of Facebook Messenger marketing – we reveal this to you in this text.

Facebook Marketing Plan, Strategy, And Tools


Do you want to expand internet marketing to Facebook as well? If you analyze the situation a little better, you will understand that Facebook marketing is not and will not be an easy job without some plan – and of course the use of tools that are a necessary part of any marketing strategy. Having a good Facebook marketing plan means sublimating everything you want to achieve for your online business with the help of Facebook – that is, with the help of marketing on Facebook. Of course, this is not the only way to deal with digital marketing, but only a piece of the puzzle. Still, we have to admit that this piece of the puzzle is more than significant. Before you implement a Facebook marketing strategy and start using tools like Facebook Messenger – you need to have a good Facebook business page as a platform from which to launch your Facebook marketing plans.

Facebook Messenger Is A Creative Tool


There are many creative ways to use social media to increase your customer base and achieve the marketing goals you have. One of those ways is to use the Facebook Messenger app. With the help of this application, you can achieve a better relationship with customers, but also with your employees. You can post links of interesting content to customers, launch contests or exclusive promotions – or with the help of a chatbot, you can answer your customers’ questions. You can survey customers for their opinions about your new products or services or ask for feedback on your site. Also, you can achieve better and easier communication with your employees even if they work remotely. All this will allow you to grow your business and ultimately, make a profit.

Using FB Messenger For Marketing: Pros And Cons


Facebook Messenger dates back to 2011. Today, this application has almost a billion and a half users and is one of the most powerful marketing tools used every day. If you ask most entrepreneurs about the platforms they use, they will tell you without a doubt that Facebook Messenger is one of them. The fact is that the use of Messenger in marketing has its pros and cons. We will point out some of them to you.



1. You can maintain contact with employees and customers

The Facebook Messenger platform is very easy to use and gives you the ability to stay in touch with your employees – even when you are not in the same location. For example, if you have employees working remotely and working with them on the same project – this platform is almost ideal for collaboration. The situation is similar if you want to be in touch with your customers. So much easier than communicating via websites, emails, etc.

2. Customer support and use of chatbots

Automate your customer support via Chatbots. This will make your job much easier, but also reduce costs. According to Botsurfer, it’s like having a 24/7 customer support agent and not having to pay more for this job. Simply program a Messenger bot to answer frequently asked questions, receive orders, or give directions to your location. It is important to say that these will be individual issues or problems, but the intervention of real people is still needed. Therefore, make sure you have someone on the team who will periodically monitor the operation of your Facebook Messenger chatbot.

3. Users can make calls

This application allows users to talk to you – but also they can talk to each other, within the same group. This way, your users can share their impressions and experiences in groups, and that sometimes means a lot. If the user is abroad, Facebook Messenger can even be used to call a specific phone number.



1. It can bother you sometimes

Sometimes when you are busy with work, you have to limit all possible distractions. In this regard, installing Facebook Messenger can sometimes be a nuisance. This primarily refers to the issue of receiving notifications of new messages in your inbox. This can sometimes be irritating or distracting from the work you are currently doing.

2. If you use the Facebook app – you must also use Messenger

This sometimes seems to be a burden. Namely, if you are a Facebook user, you will have to accept that you will also have to use the Messenger app. Sometimes, this makes users feel uncomfortable because they have the impression that their choice is reduced, and that they are forced to use the Messenger application. However, you will get used to it after a while – so this feeling will no longer be present.

Facebook Messenger Contributes To The Growth Of Your Business


Social networks like Facebook today are a great channel to grow your business through internet marketing. Today, everyone is on social media. Globally, more than 10 new users register every second. Although managing social networks can potentially take a lot of valuable time, especially if you are a large company – it is definitely worth the investment. Platforms like Facebook Messenger give your followers new ways to interact and learn about what you have to offer. It also allows customers to ask questions, or seek help with something they have a problem with, or simply talk to you. We must know that the purpose of social networks is, as the name says, to be social. They can be used for socializing but also for posting promotional messages of businesses, products, or services. Therefore, Facebook Messenger can be and is an almost perfect marketing tool.

The Bottom Line

So we saw all the advantages but also some disadvantages of using Facebook Messenger. However, we will admit that the benefits are multiple. Of course, launching advertising campaigns on these platforms goes without saying. These campaigns are often very targeted, allowing you to reach users by interests, behaviors, and more. Simply put, the growth of social networks will help the growth of the business.